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Where can I get English Sailor Moon books?

Most current North American/English Sailor Moon books were created and released by Tokyo Pop, formerly known as Mixxzine.

The first North American Sailor Moon books to come out were the large, hardcovered "Meet Sailor Moon" and "Sailor Moon: Friends and Foes" books which have information on the characters in the dub.

A "Sailor Moon Role-Playing and Resource Book" was released independently (I'm credited in it!) with information on the senshi/scouts, the seasons, works by Takeuchi Naoko, and how to play the role playing game. It has colored pictures too.

There are novelizations of the dubbed anime, also. These were written by an American, and although based on the dub, they include references to Japanese episodes. They are NOT by Takeuchi Naoko or anyone from the anime.

There are also releases of the Japanese fanbooks for the five main Sailor Soldiers. These were translated into English and have the DIC dub names and references. However, because they came out before the Cloverway dubs, they use the Japanese names for characters Sailor Moon S and SuperS. They are called the "Sailor Moon Scout Guides."


A Scout is Born
Anime Novelization #1

The Power of Love
Anime Novelization #2

Mercury Rising
Anime Novelization #3

Mars Attacks
Anime Novelization #4

Eternal Sleep
Anime Novelization #5

Diamond's Not Forever
Anime Novelization #6

Cel Mates
Anime Novelization #7

Sailor Moon Scout Guides

Sailor Moon Scout Guide
Meet Sailor Mars: Fire

Dub Mars Fanbook

Sailor Moon Scout Guide
Meet Sailor Venus: Love

Dub Venus Fanbook

Sailor Moon Scout Guide
Meet Sailor Jupiter: Thunder

Dub Jupiter Fanbook

Sailor Moon Scout Guide
Meet Sailor Mercury: Ice

Dub Mercury Fanbook

Sailor Moon Scout Guide
Meet Sailor Moon: Crystal

Dub Moon Fanbook

Miscellaneous Books

Meet Sailor Moon
Large hardcovered book

Sailor Moon
Friends and Foes

Large hardcovered book

The Sailor Moon
Role-Playing Game
and Resource Book

A North American RPG Guide

Where can I get Japanese Sailor Moon books?

There are lots of Japanese anime books. There are the books which feature selected episodes from the Sailor Moon series up to SuperS in comic format. Pictures are taken from the anime, and the dialogue is in text bubbles. These are not in English. There are anime manga for the first four seasons of Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, and Sailor Moon SuperS). There is also an anime comic of the Sailor Moon R movie. These can be found in Japanese, though a lot of them are out of print, and also in other languages, such as Chinese.

There are also Anime Albums which are large books featuring information on the seasons of Sailor Moon and movies complete with episode listings (dates, names, directors, etc.), character info, monster listings, sketches, full colored pictures, and more. There are two anime albums for the first season, one for Sailor Moon R, and two for Sailor Moon S. I'm not sure if there's one for SuperS but there are no anime albums for SailorStars. There are also anime albums for each of the three movies (R, S, and SuperS). These are avaliable not in English. Many of them out of print in Japanese but are avaliable in other languages, such as Chinese.

Finally, there are many little Sailor Moon books with pictures for very young children. They are written for younger children who can't read very well and don't know much kanji; some of them are extremely simple and only feature kana while others are more complex for slightly older children. There are smaller, wider, and much shorter than the other anime books. I think some are hardcovered, others are soft-covered. I think these are pretty rare to find though. They do cover all the seasons including SuperS and SailorStars. It's unlikely you'll find these, I think.

For Anime Albums and anime manga, you can try online stores like:

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