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Dumb Sailormoon Rumors - Page 7

  • I have a friend who INSISTS that all the senshi including Sailor Moon die in Sailor Stars and don't come back to life. Well, maybe you should listen to your friend more often! In episode 200, all the senish, like, DIE! I know, cause I saw it, and like, there was some NASTY henti in it, and I was like, EWWW! HENTI! OMIGOD! And like, then I turned off the TV cause henti is EVIL and I was like, AAAH! All the scouts, I mean senish, were dead!
  • There is going to be a Sailormoon sequel. Okay, look, until a press release comes out, an OFFICIAL one, mind you, not SOS's cock-and-bull stories, that says Takeuchi is going to do more Sailormoon, this is a rumor and JUST a rumor.
  • The name of the Starlight's princess is Princess Fireball. Rebo-chan says: "I just get so sick of this one... look, just because Kakyuu translates into Fireball, doesn't mean that her NAME is Fireball! That's like saying Usagi's name is Rabbit, Hotaru's name is Firefly, or Rei's name is Spirit, just because those are the English translations of their names." Works for me.
  • It's all because of Haruka and Michiru that S isn't coming over. This is just wrong. And now that SMS IS in the US and Canada, it's even... more wrong?
  • Haruka's name means "Distant Uranus." With a name like that, who WOULDN'T know Haruka's Sailoruranus?
  • The R in "SailormoonR" means Return, Romance, or Replay. Replay? It only stands for Return and Romance.
  • The STARS in "SailorStars" refers to the fact that our solar system must recruit more scouts from further out in space. Rebo-chan: *sings* In the Senshi! Where you can sail the galaxy!
  • Minako and Makoto's English names are "Myna" and "Lyta." And then there's Seryna, Ryny, Ray, and Aymy.
  • Makoto's English name is "Lina." Rebo-chan doth protesth: "This ain't SLAYERS!"
  • Hotaru's family name is Tamoe, and it means "Firefly Soil." Does that refer to "Grave of the Fireflies" by any chance...?
  • Michiru's name means "Complete Neptune." Michiru and Haruka are really subtle about this whole senshi thing. I bet no one can guess their secret identities!
  • Setsuna's name means Hades or pluto. Or Death. Or Time. Or Garnet. Or Orb. Or maybe none of the above.
  • Ami's name means Water or Sub-beauty. Or Boring. Or Blue Haired One. Or Likes To Study, For a Good Time Call 1-800-BOOK-WRM.
  • Artemis was named after the Greek God of the moon. Who happened to be a goddess...
  • "When princess serena was on the moon she was married to prince darien. Then the evil queen beryl from the negaverse messed up everything and the only way she could save everyone was by sending then to earth and it was done." And then God said, "Dammit, lady, *I'm* the Almighty, not you."
  • Queen Beryl's leader was Queen Metallica. *headbangs to Metallica*
  • Raye's favorite subject in school is reading, but she is more interested in Darien. I wasn't aware that they taught Darien in school.
  • The four senshi that appear in S are the Outer Senshi Sailor Scouts. The whos-its?
  • Tuxedo Mask is an Outer Senshi. Though his planet is Earth. But you can miss it tucked all the way back there in the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • The four sailors that appear in S are the Outer Senshi Scouts. The original group of sailors are the Inner Senshi Scouts. The whats-its?
  • Setsuna's name means "Problem Time Ruler." "You've been a naughty, naughty girl, mistress time ruler! Time for YOU to spend the next 1000 years guarding the Time Gate as punishment!" Setsuna: "NOOOOooooooooooooo!"
  • Hotaru's name means "Firefly of Death." "Twinkle twinkle little bug, come here and get a hug." *hugs* Readers: "Awwww..." *splat* as child falls down dead. Reader: "AIEEE!"
  • Sailor Moon has an attack called "Sailor Moon Cosmic Power." Drop the Sailor Moon, add Make-Up, and call it a transformation, and you're A-OK.
  • The senshi that appear in SailorStars are the Star Senshi. Except they're called the SailorStarLIGHTS.
  • Nephlite's home planet is Jupiter, and that is his kingdom. EWWW!! So like all those people who are like Jupiter and Nephrite are like lovers and stuff.. that means they're like.. RELATED? EWWWW.
  • The villain of Stars is Sailor Galaxy. Galaxia.
  • The Outers are Starlights. ............................................ Let's just say no and move on, shall we? We really don't want to see me being violent.
  • All the scouts like guys AND girls, except for Neptune and Uranus, who only like girls. So all the scouts/senshi are bisexual? @_@;;;
  • Usagi's name in the manga is Bunny. Rebo-chan: "No, that's her name in the MIXX version."
  • Chibi-Usa needed the Imperium Silver Crystal in order to save her mom from the Dark Moon Kingdom [Negamoon]. Uhhh.. no...
  • Chibi-Usa's toy is the Luna-P-Ball. Luna-P in the original anime, Luna Ball in the English dub.
  • Chibimoon becomes a real senshi when she becomes Super Sailor Chibimoon. As opposed to what before? A fake senshi?
  • (Screwed Up Rei Profile) "Rei is a very spiritual girl, powerful yet calmed. She is very mature, independent, intelligent with a lot of class and personality, rich and likes traditional things over modern stuff like Television.. She is so beautiful that girls admire her and guys chase her, but she didn't even look at them, she doesn't like guys a lot because she thinks they are like her father who was to busy to take care of his family and his sick wife. After her mother death she lives in the Hitawa Jinga (a shrine) with her grandpa on Sendai Hill." Recipe for a Bad Profile: Take some bits of the manga and add to the bowl. Then pour in some of the anime. Next sprinkle in some made-up info. Add some fresh opinions. Vigorously stir. Put in the oven at 900 degrees for 32 hours. After the explosion, take the remains and cool. Serve chilled.
  • There are 45 Sailor Senshi. All of whom populate Tokyo at the same time. They have parties and stuff, even started their own secret club with the handshake, weird robes, Satanic rituals, and such.
  • Reni is called that because her real name is Serenity, so that's what it's short for! If you want to be an arsehole (yes, thank you, I do), then the dub says that Rini is her cover-name and not a nickname. :P
  • Uranus is pronounced "Yer-Anus." Get a life, you freaks.
  • (Direct Quote from someone's own FAQ) "Are the rumors true about Uranus and Neptune?" Answer: "Determines which rumor. Oh, the one where they're supposed to be...uh...*cough*. Ahem, actually, Naoko herself has stated that in Japan, it is okay for girls of their age to have mutually 'close' friendships with other girls in Japan. Heck, sounds fair enough to us." It only sounds fair because you're freaking homophobes who can't even stand to use the words "homosexuals" or "lesbians" and have to do stupid "*coughs*" as if the words will somehow contaminate your pure little narrow minds! SOS made that up anyway.
  • Sailor Pluto is African. Which is why she has a Japanese name.
  • Meiou Setsuna means "an instant kind of death." Rebo-chan: "Instant Death! Just add water!"
  • Hotaru is the only child of Professor Tomoe; she's an andriod. She got into a car wreck as a child and her father "rebuilt" her body... (This is debatable). Um... Well, it's only debatable because you fooked the info up, ya moron! You took Mamoru's past and shoved it into Hotaru's manga story!
  • Ten'ou Haruka means "Rumours cloud and sky king". It's rumored that there is a sky king in the cloud who has a firefly of death which can make a concoction of instant death that can completely wipe out all of Neptune.
  • Sailor Moon has an attack called "Rainbow Moon Heartquake!" Nuh uh! It's "Super Duper Sailor Moon Smoochy Smoochy Kissy Wuggle XOXOXOXOX Super Heart Crystal Innocence KISS!"
  • Hotaru's English name is Holly. Rebo-chan tells us: "Even worse-The page I am looking at right now that is claiming that has a picture with a caption reading "Deck the halls with bows of Holly!"
  • On the Moon Serena and Darien somehow had a daughter named Rini that comes later to help fight with the Sailor Scouts. Uhhhh. I guess sexual intercourse would be the "somehow". I don't know how they got on the moon to engage in that activity though. Serena: "Oh, Darien! You know what romantic place would REALLY get me in the mood?" Darien: "No, my loveable, cuddly meatball head! Where?" Serena: "Oh, muffin! I could do you so well on the moon!" Darien: "WHAT?!"
  • Sailor Moon's civilian I.D. is "Serena Sukino." "Sukino" is Alaskin for "Suck it."
  • Neptune's civilian name is "Michuru" and Uranus's civilian name is "Hakura". You have NO idea how many people make this mistake, especially the "Michuru". What does that MEAN anyway? Just LISTEN to the names and you know these are wrong!
  • Sailor Saturn was possessed by Mistress 9, and she then wanted to destroy the world with her Death Ribbon Revolution. Ano... moshi moshi? Anyone home in there?
  • After Pluto used the Dark Doom Close she disappeared from the time stream, which is why we don't see her for awhile. The Dark DOOM Close? How does one disappear from the time stream then suddenly pop back in? Pluto: "Groovy, baby, I was just re-conceived!"
  • Sailor Saturn is the evil scout, sorta speaking. She has the power to destroy the world, which can be used if Mistress Nine was holding the Holy Grail. I kinda thought she had that power to begin with, y'know...
  • Saturn has an attack called Silence Glaive Surprise Apply. Saturn: "SURPRISE! I applied for a job!" Uranus: "I'm so proud!" Neptune: "Where did you apply, sweetie?" Saturn: "Knives R Us!" Surrogate Parents: "...."
  • Uranus and Neptune aren't gay because Haruka looks like a guy. Try telling that to the Christian Coalition.
  • Mars' civilian name is Rai. Rebo-chan: "And they were referring to the DUB!"
  • The Outer Scouts only make cameos in the anime, but they have big parts in the movies. Yep. Showing up for ten minutes in the movies with five lines to say is a HUGE part. What would we do without them?
  • While Darien and Serena hated each other at first, they were in LOVE with each other's secret identities, meaning Serena loved Tuxedo Mask and Darien loved Sailor Moon. Gah? Duh? Wha?
  • Serena was the Moon Princess on a ruined empire millions of years ago, where she was betrothed to the Prince of Earth until Queen Serenity BLASTED everyone into the future to save them from the Negaverse. Queen Serenity: "I'm only killing you to SAVE you, sweetie!" Princess Serena: "Thanks, Mom!"
  • Darien works at a movie studio. Darien: "SHUT UP! Don't tell them that I work for that por- eh hehe..."
  • Darien turns into Tuxedo Drock! It's Tuxedo Frock, dammit! See? Tuxedo and the Frock? They're both CLOTHES items, see?
  • Hotaru is Sailor Uranus. Only in Sean Gaffney's worlds. She's also his wife.
  • "Sailor Moon is a teenage girl who's real name is Usagi (or Serena in the American Version). One day a little kitty named Luna talked to Usagi. Luna told her that she was Sailor Moon and that a strange force of nega energy was released into the earth. Usagi had to defend the earth so that it could be peaceful. As the story goes along she finds other Sailor Scouts which are Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Sun, Sailor Chibi Moon, and Sailor Cosmos. Along with the Sailor Scouts is a masked man named Tuxedo Mask. He always saves the girls when they are in trouble. He turns out to be Usagi's love from the moon kingdom thousands of years ago when she was the Moon Princess along with the other princesses of their own respective planets. The whole reason why they didn't remember was because Queen Serenity (Serena's mom) was in a war with the same nega creeps as the ones Sailor Moon has to fight off. The Nega Force had the most feircest fighters in the universe. They distroyed the Moon Kingdom and were all killed except the queen. She had just enough energy to send them all off into another time and place in hopes of it being peaceful there. I would tell you the rest of the story.... but you have to ask me about a specific thing to write about. I know the whole time line of the story but I can't tell you everything because I watched it all in Japanese (which I don't speak). You can e-mail me here." Uh... This doesn't happen in either the dub or the original. Sailor Sun? Sailor Cosmos in the anime? Urk? What? I'm confused ;_;
  • The most powerful senshi is Sailor Tuxedo Mask, because he has the power to teleport. That is why he is always able to save Sailormoon in the last second. Sailor Senshi: "Sailor Tuxedo Kamen-sama! .... WHY are you wearing that?! AIEEEEE!! RUN!"
  • Zoisite is a woman. Just in the DIC dub o/~~~~
  • Kunzite and Zoisite had a kid. Pretty hard, considering that they're both guys, and, well, you know...
  • In truth Fish Eye is a woman but she doesn't have breasts. Which makes sense, given this is anime, and like, all women have some sort of breasts, even Chibi-usa.
  • Malachite is Artemis in human form. Which makes a lot of sense given that he and Artemis exist at the same together; you know episode 44 when Kunzite attacks Luna and Artemis? It was an OPTICAL ILLUSION. Really Kunzite was Artemis and Artemis was Kunzite.
  • In the JAP verson, Artemis is actually Luna, and Luna is actually Artemis. We all know that black is more of a guy COLOR and white is more of a girl color. Say Japanese, not Jap. I have black hair, so I must be a guy. Hotaru wears all black, she must be a guy too. Plus Artemis-who-is-really-Luna is a feminine cat, what with the eyelashes and all. Solves that problem.
  • Haruka's part time job is being a Substitute Teacher; however, she got fired because she was always late to school. Why can't my subs be that hot?! *sigh*
  • Neo Queen Serenity is Sailormoon's daughter, and Rini is Sailormoon's grandaughter. This is because no one could look that young when they have been alive for 1000 years. So Neo Queen Serenity cannot be the same person as Sailormoon. Gee, so that means that they can look like that at about age 500 then?
  • The sailor senshi are actually Power Rangers. Go go.
  • Haruka and Yui from Fushigi Yuugi are twins. Or not.
  • There is a new season called Sailormoon SuperSailorStarS where Sailor Asteroid and Sailor Comet are introduced. Or not.
  • There exists a new season called Sailormoon S2. Here Sailor Moon becomes Sailormoon Butterfly. Usagi (singing): "I'm a happy little butterfly, flying around, lalala, from flower to flower, until I'm smushed by that pink-haired clown, lala."
  • Every senshi is for a city of the world: Usagi- Japan, Ami- E.U, Rei-China, Mako- Spain, Minako-Canada, Setsuna-Mexico, Michiru- France, Haruka-India, Chibiusa-Japan, and Hotaru- Brazil. And everyone knows that Japan, China, los Estados Unidos, Spain, Canada, Mexico, France, India, Japan, and Brazil are cities of the world. "Sailor Planet, she's our hero, gonna take evil down to zero! She's our powers, magnified, and she's fighting on the planet's side!"
  • The S of Sailor Moon SuperS means SuperSailorMoon but the name was kinda large so Toei had to make the name short. Yet another interseting theory on what "SuperS" stands for.
  • Ami taught Michiru how to play the violin. Does Ami even know how to play the violin? Didn't think so.
  • In SailorStars Usagi becomes Sailor Angel. She gets wings as Princess Serenity, but that doesn't count. There's the angel symbolism though.
  • In episode 200, Serena, Galaxia, and Chibi-Chibi fly and run around on screen for 15 minutes while Darien is staring at them. Ecchi.
  • To turn into Eternal Sailormoon, Serena says "Moon Holy Grail Crisis Make Up". You forgot the "Super Duper Spinning Rainbow Heart" there.
  • A fun e-mail:
    Sent: Monday, December 20, 1999 5:10 PM

    Sailor Moon News
    - America and Canada just got 30 new Sailor Moon TV eposides, that only need to be translated before being released on national TV.
    -There's a new Sailor Moon Nintendo game for N64 and Play Station called Sailor Moon the next Genteration. Its In Japanese not english though. The instrcution manual is in english. The date on that is still not certain when it will be released.
    -Susan Roman, the Canadian voice of Sailor Moon, just got into a car accedent yesterday. Cause Of the accedent was unknown. She was with the other "scouts, meaning, the other voice of the characters." On there way to the studio to translate the new eposides. They all got into the car accedent but Sasan Roman is the one who is unconsious in the hospital. The Canadian shows will be delayed till furthure notice. Or till Susan recovers.
    -Naoko Takeuchi just released the new Sailor Moon Japanese Manga, never before released anywhere in the US or Canada. It is called Moon Goddess 1. The first series of the Moon Melliunm set. Or the Sailor Moon set.

  • Another guestbook entry left by "Usagi-kun" follows. May I remind people that my guestbook isn't a place to make up stories and amuse yourself: "Sailor Galaxy------ Okay, a lot of you don't know about Sailor Galaxy. Well, first, we have to explain the Silver Millenium and her part in it--- 1000 years ago, the moon was under attack. Everybody died, except for Queen Serenity, Luna and Artemis*two talking cats* and...a simple tin can of fried turkey. An empty simple tin can of fried turkey. Queen Serenity: Oh no!*cries* Everyone is gone! Except you Luna...Artemis...and that simple, tragic tin can of fried turkey. I KNOW! I'll use my SILVER CRYSTAL THINGMAPOP and send them all to Earth, 1000 years ahead! SILVER CRYSTAL THINGMAPOP SUPER KAILDOSCOPE DOUBLE POWER! *Everybody gets sealed in balls and float towards Earth* Serenity: Goodbye, everyone! Serenity! Endymoin! Luna! Artemis! And especially YOU, simple tin can of fried turkey! God Bless You! AND ALL THE OTHER TIN CANS IN THE UNIVERSE! PRESENT Usagi: AAAAAAAHHH! Mama, why didncha wake me up! WAAAAAH! *runs to school* Haruna-sensei: Students, I'd like to welcome a new student to our class, Nezu Michiru. Michiru: Hi everyone. I'm glad to be here. *Daimon blasts through door* Daimon "Can": Oooh, perfect crystals here! Time to wrap the beef!*takes all the heart crystals except for the Senshi's and Michiru's* Usagi: Guys, we gotta transform! Ami: But Michiru-kun is here! Mako: No matter! Jupiter Star Power! Ami: Mercury Star Power! Usagi: Moon Cosmic Power! All: MAKE UP! *girls transform and Michiru ducks into the closet* Michiru: The Deathbusters! Those witches! Ara! Cosmic Universe Heartache, MAKE UP! *Michiru transforms into a Sailor Soldier with a silver and pink fuku, that looks like Super Sailor Moon's* *Sailor Galaxy jumps out of the closet* Galaxy: Hurting innocent third year junior high students! How dare you! Cosmic Spiral Heartache! *attack destroys the daimon* All other soldiers: Michiru-kun! Michiru: Sure, whatever. * And that's HOW the Inners found out about Michiru and Sailor Galaxy. And, of course, you're asking why Serenity made a tin can into a sailor of the Galaxy. Well, the Inners AND Outers didn't have enough power to destroy the Deathbusters, so she used her SILVER CRYSTAL THINGMAPOP to turn the tin can into Michiru, making her sailor of the Galaxy. Wanna know more on Michiru? Sailor Galaxy Name: Nezu Michiru Birthday: October 10, 1978 Blood Type: O Age: 15 Hobbies: wasting time, reading Soldier Postion: Outer Element: Universe/heartache Items: Cosmic Heartache Compact, Heartache Cosmic Rod, Universe Time Key Fighting Style: Both Galaxy's Powers and Items Cosmic Heartache Compact- her compact used to transform. Much like Usagi's Crisis Comapct. Universe Key- like the Silver Crystal, only like a flower shape. It is in her compact, and she can transform with this. Heartache Cosmic Rod- her rod used in all her attacks. When used, the Universe Key blossoms on it. Cosmic Universe Heartache, MAKE UP- her henshin call Cosmic Spiral Heartache- her main attack. The Universe Key comes off her rod and releases energy at an enemy. Cosmic Flower Hurricane- causes a breeze of flowers to surround her, blocking any attack. Michiru doesn't play a major role until the very end of S, when her Cosmic Spiral Heartache and the Sailor Planet Attack destroy Mugen Gakuen and she is the first to find baby Hotaru. She appears again in mid SuperS, her Dream Mirror being taken by the Qaurtet. She has a major role in Stars, when she is revealed to be Princess Kakyuu. Bai Bai!" Bai bai.
  • Apparently, in Spain, everyone believes there's a new Sailormoon manga by Naoko Takeuchi, due to the fact that a magazine printed this. Why? I don't know, it printed something that wasn't true.
  • "Hello.. I heard that the american version made Haruka a guy. Does anyone out there know if this is true....The thing is that I heard Takeuchi-sama got really pissed off at DiC and decided to take the rights away from them (she has every right to). Anyway, if there's anyone out there that knows much on this or Sailor Moon S in the US, Email me...I was kind of waiting to see what they would do with it on the Cartoon Network..Thanks in advance.. Later, Darien" Takeuchi *doesn't* have any right to, andin the SMS dub in English, Haruka's still a girl.
  • Malicite and Catzy had a daughter which they named ChibiChibi. There is something very odd about ChibiChibi.. can't quite put my finger on it... Maybe.. maybe because.. she has like five million different parents?!
  • Sailormoon has only 1 attack, silver moon frisbee magic. Her tiara glows and a big silver moon flies out and hits everybody in her way and they all die. Uh... so what are all those other stock sequences of her yelling stuff and destroying enemies?
  • Rei himo means"phoenix fire spirit". First off, it's "Hino", and second, neither "Rei" nor "Hino" mean "Phoenix."
  • Ami mixuno means "water dolphin wave". * Tifa from FFVII and Zell from FFVIII come in and use their dolphin attacks on the person who made this up.
  • Venus/V has is more powerful than all of the senshi combined. Then why doesn't she just take over and kill all the enemies right away? Hmm? Well, why not?
  • Letter: "a friend of mine was reading 'Lines of Destiny' [Ed note: apparently a fanfic] and she told me that it was an interesting plot, but kinda impossible, (the akane-hotaru concept) cos sailor saturn is the youngest child of serenity (in the future) and she got the power of sailor moon that has something to do with death... anyway, she said that saturn just came from the future just like chibi moon. i'm confused... i didn't really want to bring this up, but she kept bugging me to ask abt this thing. i really don't care, cos i still think the fic is great." I wouldn't care either because this girl's friend is totally off the mark.
  • [Sailorjupiter] has an extra henshin phrase, "Jupiter Planet Power, Make Up!" That phrase changes her into an even more powerful form than that seen in the anime: her final and peak form, that of Eternal Sailorjupiter. Well, there's no such form as "Eternal Sailorjupiter" plus "Jupiter Planet Power, Make-Up" transforms her into just Sailorjupiter. "Jupiter Crystal Power, Make-Up" transforms her into SailorStarjupiter.
  • The reason why Haruka has short hair is because she wanted to look like Yui from Fushigi Yuugi. 'Cause Yui's so masculine and all...
  • The Sailormoon R movie is rated R for its violence and homosexuality situations between mamoru and fiore. The "R" doesn't mean "rated R". There's some violence, but that's given, and there's no "homosexuality situations" in the movie.
  • Mercury's "Mercury Aqua Bonanza" attack is more powerful than Haruka's "World Shaking" attack. That's REALLY funny... Mercury being stronger than Uranus! That's not mentioning that Mercury has no such attack.
  • Michiru and Haruka were abandoned by their parents. That is why they can only have enough money to live in the same apartment. Michiru and Haruka met each other in a orphanage shelter in the Juuban district of Tokyo. Erm... Haruka and Michiru are filthy RICH. Haruka's apartment in the S manga has a rent of one million yen a month! Plus their parents are never mentioned.
  • The nijizuishous also appear in the manga. They don't.
  • Ami is a fan of Marlilyn Manson. Doesn't she look the type?
  • The Jap name of Rini is Chibi Russian. Chibi Russian?
  • The S of Sailor Moon S stands for Saints. Who're the saints in SMS?
  • Setsuna´s favorite food is chilli. Tangy.
  • Uranus talisman is phsyco knive and her atacks are crazy madness and psycho´s secret persecution. Someone's been playing some disturbing video games again...
  • The reason of why Hotaru wears dark clothes is because she is a metallic skelleton and the only thing she has covered with skin are her head and hands. Umm... what do dark clothes have to do with metallic skeletons?
  • Usagi´s first transformation is "Moon Plasma Make-up." Well, DIC DID do the animated Ghostbusters series... Also, VKLL's early fansubs apparently used this... (What the hell?)
  • The name of Usagi means "lamb" so Chibi-usa is "small lamb". Wrong animals there, bucko.
  • The name of Minako means "Prostitute" but the jap people tried to hide it telling it as "girl of the love". JAPANESE. And why would anyone try to "hide" something's meaning with its real meaning?
  • The meaning of SuperS is Super Squad. Mars: "Red to Squad Leader, Red to Squad Leader, can you hear me?" Moon: "Zzzz...."
  • The opening theme of SailorStars is "Sailors just wanna have fun". X.x
  • Naru and Usagi are lovers. Best friends are always lovers, aren't they?
  • Naru and Umino are lovers in the manga too. Naru's really two-timing everyone, isn't she?
  • One day in Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Minako decided to make her powers more cool so now she says Rolling Penis Vibrationˇ Fetish love chainˇ Hot passion kissˇ Massive orgasm shockˇ. The person who submitted this rumor said: "OH PLEASE PUT THIS IN THE PAGE BECAUSE SO MANY PEOPLE THINKS THAT VENUS REALLY DOES THAT THEY ARE CONFUSED WITH THE HENTAI AND THE NORMAL." My question is: Do they REALLY?
  • Haruka is in love with Mamoru. She makes it so apparent, hanging with Michiru and all.
  • When Mamoru is killed by Galaxia, he divides himself into three women, the Sailor Starlights to protect Usagi, and a 4th woman who is Kakyuu. But Kakyuu gets lost, and she is the key to make the 4 come back to become Mamoru so that's the reason why the Starlights are looking for Kakyuu. Hmm... clever but no.
  • Hotaru is the reencarnation of mistress 9. Not really.
  • Hotaru means "Son of the lord of the darkness". That sounds pretty Satanic...

    To Infinity.. and Beyond!

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