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Sailormoon R Movie

SMR Movie Pic

Sailor Senshi and Allies

  • Tsukino Usagi/Sailormoon
  • Mizuno Ami/Sailormercury
  • Hino Rei/Sailormars
  • Kino Makoto/Sailorjupiter
  • Aino Minako/Sailorvenus
  • Chiba Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen
  • Chibi-Usa
  • Luna and Artemis

The Villains

  • Fioret, an alien who was friends with Mamoru when they were younger. He comes back to Earth to give Mamoru a special flower that he promised, and he also returns for revenge on everyone who hurt them when they were younger.
  • The Kisenian Flower: An alien type of flower that preys and uses people with weak souls.
  • Fioret's deadly flowers that attack the Sailor Senshi on the meteor.

Movie Song

  • Moon Revenge: This song is sung by the five Inner Senshi during the movie.

Brief Summary

The Sailor Team, Chibi-usa, and Mamoru spend the afternoon at the botanical gardens and park. Usagi and Mamoru are about to kiss inside one of the greenhouses, but Mamoru gets spooked when he hears the other girls spying on them. He goes outside while the others scare Usagi with a caterpillar.

Outside, Fioret, an alien Mamoru met during his childhood, appears and greets Mamoru. In human form, Fioret tells Mamoru that he has come back to fullfill his promise of finding him the perfect flower, since when they were children, Mamoru gave Fioret a rose which made him very happy. Fioret gets too close to Mamoru, which annoys Usagi, but Fioret shoves her aside before he disappears.

Later at the Hikawa Jinja, Artemis and Luna tell the senshi about the new meteor near Earth where strange readings of plantlife are coming from. The Sailor Team tells them not to worry.

The next day on their way to school, the senshi see that people on the streets have all had their energy drained. Suddenly, the people stand up and attack the senshi. The girls realize that there are strange plants attached to the humans, and these plants are what is controlling them. Rei uses her anti evil scrolls to destroy the plants. Ami then discovers that a flower is the source of this massive energy drain; the flower then turns into a monster, attacking the senshi. The Sailor Senshi defeat it after a tedious battle, and Fioret arrives.

Fioret recongnizes the Sailor Senshi as the girls he saw the day before, and he turns into his true alien form. He proceeds to attack them. Tuxedo Kamen intervenes, and Fioret tries to kill Sailormoon, but he hits Tuxedo Kamen instead (since Tuxedo Kamen dived in to save her). Fioret, shocked, takes Tuxedo Kamen away, and puts him in a fluid filled container to heal him. The Sailor Senshi know that they have to go the meteor, and after cheering Sailormoon up and talking about the nature of the Kiensan flower, they Sailor Teleport there.

On the meteor, they confront Fioret who unleashes his flower monsters. After some really awesome battle scenes, the monsters gather together into a wave like form and fall over the Sailor Team, except for Sailormoon, whom Mars pushes out of the way. Fioret threatens Sailormoon, telling her unless she stops killing the monsters, he'll kill her friends. She agrees to stop fighting, which surprises Fioret so much that he lets the other Sailor Senshi go, but then the Kiensan flower tells him that Moon's tricking him. Fioret agrees, and he starts to drain the energy of Sailormoon.

The rest of the Sailor Team get up as Fioret yells that Sailormoon doesn't understand how lonely he and Mamoru were. The four Senshi remember how they used to be lonely and rejected without friends as well. Fioret drops Moon, and the Sailor Team tell him not to hurt her since she's special to them. He tries to kill Sailormoon anyway.

By this time Mamoru has gotten free from his case, and he throws a rose at Fioret, which causes the alien to miss killing Sailormoon. Fioret is shocked, and he loses all will to continue. The flowers on the meteor disappear, and the senshi think they've won. Then Fioret says that he's going to make them all die with him, as the meteor starts on its path to collide with Earth.

Sailormoon gets up, saying that she'll use the ginzuishou to save everyone, but the others protest. Fioret grabs Sailormoon's brooch, and then the power of the crystal makes him see that Usagi was the one who gave Mamoru the rose that he gave to Fioret. He lets Sailormoon go, and the Kiensan flower is destroyed by the ginzuishou's light.

Then Sailormoon turns into Princess Serenity, and she uses the ginzuishou's power. Mamoru turns into Prince Endymion to help her. The remaining Sailor Senshi give Serenity their power too, remembering how Usagi made their lives happy again. They yell '(Planet) Star Power,' giving the crystal more energy, and Serenity yells 'Moon Crystal Power.' The combined energy causes the meteor to miss Earth as Serenity dies, the ginzuishou shattering.

The scene switches to Chibi-Usa, who tells the worried cats that Usagi will protect everyone. On the meteor, Mars shakes Sailormoon while the others are crying. Fioret appears to Mamoru, saying that he has the flower for Mamoru. It contains Fioret's life giving energy, and Mamoru drinks its nectar, then kisses Sailormoon. She comes back to life, her ginzuishou reforming as Fioret floats away in a bubble. The other Sailor Senshi are happy that she is alive again, and they all hug her.

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