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Sailormoon SuperS Episode 136

Episode 136: "Mamoru wo mamore! Ninja Usagi no Yakimochi "
"Protect Mamoru! Jealous Ninja Usagi"
Victim of the Day: Hino Rei (Sailormars)
Monster of the Day: Miss Magic Water
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 04.26.01.

Mamoru is explaining a math problem to Ami in his apartment. They both laugh, and Usagi, extremely jealous, stands up and gets between them. The others remind her that Ami went to Mamoru for help, and Usagi says she just doesn't want Mamoru to look at another girl. Chibi-usa and Rei think Usagi is being a baby, and Usagi and Rei have a tongue-sticking contest. Minako assures Usagi that they won't interfere in their "hot" relationship. Makoto says speaking of hot, does she smell something burning?

Diana perks up and runs onto the balcony where she sees smoke. She yells that there's a fire. The girls start to panic while Mamoru tries to calm them down. Minako yells for someone to get an extinguisher, and Rei comes out of the kitchen with one, but she trips over a light someone knocked over. She falls to the ground and accidentally presses the handle on the extinguisher, letting out white foam all over the rug.

Mamoru is irritated as the girls sit before him, contrite. Mamoru explains that Diana saw the smoke from the fish place below. Diana apologizes, but Rei says it's her own fault for being reckless like Usagi. Usagi gets angry but the others say, "Usagi-chan!"

Makoto asks Mamoru what he'll do since he can't use this room for a while. Mamoru says he has a problem since he's behind on his research, and his paper is due tomorrow. Rei says he should stay at her shrine since she has many rooms there. Usagi protests, saying Mamoru should stay at her house. Chibi-usa asks how Usagi will explain Mamoru to her parents.

Diana tells them not to worry. She climbs into Mamoru's lap and says she'll watch over Rei and Mamoru-sama to make sure they don't make "mistakes." Minako blinks a few times then says, her face red, "Mistakes?" Usagi bursts into tears as the others try to calm her.

At the Dead Moon Circus, Zirconia yells at the Amazon Trio again. She tells them that they need Pegasus for world domination. Tigerseye says their powers are far superior to humans, and Fisheye says they could dominate the world without Pegasus. Hawkseye asks what Pegasus is anyway. Zirconia tells them to be silent; they're just supposed to follow her orders, and if they have time to talk about Pegasus, then they should be out looking for him.

The Trio sit at the bar, upset. Fisheye says Zirconia should tell them about Pegasus since they're not ordinary subordinates. They ask what Tigerseye is doing. He answer that he's using divine inspiration to find a target. Fisheye is skeptical, but then Tigerseye picks up a picture of Hino Rei. He says his inspiration said to go traditional.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Rei's grandfather is sizing up Mamoru. He tells Rei that Mamoru looks good, so she should try to catch his attention. He surrounds Mamoru and says that Mamoru should stay here for the next two or three years, and though their line is noble, they haven't had grandsons yet. Usagi is infuriated and is about to get Mamoru but the others pull her back. Yuuichirou tells them not to worry; he's been here for a while training and he hasn't been asked to marry Rei yet. Usagi says that's because he's Yuuichirou, and Yuuichirou is stunned.

Ami tells them not to worry, even if Mamoru is Rei's old boyfriend- Yuuichirou drops the case he was holding on his foot. Chibi-usa asks if this is true, and Minako says a long time ago. Makoto says that now Rei doesn't think of Mamoru anymore. Ami adds that Rei says she's been looking for a boyfriend for a while. Yuuichirou, still stunned, walks into a tree. The girls say he isn't disciplined at all.

That evening, Mamoru is typing up his paper while Diana sits on a pillow. She says it's quiet here, and she hopes he can get his work done. Mamoru smiles and tells her to call him "Mamo-chan" instead of "Mamoru-sama". Diana is firm: he's going to be the future king, and she's here to entrust that he reaches that through his studies and...

Mamoru gets up. He says he's going to take a bath, and does she want to join him? She turns red and freaks out.

Rei walks down the hall carrying bath supplies. She wonders what her grandfather meant by "Son-in-law". She's a young woman with many dreams such as love, careers, and a "wonderful life". She enters the bathroom, then screams as she sees Mamoru naked. He yells and jumps into the tub. She runs out, covering her face.

Yuuichirou runs by demanding to know what happened. She shoves him to the ground, calling him an idiot for not telling her when it's her turn to use the bathroom. She runs to her room. Yuuichirou says, "Idiot?" He looks inside to see Mamoru sitting in the bathtub, wiping his face. Yuuichirou says that Chiba-san looks peaceful. Mamoru just looks at him.

Rei closes her door, saying that everyone's an idiot! Someone says, "Who's an idiot?" Rei asks who's there, and Usagi, in a red ninja outfit, comes out from under the table. Rei wants to know why Usagi's here in the middle of the night, and Usagi says time doesn't matter to a girl in love. She asks where Mamo-chan is, and Rei says Mamoru's in the bath. She's distracted with her hair, and Usagi asks if Rei peeped on Mamoru. Rei turns completely red, and Usagi demands to know what her face means. Rei says she didn't WANT to see that. Usagi gets extremely angry saying that Rei saw Mamoru naked! Rei replies that it was only his backside! She says it's Mamoru's fault for showing it to her anyway. The two girls argue.

Yuuichirou is outside stoking the fire for the bath. He adds more wood, thinking that Rei and Mamoru used to be a couple. He tells himself he needs more discipline. Mamoru opens the window and thanks Kumada-san for tending the fire. Yuuichirou explains that this is a traditional shrine with a traditional bath. Mamoru is grateful, but he says the bath is a little too hot. He closes the window. Yuuichirou says, "Too hot, hmm?" He throws in more wood. Inside, Mamoru yells in pain.

Chibi-usa stares out the window. Pegasus appears in his Stallion Reeve. Chibi-usa asks him why people in love often act jealous. Usagi totally believes Mamoru, yet she tells him not to see other women. Pegasus says when you fall in love, you want to see the other person all the time. Chibi-usa says that she doesn't like it when people act like that since they don't look smart. She says when she falls in love, she will completely believe and trust the other person. Pegasus says that belief and patience are ways of showing love. Chibi-usa blushes, saying Pegasus believes that too? She trips backwards.

[eye catch]

Mamoru types more on his paper. He doesn't think he's making progress, but Diana encourages him to finish. Outside, Rei says she didn't get any sleep. Usagi says she needs more discipline. Usagi, in a tree in her ninja outfit, says that even though she left quietly last night, she has returned this morning to get Mamoru. Rei tells her to do what she wants, she's not interested in Mamoru. Usagi demands to know if Rei is fooling Mamoru.

The two start to argue when Diana tells them to be quiet. She says what happens if Mamoru gets a bad grade on his assignment? She walks off. Usagi says she will return after breakfast and falls head first into the bushes. Rei calls for Yuuichirou to take care of the ninja, but he's not here.

Yuuichirou sits inside a single shrine area, meditating. Rei's grandfather taps him on the shoulder, then yells at him. Yuuichirou falls over. Grandfather says that Yuuichirou is a weak, stupid man. Yuuichirou agrees, saying that he can only see one woman when he thinks. Grandfather is pleased that Yuuichirou has discovered that he must defeat this passion of one woman. Will Yuuichirou follow him, even if it requires intensive, difficult training? Yuuichirou agrees.

On the street, the two are dressed in suits. Grandfather tells Yuuichirou he has to get rid of his one-woman passion and to open himself up to more women. Yuuichirou notices that other women are beautiful too. Grandfather and Yuuichirou then try to get random women to have tea with them. Tigerseye passes them thinking the world is ending.

Tigerseye, in a kimono, walks up the steps of the Hikawa Shrine where Rei is praying after she has finished cleaning. He thinks that she is the target; she has beautiful dreams, and it wouldn't be right to attack her just yet. He nears her, but Rei uses her broom and throws it in his direction. Tigerseye falls to the ground, and the broom goes into the bushes.

Rei thought it was Usagi. She notices him on the ground and asks what happened to him. She searches in the bushes for Usagi. Tigerseye says that he was captivated by her beauty when he saw her mysterious eyes- but she isn't listening to him. Tigerseye becomes furious that that she didn't notice his handsome self, and he uses his whip to pull her broom away. He transforms and begins his count. Rei screams as her dream mirror comes out.

Chibi-usa is climbing the steps to the shrine while Usagi climbs the wall. Usagi says she will protect Mamoru. Chibi-usa helps her up from the top, and she says Usagi might be annoying people by being so persistent. She says that belief and patience are ways to express love. Usagi wonders where Chibi-usa heard something so complex. Then they hear Rei screaming. When they see Rei being attacked, they transform into Sailormoon and Chibimoon.

Tigerseye can't find Pegasus in Rei's dream mirror, so he says Rei has to die. Chibimoon and Sailormoon tell him to stop. Chibimoon gives a long speech, and Sailormoon is surprised by its complexity again. Tigerseye then calls his lemure, Miss Magic Water (Japanese name?) A traditional Japanese umbrella comes out and spins around, then flips upside-down to reveal a lemure sitting inside. The lemure attacks them with "water".

Sailormoon calls for Mamo-chan. Inside the shrine, Mamoru wonders if Usagi called him. Diana tells him he must continue, and he says she's right.

Outside, Sailormoon and Chibimoon are being attacked by the lemure. Mercury appears and uses "Shine Aqua Illusion" to rescue them. Then Venus uses her "Venus Love-Me Chain", and then Jupiter's "Sparkling Wide Pressure" destroys the umbrella. The lemure gets angry and puts red and white paint on its face, posing. Chibimoon stands up and calls Pegasus with "Twinkle Yell." Sailormoon sees the other Sailor Soldiers. They tell her to use her attack, and she stands up as the lemure charges them. Sailormoon then uses "Moon Gorgeous Meditation" on the lemure. Tigerseye disappears, and Rei falls back but Sailormoon catches her. Sailormoon says, "Rei-chan!" and Rei says, "Sailormoon!"

Later in the Crown Fruit Parlor, Usagi yells at Mamoru for not coming to save her. Mamoru apologizes while Diana hangs her head. Meanwhile, Yuuichirou is on his knees repeatedly begging for forgiveness from Rei for trying to pick up other women. He swears he'll never do it again, and Rei notices a nice looking guy. She, still not looking at Yuuichirou, asks if he really will stop, and he continues apologizing.

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