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Sailormoon SuperS Movie

Inners and TK

Sailor Senshi and Allies

  • Tsukino Usagi/Sailormoon
  • Mizuno Ami/Sailormercury
  • Hino Rei/Sailormars
  • Kino Makoto/Sailorjupiter
  • Aino Minako/Sailorvenus
  • Tenoh Haruka/Sailoruranus
  • Kaioh Michiru/Sailorneptune
  • Meioh Setsuna/Sailorpluto
  • Chibi-Usa/Sailorchibimoon
  • Chiba Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen
  • Luna, Artemis, and Diana

Other Characters

  • Peruru: The sugar faerie that becomes friends with Chibi-Usa. Originally, he worked for Madame Vadiane, but after seeing Earth and talking with Chibi-Usa, he doesn't want to work for Vadiana any longer. He becomes the sugar faerie that protects children at the end of the movie.
  • Pupuran: Peruru's brother; he becomes a bird after Uranus slashes his flute.
  • Oranjiya and Bananu: Other faeries. They attack the Sailor Senshi, but they are turned into birds when their flutes are destroyed.
  • Bonbonbabies: The monsters that are formed from candies.
  • Madame Vadiane: A villainess who wants to take over the Earth and absorb it into her Black Dream Hole, which feeds off the sugar energy of children. She kidnaps children and puts them into dream coffins, who, when dreaming in sleep, give off sugar energy.

Brief Summary

Madame Vadiane, like it says above, wants to absorb Earth into her Black Dream Hole. In order to do that, she kidnaps the children of Earth and puts them to sleep; during their sleep they give off sugar energy, which is her source of power. She incorporates the help of the faeries to steal the children away during the night, who respond to the sound of the faries' flutes (a la Pied Piper).

One of the faires, Peruru, on a visit to Earth, meets Chibi-usa, and they become fast friends. Peruru is charmed by her, and he learns to appreciate Earth's children.

One night, while Chibi-usa is sleeping, Pupuran plays his flute, and she hears it. She gets up, drawn to the music, and the rest of the senshi follow her to where a ship is waiting to carry away the children of Tokyo.

The Sailor Team manages to wake Chibi-usa up, then all the girls transform to fight the bonbonbabies that Pupuran summons. However, during the battle Chibimoon is kidnapped, and with Peruru's help, the other Sailor Senshi go to rescue her. They reach the hideout of Vadiane, and there they confront Pupuran. The Sailor Team is fortunately saved from damage when the Outer Senshi unexpectedly arrive: Pluto says that something had happened to Small Lady.

Then Neptune and Uranus destroy the three bad faeries, or rather, turn them into birds by destroying their flutes. The senshi confront Vadiane, who has Chibimoon in her grasp, and Sailormoon goes into the black dream hole in order to save her. Sailormoon has a dream where Mamoru says he loves her more than Chibi-usa, something she knows he would never say (as shown in the beginning of the movie), so she knows that it is an illusion and breaks free of it. She takes Chibimoon with her to escape, and drawing from the power of the other Sailor Senshi, both use the "Moon Gorgeous Meditation" to defeat Vadiane.

The children are returned to their homes, and Chibimoon says goodbye to Peruru, who gives her his flute. She kisses him, he blushes and leaves, then the movie ends on the beach with the nine senshi standing together facing the sunrise.

New Powers

  • Space Sword Blaster: Uranus's attack using her Space Sword. This is when it's first introduced.
  • Submarine Reflection: Neptune's attack involving her Deep Aqua Mirror; first introduced in the movie and used later in SailorStars.

Movie Song

  • Morning Moon: A song sung by a non-seiyuu at the end of the movie during the credits.

Inners, 3 Outers, Peruru, and enemies

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