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Where can I get the manga (comics)?

The manga is the comic book upon which the Sailor Moon anime is based. It is created by Takeuchi Naoko, and it started BEFORE the anime. You can get the original Japanese manga (and the reprint) from online stores like Sasuga Books and Nikaku. There are translations of the manga printed in Asian languages (Chinese, Korean, etc.) and European languages (Spanish, German, Italian, French) but I don't know where to get these.

Yes, there is manga in English. It's translated by Tokyo Pop, formerly known as Mixxzine. The translations are, in my opinion, not very good. There are errors and bad editing, it uses the DIC names and "scout" terms, and it suffers from obvious Americanization.

Sailor Moon Vol. 1

Japanese Volume 1
Start of Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Vol. 2

Japanese Volume 2
Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Vol. 3

Japanese Volume 3
Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Vol. 4

Japanese Volume 4
End of SM, start of SMR

Sailor Moon Vol. 5

Japanese Volume 5
Sailor Moon R

Sailor Moon Vol. 6

Japanese Volume 6
Sailor Moon R

Sailor Moon Vol. 7

Japanese Volume 7
End of SMR, Start of SMS

Sailor Moon Vol. 8

Japanese Volume 8
Sailor Moon S

Sailor Moon Vol. 9
Japanese Volume 9
Sailor Moon S

Sailor Moon Vol. 10
Japanese Volume 10
End of Sailor Moon S

Sailor Moon Vol. 11
Japanese Volume 11
"Lover of Princess Kaguya"

Sailor Moon SuperS Vol. 1

Japanese Volume 12
Start of SuperS

Sailor Moon SuperS
Vol. 2

Japanese Volume 13

Sailor Moon SuperS
Vol. 3

Japanese Volume 14

Sailor Moon SuperS
Vol. 4

Japanese Volume 15
End of SuperS

Sailor Moon Stars Vol. 1

Japanese Volume 16
Start of SailorStars

Sailor Moon Stars Vol. 2

Japanese Volume 17
Sailor Moon Stars Vol. 3
Japanese Volume 18
End of SailorStars
End of the entire series

Where can I get the Manga Artbooks?

There are five normal Sailor Moon artbooks, collections of colored art for each arc (or "season", ie. one for Sailor Moon, one for Black Moon/SMR, one for Infinity/SMS, one for Dream/SuperS, and one for SailorStars). There is also a sixth artbook, the "Materials Collection", which features sketches and drawings of nearly all the characters ever to appear in the manga. The last artbook, the "Infinity" artbook, is extremely rare so you won't be able to find it unless you're extremely lucky and willing to pay over $500 for it. The first five artbooks are hardcovered while the "Materials Collection" is soft-covered.

Currently most of the original Japanese artbooks are out of print. A lot of stores have thus turned to selling German, Chinese, and French versions of the artbook which feature the exact same art as the original Japanese artbooks only the notes at the end are in different languages, not Japanese. The Chinese artbooks are also all soft-covered (so are a good deal cheaper). The French artbooks feature the notes at the end in both Japanese and in French. You might not be able to find any Japanese artbooks in stores, but you can try Sasuga Books or

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