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Dumb Sailormoon Rumor: The REAL Origin of the Starlights

Submitted by Kotestu:

"After reading through all eleven of your "Dumb Rumors" page (and falling off my chair numerous times, overcome with uncontrollable spasms of laughter), I think that you may have overlooked one of the silliest rumors on the net. If you've already got this on your page, then I apologize. I could have missed it. But I'm almost 99% sure that the following isn't posted yet, and I would *really* like to expose it for the crap that it is. As a die-hard fan of the Sailor Starlights, I am constantly amazed by all the STUPID rumors floating around my fav senshi. This particular juicy morsel is located at . SO many people have emailed me about my Starlights webpage, saying "I found the real story of the Starlights! You've got to post this!" Upon which I attempt to stab myself in the eye with a fork. Seriously, you probably have no idea how many people actually believe this rubbish. (No, wait . . . You probably do have a! pretty good idea. My apologies.) Here goes:

"These stories are taken from an exclusive interview that appeared in the magazine Animemangaland. In this interview the reporter, Mendo asked Takeushi Naoko where the Sailor Starlights came from. This is what she replied. Note Takeushi-sama never drew any of the Starlights when they were kids so I'm kinda making it up as I think they would look like... If ever Naoko-sensei comes up with drawing illustrating these stories I will replace my paltry attempts with her own art.

Important Note: This is NOT a fanfic... this is legit! I would like to take the opportunity here to thank my good friend Ababu-chan Please visit her own page Healer's World. ( If it weren't for her telling me the real story of Yaten, Seiya and Taiki I wouldn't have been able to tell you all of this. Take a bow Ababu ^_~. If anyone, anywhere knows where I could get Naoko-sama's picts on the Starlights as kids, then please e-mail me at

"Yaten's Tragic Childhood...In another galaxy, long ago, shined a star called Healer. This star was under the rule of Queen Alina, a mysterious and cold woman. People of the other solar systems shunned her because they thought her too cold. But Queen Alina was only cold to strangers and people who weren't from Healer. Queen Alina was well loved and respected by all the people of her planet.

One dark day Queen Metalia and her son Mihat, both emerging from the Galaxy's Black hole, attacked the Healer star . The queen of the Stars, who was one of Alina's close friend, sent two Sailor Senshi to help her. Those two Sailors were Sailor Star Hienix and Sailor Star Stlian. With their help Queen Alina was able to seal back Metalia into the Black Hole, her son Mihat who was more powerful than his mother was only knocked unconscious and wounded on the planet surface. Unfortunately the battle didn't end without the sacrifice of Sailor Star Hienix who died battling Metalia.

Back on the planet there was still Mihat to deal with, Sailor Star Stlian told Queen Alina she would use her more powerful power to wash all evil from Mihat's body. But after uttering her "Jooka Suru Star!" she too died as the result of utilizing her ultimate power. Queen Alina then stood alone with the unconscious Mihat. She had a chamber prepared for him and she nursed him back to health.

But what was first concerned for Mihat transformed itself into love and now free of all his evil ways Mihat realized that he too loved Queen Alina. They were wed three years later and Queen Serenity was their witness to their marriage.

After five years of happiness and love Alina and Mihat were granted children. They first had twins a little girl named Yaten and a boy called Loutus (Lotus). The next year they were granted another daughter who answered to the name Shanna.

"But the happiness was short lived because on the fifth birthday of Yaten and Loutus, Metalia reappeared and stronger than ever, she attacked the planet. In a vicious rage she killed all the inhabitants of Healer. The Queen and her family were unarmed being in the Castle at the moment of the attack. But Queen Metalia attacked the defenses of the Castle. All knew she had succeeded when she claimed her first victim: Alina and Mihat youngest child Shana. Then Metalia turns on her own son Mihat. In a killing frenzy she dealt the killing blow on her traitorous son and his own child Loutus.

Knowing that Alina and her daughter are the only ones left, Metalia reassembled her energies and made an attack that would obliterate all life on Healer. When she felt the attack Alina fell to the ground hopping her body would shield her daughter from the onslaught of raw power. The wave passed and all was obliterated on Healer, Metalia was about to make sure all was dead when a blast of energy hit Metalia. She recognized the blast, it was the Ginzousho. Queen Serenity then worded a challenge to Metalia. She departed the Healer star to the Earth's and the Moon's solar system. A few hours after the attack, Yaten regained consciousness. Her mother still held her but Queen Alina had not survived the attack. Yaten cried when she saw the dead bodies of her mother father, her twin and the young Shanna. She took hold of Alina and shaked her trying to revive her dead mother, but for Alina it was already too late.

"She felt all life had gone from the planet. Yaten crawled from under her mother and grabbed her father's sword. Desperate and her face streamed with tears she wanted to commit suicide to rejoin her family. But as she lifted the sword to turn it against herself, the sword was yanked from her hands.

In the distance the shadow of a woman was approaching. She was still far away but when she knelt, Yaten ran to her crying. In the woman's arms she started to cry and cry without uttering a word. The woman caressed her hair to soothe her and she smiled to Yaten. Yaten lifting her tear filled eyes to her saw the soothing smile and she smiled back. The woman called Yaten: Princess Star Healer and told her she would become one of the guardians of Kinmoku. The woman took Yaten in her arms and flew away to Kinmoku. The remains of the Healer star exploded a few moments after Yaten was taken away.

The woman's name was Queen Kakyoku and upon arriving to her planet she gave Yaten her last name Kou and introduced her to her new adopted sisters: Seiya and Taiki. She then introduced her to her own daughter Princess Kakyuu. Queen Kakyoku died but not before she raised Yaten, Seiya and Taiki as her own leaving her daughter as ruler of Kinmoku and three strong Sailor Senshi to guard her.

"One day, a powerful attack struck Kinmoku and the only survivors were... but you know that story.... (This is where Sailor Stars starts.) Note: Kakyoku means melody... maybe that explains why the Sailor Starlights sing so well."

There's also an ENTIRE page dedicated to descriptions of members of Yaten's family. It's a shame, really, because there's some truly lovely fanart on these pages. This would be really good fanfic site . . . IF ONLY THE AUTHOR DIDN'T PASS IT OFF AS LEGIT!!!!! BTW, isn't Mihat the name of one of the vampires in Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles" books? I'm probably wrong about that one, but the name does seem to ring bell . . .

It gets worse . . .

"Seiya's Story: Seiya's story begins with the arranged marriage of her mother Queen of the Star named Fighter: Sedona to Yakumo. Yakumo was a cruel man who only married Sedona for more power. He didn't love his wife and she didn't love him either.

But Sedona loved another man, Seiji and had loved him ever since they met. She often stole away from the palace to stroll in the garden with her lover. On one of those nights Seiya was conceived.

Yakumo hated children so he knew he wasn't the one who made Sedona full with child. Sedona never said who her lover was so Yakumo waited and planned. One night he caught Sedona going to the gardens and followed her. When he saw Sedona and Seiji together he realized he must be the father of that misbegotten child. Yakumo charged Seiji and killed him in front of Sedona.

Sedona was never the same after that, she didn't love her husband before but not she hated him and wanted him dead. She brought her child to term and named her Seiya. Then she sought to do what she most wanted after giving birth to her child: to slay he who killed her father. Yakumo knew his wife hated him now and he wasn't surprised when she came in with murder in her eyes. He had planned for this and he killed her just as coldly as he had killed her lover. Yakumo then rushed to the chamber where Seiya was peacefully sleeping. He never wanted the child so he would just send her too to death's cold embrace.

As he raised his sword against the child a voice commended him to stop. It was the Queen of the Stars: Kakyoku, she took the child from him and said that he wouldn't harm Princess Star Fighter. She then teleported all the people of Fighter to Kinmoku her own world and disappeared with Seiya. As soon as Seiya was out of the orbit of Fighter the Star exploded killing the treaturous Yakumo.

Kakyoku brought Seiya to live with her on Kinmoku and raised her as she did her daughter. Seiya knows of the story of her mother and father's death but it hasn't affected her as much as it affected Healer."

"Taiki's Story: Taiki's story begins on the Star called Maker. On this Star the King Haryana had married the beautiful Ina. Unfortunately after 11 years of marriage the King still had no heir. Believing his wife could not conceive a child. Haryana decided his own twin sister Hashiyuka would provide him with a child.

One night, the King went into his sister's bedchamber and conceived a child.

Months later when Hashiyuka had the child she gave the little girl to Ina and the King made everyone think that Ina had given birth. They gave the little girl the name of Taiki.

But the King's deception didn't stop there, Ina was a very intelligent woman. One night she overheard her husband and his sister were scheming against the Kingdom of Kinmoku. They wanted to take over the powers of Queen Kakyoku and rule over the Star galaxy. Ina who was a good friend of Kakyoku, Alina and Sedora, wanted to warn them of the danger coming from her own planet. She was about to warn Kakyoku when she was attacked by her husband and his sister. She had enough strength to do battle with them but couldn't bring herself to harm them, thinking that they weren't in their right state of mind.

She made a small air bubble and put little Taiki inside so that no harm would come to her. All with her remaining power she sent the small bubble toward the Palace of Kinmoku. A little while later an explosion was heard in the Palace of Maker.

Kakyoku that was enjoying a stroll in her gardens with baby Seiya, suddenly saw the bubble with the symbol of Maker, a symbol she knew only Ina used. Ina used this means to communicate secretly with Kakyoku. When she opened the bubble and saw not a letter as she expected but baby Taiki, she was worried, she knew something wasn't right on Maker. She took both babies and headed immediately to Maker.

Meanwhile Ina had been killed by Hashuka and Haryana. The King had hanged the body of his wife on the public place near the Palace. Telling to all Maker's inhabitants that he had killed a spy that wanted the destruction of the Star's Galaxy.

When Kakyoku saw Ina's body and the lies her husband was spreading on her she flew into a rage. And with her power she destroy the planet Maker. The only survivors of her onslaught were all of the people of Maker who didn't believe the lies that their King told them. Those survivors came to live to Kinmoku.

Kakyoku was concerned now there was just a Star of power left, the Star Healer. But Kakyoku was confident in Alina, who was about to marry Mihat a man loyal and good, the stars themselves told her so. Kakyoku thought a Star like Healer would still shine brightly and for many centuries. But who can say what the future holds..."

This whole thing is just too shameful. That, and it's posted this way on Sonya-chan's website. It's too bad, because I really like Sonya-chan (her fanfics are soooo funny!) and I'm sad that she got suckered by this stupid story.

That, and almost every newbie knows that it's Kakyuu, not Kakyoku or whatever. And the pun in the names is supposed to go something like this - "kinmokusei" is a pun on "olive branch", or something. I'm not exactly sure. Anyway, "melody" has nothing to do with it.

Thank you for taking the time to sift through this pile of crap. I know that a lot of people visit your site, and the more fans that see this story exposed as being illegit, the better. Much love and thanks, Kotetsu."

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