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Dumb Sailormoon Rumors - Page 5

  • In the manga Ami was meant for Jadeite. As Marci points out, though Takeuchi thought of the idea of having the Sailor Team with the generals, she never went through with the idea. Marci also correctly states that in the picture drawn by Takeuchi, Rei was with Jadeite. Ami was with Zoicite.
  • The Starlights were men in the "old kingdom" (Silver Millennium possibly) and their sisters tranfered their power to them and of course they were reborn as women because Senshi must be women, but because they were originally men, they can change form. Uh... Sounds like Italian SM smushed together with bits of SOS's "Prince Uranus" story.
  • Galaxia is Sailor Sun. And the girl named Sun is Sailor Galaxia, who appears in the Super Sailor Stars movie #56. Makes sense to me.
  • Galaxia is the mother of Queen Metallia, Wiseman, Pharaoh 90, Mistress 9, and Queen Nephrenia. They were all conceived spontaneously and decided to all take over the world or galaxy by themselves. There was a father though, his name was Dan Moon, Princess Serena's secret father, and he and Galaxia conceived Princess Serena and the other kids, and then Galaxia became Sailor Sun, but pretended to be Queen Serenity to fool Serena.
  • There is a Sailor Earth! It's Tuxedo Kamen! He has this transformation stick in which he yells 'Tuxedo Star Power, Make Up!' and turns into a girl version of himself, wearing a Sailor Senshi outfit which makes him Sailor Earth! "Golly gee, Usako, I didn't know I was a transsexual! Honest, I didn't! Though, gosh, that would explain my cross-dressing habits every Sunday evening. The feeling of silk against your skin feels soooo good."
  • Sailor Moon wasn't created by Takeuchi Naoko... It was created by Hitoshi Doi. Which is why on every single anime produced in every single country- be it Japan; Germany; the United States/Canada; etc, and on every manga in all the same countries, say that Sailormoon was created by a woman named Takeuchi Naoko. Ooh, little known fact. On Hitoshi Doi's page, it says Sailormoon was created by Naoko Takeuchi. Guess he must not know what the person who said the above statement knows either.
  • Uranus was once a prince in the Moon Kingdom, but when the Moon Kingdom was destroyed, Queen Serenity didn't have enough power to send him back to Earth as a male, so he was reincarnated as a girl instead. So... you're saying that there it requires more power to reincarnate someone as a male as opposed to a female... interesting.. does anyone else fail to see the logic here? Or is just me?

    Note: The following rumors are from a website called "Sailor Moon for Dummies". YES, I know now that Tian is a character from Dragonball Z and that this site is a joke page. I'll probably just leave them here though for your personal "enjoyment" to see what people can make up.

  • Haruka used to have a boyfriend before she she became lesbo. I have personal problems with people who use degrading terms like "lesbo" and "homo" and "dyke" in manners which are intended to be hateful and cruel. You know, people like that should just be smacked around five zillion times and given a course in 1) common sense and 2) moral decency. And sorry for people who believe this, but most people cannot turn their sexual preferences on and off like hot and cold faucets. Haruka is much the same.
  • The fire in Rei's shrine is used as a detector of evil around them. Sooo, does the fire beep when an intruder is around? Beep beep. Warning, warning, evil intruder on the premises. Beep beep, warning, warning.
  • "Serena cries way too much and falls in love with a bunch of guys through out the series. She's majorly horny." I didn't know that crushes equivicated horniness or that love did either for that matter.
  • "There are four Sailormoon movies." R, S, SuperS, and Super Duper Sailor Super Stars SR?
  • "In Sailormoon S [Sailor Moon] almost gets killed by Star Starhealer but then the others came and saved her." Ah... I don't see at all.
  • "Not all the scouts are good at first. In the manga Sailor Starhealer was good at first sight but not in the anime. She was bad and fought Sailor Moon." And this happened when...?
  • "The manga has no details and is a little different from the anime." A little different? The manga has no details? What on Earth...?
  • "Rei can talk to fire power and get information of it. She's satanic or something." No, she's Shinto. There's a difference.
  • "[Rei] goes to the same school as Ami and Serena." Which is why she has a different school uniform from them and the anime and manga even say she's from a different one.
  • "[Ami] has a daughter name Ann, who is Sailor Saturn." Okayyy...
  • "[Lita] and Serena use to fight over the arcade boy, Andrew." They DID? I missed a cat fight between them?! DAMN! DOUBLE DAMN!
  • "[Lita] Act like a true slut." That's pretty darn rude. Last I checked, it's not a sign of sluttiness to have crushes on many men.
  • "[Sailor Pluto is] Reni's guardian before Diana." >.<
  • Sailor Pluto has no true feelings, she acts like a robot, just standing at the Gates of Time for all eternity. This does not compute... I am Pluto, Warrior Robot. Oh no, my circuits are melting... noo...
  • "Out of all 36 scouts [Pluto]'s the strongest." There are 36?
  • "[Pluto] has the Death Staff, which is very powerful. It's 100% fatal if it touches you." Hmm. I wonder why this so-called Death Staff never killed any of the enemies after she bashed their heads with it. They did keep reforming after all.
  • "[Sailor Pluto] fought only one major battle and it was against the Emperor. She helped the scouts in the Sailor Moon SS series. She first appeared in Sailor Moon R. She was in a couple movies but I don't recall it. She's very loyal to her friends." Besides how wrong the Emperor and SuperS comments are, Rebo points out: "Doesn't that last statement contradict this person's earlier statement about Pluto having no emotions?"
  • "Saturn Saturn: Her English name is Ann, when she arrived she took over the Sailor Scouts and became the leader, because Serena played the role of the princess. Ann came from the future. When she first appeared she was only a little girl like Reni. Matter of fact, they were best friends. She became leader around age 15. All the other scouts were really young since Ann's from the future. She's the daughter of Sailor Mercury. I can't believed it either. Ami was 1 of 4 scouts who got married. I have no idea who her husband is. I doubted that it's Greg. Ann has aqua powers too. She has a staff similar to Sailor P's. Sailor Saturn was a tough fighter, but her looks weren't as good as her mom's. We were introduced to her in Sailor Moon S but she doesn't fight until the end fo Sailor Moon S. She look exactly like Ami expect her hair is darker than Ami's. But at the very end when Serena and Darien got married again, she quit the scout. Everybody else did too because the story ends there. It's kind of hard to explain. But Serena and Darien got married once, that's a fact. Ami was like 21 when the thing ended and Ann was like 18. Remember that Ann came from the future. She didn't get borned until Sernea and Darien got married. Since I haven't seen half of the Sailor Saturn espisodes, it's kind of confussing to me too." Ah... yes, grasshopper, tell me all about your LSD and marijuna induced delusions... On a serious note, I dind't think it was quite possible, but this person got every single thing wrong in this entire section except that Saturn and Chibimoon were best friends.
  • "Sailor Tian: Sailor Tian's real name is Tian, like my and all of the other Tian's in the world. He's my favorite scout. There's 7 scouts that are man and he's on of them. He was in the great battle against the Emperor at the end. His best friend is Sailor Leadercrow and the Sailor Starlights. Sailor Tian is the strongest character(without powers)in the series and the manga. He grew up in Chungchun while more than half of the others grew up in Juuban. His first apearance was in Sailor Moon S movie #3, where he found his powers from his grandpa's soul and defeated King Nova barehanded. Tian never gets involve with the others. He's mysterious and only help out in battes. The scouts knows his identity but doesn't see him much because he lives in another city. When Sailor Moon sTOPed airing Tian was about 19 or 20 years old. He defeated lots of enemies including a friendly fight with Darien where he made Darien cry. I like both Tian and Ami." Yes, yes, don't move, we're putting you away in this nice white jacket.. pretty, isn't it? Now, don't struggle... We're only going to inject you with this nice, long needle... May I ask who the hell is Sailor Tian?
  • "Sailor Uranus: I dont' know her name but I know one thing. She's gay!(or lesbian) She likes Sailor Neptune and they stick up for each other. How can the other scouts put up with her? I would kill them two. This one is more of a man than Lita. She wants to be a race car driver. Which normal 15 year old girl would want to do that? She's more masculine and Neptune belong on the feminine side. That's why they make a good couple. On the day they got married, Neptune was the bride and Uranus was the groom. Uranus fight with one of them long staffs, and her voice actor is a man. (in Japanese) The manga claims that she's both male and female." Besides all the normal garbage about the "marriage" that never exists between Neptune and Uranus; the owner proves just how shallow and narrow-minded he is by saying he'd kill the two senshi just because they're lesbians. People like that should just be shot.
  • "Sailor Neptune: Married to Uranus and is also a lesbian. She looks and act really gentle but no one know the things she does with Uranus. Neptune act like a girl and look like one. She plays the violin and gets good grade. She's probably the second smartest scout next to Ami. There's 4 scouts that got married and she's one of them. The others were Serena, Ami, and Uranus. Naoko should make them have offsprings and other nasty stuff. She's extremly good friends with Rei. Rei should join and they'll become a three-some. Her powers are weak, she fire little spinning disks at enemies and she has a cool telepathic power trick. Once Neptune crushed a whole mountain with her mind. How cool. The Force is with her.(phrase from Star Wars) There was an episode I saw that's all on their marriage. All the scouts attended and they were all smiling and happy. It's in a huge temple and Uranus was wearing a tuxedo while Neptune wore a white dress. Then they kissed for a very long time. I think Naoko over did it a little. I dont' recommand this episode for small children." Rebo says: "Well, I don't recommend that particular website to small children. Or older children. Or adults...Heck, I don't recommend this website to ANYONE with more than one functioning brain cell.)" Heh, it's funny that Neptune acts like a girl and looks like one. I mean, God, you'd even think that she was a girl. What the hell is up with this guy and his perversions? He wants "nasty stuff", a "threesome", and mentions the "things she does with Uranus". The whole thing with the force is weird- I did notice, however, that the owner claims Neptune has weak powers, yet he then says she crushes a whole mountain with her mind. Huh?
  • "Mugen Gakuen(where Michiru, Haruka, and Hotaru went to school) means Infinity Academy. They're Sailor Starlights." Um... So which one is the infamous Starhealer who goes around trying to kill Moon
  • "Luna and Artemis got together and had a kitten name Diana, she's the guardian for Chibi Moon. All three of them gets killed later in Sailor Moon SS." How about no?
  • "Serena's pigtails are 4.5 ft long." Considering that that's how tall Serena/Usagi probably is. :P
  • "Serena actually had a 100% on her math test once." This happened sometime close to never.
  • "Melvin is the only supporting character in all 18 of the mangas." I have a bad memory, but I don't recall Umino in 15, 16, 17, 18, 10, 11, and several other tankubon. Might just be that bad memory though. And of course, there are a billion other supporting characters, but hey, when in BS land, do as the BS-makers do- make up more BS.
  • "Uranus and Neptune only made out 3 times through out the series." What about all that nasty stuff they're supposed to have done? :P I wish they'd made out at least once. Or even just kissed once!
  • "Queen Serenity never appeared but was mentioned in the manga." Not only is my memory going, my eyesight is going as well. I could have sworn that I saw Queen Serenity- you know, long white hair, a crescent moon, a long white dress.
  • "Alan and Ann were really from the planet Cybertron." Rebo: "TRANSFORMERS! More than meets the EYE!"
  • "Sailor Venus always hated Sailor Saturn for several reasons." I always kinda thought Venus liked Hotaru.
  • "Naoko later created Sailor Moon Comets in 1996, but it was never on the market." The Sailor Moon Comets are, of course, the twin doubles of the Sailor Ice Cream Triplets who go around shooting ice cream at all their enemies.
  • "Alan learned how to play the flute from a guy name Tapion." ?_?
  • "When Ami was a child. She had long hair like Rei. Watch the Sailormoon movie, "Ami's First Love". I saw, I noted, I concluded that Ami didn't have any long hair at any point in the anime or the manga.
  • "In Japan, it's common for voice actors to play as the opposite sex." I don't believe it's that common... I don't know of many instances of men playing females- actually I don't know of any, but I suppose they should exist. Sometimes women do men's voices- Ogata Megumi and the seiyuu for Yaten, for instance, but they seem to be exceptions.
  • "Sailortian's last name was only given in the manga. "Mysato" "According to the manga, Tian's grandfather and grandmother are the same person." "Tian was only 12 when he became a scout." "King Nova wasn't related to Queen Nova." "Tian is the tallest scout standing at 6 ft." "The voice of Sailortian was a woman." "Tian went to College at Orange Star Universty for 1 year." More fun facts about SailorTian. One wonders what manga he was looking at when he made this all up.
  • "The Nega Force is what truly rules the Nega Verse. It appears to be a great glass of blood with a voice . It thrives of energy, and when the time comes to it, it can transfer energy to one of it's generals. (i.e. Queen Beryl)" A glass of blood. Right.
  • "Artemis isn't as impatient with Serena as Luna is, and spends most of his energy mocking the girls rather than insulting them." Isn't mocking basically insulting but generally with sarcasm or satire?
  • "[Artemis] and Luna had a kitten name Diana in Sailormoon S." Either R or SuperS, m'dear, you landed the season in between.
  • "Sailor Tian Also known as Tian The Great-First appeared in Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon manga 18 and in the Sailormoon SS movie. He says "Kaiou Kan!" to transform. His attack is "Kamahamaha!" Rebo says this is ripped off from Dragonball, and as I've never seen it, I'll trust her.
  • ChibiChibi is the Star Seed of Sailor Cosmos. Okieee.
  • Sailortian's actually only in the Chinese version of the manga. Since I actually have the Chinese manga, let me put your minds to rest- SailorTian doesn't exist anywhere except in the very twisted imaginations of one young man.

    Rebo says: "I won't TORTURE you with the supposed "Sailormoon SS Movie #3" all about Tian-It's far too long and just messed up." She thus ends the rumors gathered from "Sailor Moon for Dummies".

  • This is from a different website. It's also another joke page:
    "Hi! This is LORD YUME with info abot houw SailorNeptune and SailorMercury and Urawa Ryo(Greg to all you dumb-heads who have ponly watched the DiC'd serieses).
    It wsas in Sailor Moon (the first serieses) when Sailor Mercury met Sailor Neptune aka Michiru Kaiouh. They were instantly in love (They're both homos, you got a problem w/that"?)
    Then Kaiouh;s boyfriend Haruka Tennouh comes and beatses Mercury up because they were so madly in love that Kaiouh missesed a date with him. (Tennouh didnt knowed that Kaiouh was a homo.)
    Then that nite, Tennouh catchedes Mercury aka Ami Mizuno and Kaiouh kissing and then gets really pissed off and turns into a girl and turns into sailor uranus and then trieds to beat the crap out of Mizuno and Kaiouh and then kaioh turns into a boy and goes into Tuxedo mask mode while Mizuno turns into a Sailor Scout and they both beat the shit out of Uranus and then Urawa comes and Kaiouh and Mizuno both f*ck him.
    That was only the first episode of Sailor moon. More coming!"

  • In episode 45-46 Queen Beryl decided that if she got impreganted by Prince Endymion that she could rule the universe so her and him had sex. Day of Destiny indeed.
  • Takeuchi Naoko is a closet bi-sexual, reflected by her heterosexual side as Usagi, and her homosexual site as Haruka/Michiru. Would a heterosexual manga artist want to show homosexuals in a positive way? This page is just chock full of anti-homosexuality. I want to slap the person who said this for many reasons.
  • Makoto works as a prositute, which is why she can support herself. Sure she does. I mean, it's not at all probable that her parents probably left a will for her or anything.
  • The reason Sailor Moon is such a terrible fighter is because she was pregnant throughout the whole series. She had to be careful, lest her baby be born deformed. You mean Chibi-usa's NOT deformed (mock horror). I wasn't aware one could be pregnant while a virgin.. well, aside from the whole weird Jesus thing... but anyway..
  • Sailor Moon is Animorph Rachel's long lost twin sister who was adopted by the Gellar Family and grew up with Sarah and became jealous when Sarah got the Buffy role over her. Sooo she moved to Japan, had a sexual affair with.....Jennifer Love Hewitt secretly the creator/artist of Sailor Moon and became the famous cartoon character she is today. ?_?

    The following are from and were contributed by Immora. The info about Uranus and Neptune are pretty much, well... blah...

  • "Be welcome to the Moon Research CENTER! This is a group that finds informations about the Japanese manga cartoon called "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon". We have made 3 sites to bring the information to you, click any of them to enter into the site." As Immora said, "manga cartoon"?
  • "Hi! I'm Haruka Teno, one of the most strong Scouts, and the people say that I'm also one of the strangest Scouts, it is only because they don't understand why I like to act like a boy, I wear men clothes, and I do men sports, like F-1 racing and motocross, but I also like to play the piano. My family is very rich so we have an helicopter and three cars: a white one, a yellow one (my favorite one) and a black one. I spend a lot of time on my mansion, with my best friend Michiru, people say that she is my gay girlfriend, but she is not, I have not found a way to make she accept it."
    "Before when I was about to be converted on a Sailor, I started to have strange dreams of Sailor Warriors, and specially of Sailor Neptune (I didn't knew if having dreams about Michiru was some kind of nutty thing happening to me because I pretended to be a guy), but that all guided me when I had to make the decision of being a hero for the humanity. The Sailor Uranus powers was given to me when a "daimon" raised from the body of a guy that I raced against, then Michiru appeared and tryed to fight with him, but she failed and the my transformation wand appeared, and Michiru warned me about taking it, because she knew I considered freedom the only thing on my life, and converting in Sailor Uranus I would be swering my life to the search of the talismans, so, after thinking on it a while, I decided to take the powers fo Sailor Uranus. I was looking for the three talisman that Setsuna, Michiru and I had, even at coast of anybody else's life, and even at the coast of my own life, and therefore I shoot myself with a special weapon created by the Evil when I discovered that would be the only thing that could take my talisman out of me, something similar happened before with Michiru, who was killed by them to take out the talisman, but good (and very pretty) Setsuna helped us, then my special talisman appeared, the "Space Sword"."
    "Some people say that I'm gay, and that really don't bother me, its'n that I'm gay or something, but I'm not so sure about that all, because I don't understand anything of that, yes, I actually dress like a boy, do men sports and use to flirt with girls, but I'm not too serious with that, same as I'm not too serious with my relationship with guys, but that doesn't means anything more than what you can think by yourself. By now, I don't have anything more to say, thank you for coming, bye!"
    "Meet Haruka Teno (Sailor Uranus)"
    "Talesman Attack : Space Sword. Stars Attack : World Shakeing"
  • Michiru's information: "I love music very much, and I like to play the violin (as Claudia Salinger of my very favorite show "Party of Five")," "I use to wear always blouses and long skirts, that gives me an old fashion looking aspect, some people, like my Scout friends, say that I'm very stubborn, I think I'm only very self confident, and as a Scout I have two main powers, "The Deep Submerge", that calls a super condensed water wall, and the other, "The Submarine Reflection", I do it with my talisman mirror. Some people says that I'm weirs because I spend more time with my friend Haruka instead that other guys, but it is only because she is a cool girl (it all is only to know she very well) and I'm so shy with guys, if you want to date me be sure I'll try to have a date with you, even only to destroy that wrong rumors about my homosexuality, and I don't love Haruka, and like Al Bundy said: "I'm not a gay!"."
    "Meet Michiru Kaio (Sailor Neptune)"
    "Skills : Music, stubborness"
    "Talesman Attack" and "Stars Attack : Deep Submerge"

    The following rumors, submitted by Rebo again, come from the webpage, "Sailor Moon Universe". Rebo says: "Oy vey... I only bothered to look because someone on another ML needed all the attacks from the show, and someone else posted the bad info, not knowing it was wrong..."

  • Melissa Joan Hart will play Serena in the live action movie. Rebo: "And Adam Sandler is playing Darien! Haven't you heard about Tuxedo Waterboy yet?"
  • The series Chibimoon is being created in retaliation to Pioneer's lawsuit against Naoko. Rebo: "And the music will be done by "Weird Al" Yankovic!"
  • Sailor Moon attacks with "Moon Tiara Power" during the first series, and during R, she uses "Moon Scepter (Elimination) Power". Why for the ()? And why the "Power" tacked on at the end of both phrases? Jeez, isn't it SAD when you can't get information from the dub right?
  • Sailor Moon used "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" and "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache" to cure ordinary "items." Pardon? Those attacks blast those suckers (daimon) dead.
  • Chibimoon attacks with "Pink Sugar (Attack) Power." Someone has a power fetish.
  • Mercury uses "Mercury Ice Storm" to freeze enemies. Isn't there a "Blast" at the end or something?
  • Here's some bad info on Mars' attack in R:
    "Mars Fire Surround I use this power in Sailor Moon R, I first used it when my grandpa started Martial Arts class. It turns out that the students in his class were from the Negaverse Of The Dark Moon!" Isn't there "Celestial" in there too?
  • Venus attacks with Crescent V and Crescent V shower. "Beam". Not "V". "Beam".

  • When the Moon Kingdom was invaded by Metallia, Queen Serenity used her Mystical Silver Crystal to seal Metallia into a golden crystal that hung off her castle which she sent to point D. Uh... gold crystal?

    And Stupidity Beget Stupidity, Which in Turn Beget Even More Stupidity...

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