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Dumb Sailormoon Rumors - Page 4

  • Ami was voted by her class as "most likely to marry Theodore Kazinski." What the hey? What is that supposed to mean?
  • The reason Tuxedo Kamen wears a mask is because he is ugly. This is written by someone who obviously hasn't even seen the anime, original, dub, or otherwise.
  • Sailormoon is a ripoff of the Star Wars Trilogy. Written by an Anti-Sailormoon person who has only seen the DIC version, maybe?
  • Usagi's brother has a crush on her. Well, Shingo admires Sailormoon, which my friend said was the same thing as a crush when you're young :P But he doesn't have a crush on Usagi!
  • The S in Sailormoon S and SuperS stands for sex. Obviously the anime writers for Sailormoon support Freud's theory of psychoanalysis.
  • Usagi was Sailor V and Minako was Sailor Moon but they traded off because the crystals kept falling off of Minako's head and that they fit into Usagi's hair. Ooookaay...
  • Andrew and Darien are both bisexual and have a love affair, but Darien married Serena because he was in love with her also and he wanted to have a child. The person who made this up is pretty messed up.
  • There's a Sailor X. X made her first appearance in episode 241 in the Sailormoon H season. Her true identity is Ecchi Pervert...
  • In the Silver Millennium, Mina and Lita were lovers. And aren't they soooo cute? They're just as cuuuute as Serena and Darien or Michelle and Amara. They're sooooo adorable.
  • Serena's name turns to Usagi when she Becomes Sailor Moon Super, which is in the second season. Um, exactly why would she just change her name like that? SMS is the third season anyways.
  • Darien is bisexual because in the Sailor R movie, Fiore hints that they were lovers. Fiore hints no such thing. The last time they met, they were little kids probably about 5 years old.
  • Darien and Andrew are brothers. Um... okayyy. And I guess Andrew must have lost his memory as well and must have been adopted by another family since he already has another sister that he remembers quite clearly.
  • Darien is a distant cousin to Safire, but has no relation to Diamond. Since Sapphire and Diamond are brothers, and if Darien was a cousin of Sapphire's, which he is not, why would Darien not be related to Diamond?
  • An e-mail message someone forwarded to me. Actually, I think it's pretty funny since it's so outrageous and stupid, I think only an idiot would fall for it.

    From: "Guy Rickles" (
    Subject: You're The First to Know!
    Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 10:19:52 PDT

    Hello. My name is Guy Rickles, a marketing rep. for the DiC company. I've been watching your sight, and may you be the first to know that we are continuing our Sailor Moon series.

    Not only will we be dubbing Sailor Moon S through Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, but we are also developing Sailor Moon B, or better known as Sailor Moon Beyond. Sailor Moon B is based upon the series of manga that Ms. Noechko-san is developing as we speak.

    Of coarse, there will be suttle changes, like Sailor Uranus will be a male. Here at DiC, we saw the Uranus/Neptune relationship as a great thing, but here we don't appreciate homosexuality. Uranus's name will be Carlos Años, a Spanish adition so that we don't offend any of our Latin-American viewers.

    Sailor Pluto, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Saturn will go through extreme changes as well. Sailor Pluto won't be lonesome, she'll be the most popular of all the scouts with many friends. Sailor Neptune won't be rich. We feel that it would show children that they're worthless.

    Sailor Saturn, who in the Japanese version was posessed will not be in our version because she my scare children and that is not what we are going for.

    We are also dropping the Amazon Trio because we don't approve of their transvestite-ism and the fact that their method of removing the Heart Crystals or whatever they are resembles rape to an extent.

    We have new voice casting for all of the cast who are :

    Serena/Sailor Moon : Tara Charendoff
    Amy/Sailor Mercury : Annie Pots
    Rai/Sailor Mars : Melissa Gilbert
    Lita/Sailor Jupiter : Alicia Silverstone
    Mina/Sailor Venus : Joanna Lumley
    Rini/Small Lady : Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
    Cecelia/Sailor Pluto : Sarah Michelle Gellar
    Carlos/Sailor Uranus : Johnny Galackie
    Michelle/Sailor Neptune : Jennifer Love Hewitt
    Christine/Sailor Saturn : Neve Campbell
    Darien/Tuxedo Mask : Leonardo DiCaprio
    Luna : Oprah Winfrey
    Artemis : Alan Thicke
    Diana : Tracy Gold

    And now for more information of Sailor Moon B. Serena and Darien get married and Rini finally accepts them as her parents. Cecelia won't be a major character, just sit around in the background being mobbed by all of her friends.

    Also, due to the pace that the manga is being produced, we have a few filler episodes before the actual story arc starts up. The first three revolve around Amy trying to cope with the loss of her father in a car accident. The next two are Cecelia and Darien kissing, but Serena forgives them becasue they were just experimenting. The last one is another Amy, when she falls in love with another boy and leaves her old boyfriend for him.

    I hope that you are very pleased with all this, for you are the first to know!

    Guy Rickles

  • Chibiusa/Rini has red eyes because Luna is her mom. Neo-queen Serenity (Usagi/Serena) couldn't have kids so Luna changed to human form and tricked King Endymion (Mamoru/Darian) into having sex with her. When Luna conceived, the Imperial Silver Crystal took the baby out of her and put it into Neo-queen Serenity instead so Endymion thought it was really their baby. That's kind of gross, you know. Me, I go for the Pluto-Chibiusa connection. Lonely solitary Pluto with her crush on Endymion and her only friend, Yamhead, and both have red eyes. Coincidence? I think not.
  • Mixx didn't change or Americanize anything! Demi Moore, Arnold, "morph", the screwing up of Takeuchi's notes to make it seem like she wrote them just for Mixxzine, etc...
  • There is a new 6th season ( a movie and manga of 6) of Sailor Moon with a NEW Sailor Senshi: Pour Eternitè Eternal- Pour Perisablitè Perisablè Sailor Universi!!

    The Story (direct from the webpage) speaks for itself and makes fun of itself too: After the disaster of Galaxia a stranger very aristocratic, beautiful, very intelligent (more than Ami Mizuno), sociable but very misterious, too comes to live in Tokyo. Her name is Wrennou Cler, frequents Mugen Gakuen h. and she is in the same class of Michiru and Haruka who, as all else sailors, are very sock by her very potent halo of energy, believe that she is a new and terriblr foe because of coming of daemons rapresented of the cosmic Evil. Their mission is to eliminate that who would have salvaged the world and her mother Usagi-Serenity Infact Cler, whose real name is neo princess Selene-Claire and she is neo queen Serenity first daughter. And she is-will be Chibichibi mother, too!! Real name of Chibichibi is ChibiCler whose dad is an earl-prince in the Earth, but his real identity is Alexandros, Sirius's prince. He transform themselves in Prince and he is alike to Milord but he is very more potent. ChibiCler hence wasn't Galaxia's star seed, but was a cover for doesn't do themselves recognize and she came for aid Usagi. Cler had left Cristal Tokyo because so had been arranged by Aleph, the paramount entity and because she wanted use better her power for bear the peace to other universes as Sailor Moon- neo queen Serenity had done to Tokyo. In a first time Cler was decided to not reveal her identity to Usagi for don't suffer her doing know that in future a her daughter would have let her at the abrupt without explanations (if you remember, Setsuna, in the anime Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon Stars, said that ChibiUsa was daughter sole of Neo Queen because Selene-Claire had already left Cristal Tokyo and for a her spell everything, excluded outer senshi, had forgotten her) but Usagi then has sensed the truth with the aid of Mamoru and her friends. Before of which Selene-Cler fought solitary and she many times has saved the life of the sailors and the outer senshi has finally found in her their leader namely Pour Eternitè Eternal-Pour Perisablitè Perisablè Sailor Universi. With latter is the definitive parting amid the Inner commanded by Eternal Sailor Moon and the Outer commanded by P.E.E.-P.P.P. Sailor Universi. At the end the sailors succeed to bear the peace to universes and Cler has decided to life for a bit of time in Tokyo of the past ALThough the lond affection which bequeaths her to her family of Cristal T.. But there are many misteries.....some of which will be reveal in 7' season in course in the special manga. Who is the misterious Sailor that helped Eternal S. Moon at the end of 5' season? She is P.E.E.-P.P.P. S. Universi or S. ChibiCler-Chibichibi? Anybody say that ChibiCler in future will be S. Cosmos, not Usagi because after Eternal S. Moon she'll be Neo Queen Serenity.

  • Sailor Neptune's name is Michura, Michuru, Miuchuru. I don't get why people misspell her name so often. It's really NOT that hard to spell.
  • Deep Submerge creates a funnel of water that is directed at an enemy. Wah, one of the first mistakes I made... In the manga, it does look like a funnel of water...
  • World Shaking creates a yellow ball of energy that causes huge earthquakes. Boom shakalaka, boom shakalaka, shake that booty, dance to the BOOM of the earthquake, lala...
  • Dead Scream is a sonic scream that destroys or disables targets. Too bad Pluto doesn't scream.
  • Tuxedo Mask's name is Chiba Mamora. Mamora, Derian, Derien, Darian, Moonlite Night!
  • In the manga, Metallia brainwashed all the people on Earth to hate the Moon Kingdom then placed a curse on Princess Serenity to keep her and Endymion from being together. "Curses! Foiled again!" (Piers Anthony's 'Xanth' series...)
  • In the manga, before Rei and Jedite died in the Silver Millenium, they made a promise to always keep each other in their hearts, knowing they'd never meet again. Derr... And, like, it's totally too bad that, like, Rei becomes Mars in the manga on Earth and like, totally burns Jedite to a crispy general cornflake, der, I guess she like didn't remember that promise.
  • Safir loves Esmeraude. Another fine mess of DIC's screwed up translations, I'm told. Safir is very contempuous of Esmeraude actually.
  • The third Animamate to appear is Sailor Tin Can. Tin CAN? I've heard Tin Cat, but Tin Can? *kicks over the can*
  • In Germany, they are going to make a brand new season of Sailormoon that also adds a new Senshi, Sailor Kisu, to the Sailor Team! As Rebo-chan says, "This was a rumor taken from an April Fool's joke in a German magazine. Sailor Kisu, by the way, is the name of one of the singers for a group called the Super Moonies that sings all the songs for for the German show. Some people have twisted the joke into truth.
  • Hotaru is Setsuna's daughter. Tomoe Hotaru, daughter of Professor Tomoe Souichi and his wife, Keiko.
  • Since Usagi owns a black cat, she's a witch. And the whole show is nothing but witches trying to promote themselves. Mars is a witch because of her high heels and becauses of her "magic" words (evil spirits, be gone!). And the series "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" is really a show about women in sailor uniforms running out trying to save the world from mass destruction! Egads!
  • When Usagi and Mamo-chan where little they used to kiss behind a tree. Michiru and Haruka did the same. What a stupid rumor! Everyone knows that they mack IN the tree, not behind it! I mean, listen to Nakeuchi's quote from the magna: "Usagi and Mamo-chan sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!" Geez! See, it says right there, IN not behind! Get yer facts and storie strait!
  • Usagi had a brother who was the only one who survived in the Silver Millennium, he was a twin and he was Mamo-chan's best friend. That's right, it was Artemis, Usagi's twin brother who survived the destruction of the moon and got transformed into a cat when reincarnated on Earth. Later he fell in love with Luna, Mamoru's twin sister, otherwise known as SailorEarth, who also became a cat.
  • Chibi Chibi is Usagi and Seiya's daughter from a time before Chibi-Usa was born but they sent her to the past so Mamoru and Usagi could have Chibi-Usa. Because as everyone knows, Usagi can only have one child per time period, so sending Chibi Chibi back in time freed up the future for Chibi-usa to be born. Thus, Chibi Chibi is actually the real heir to the throne, her name is Princess Selene-Cler of the Animal People.
  • A quote from a webpage a bemused friend of the owner's sent in: "In Sailor Moon SuperS, we first meet Hotaru Tomoe, and Chibi-Rini. The S at the end of SuperS stands for Stars. This is after Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. A man named Master Pharoe19 posesd Hotaru Tomoe's dad and made clones of her and her friend Chibi-Rini, making clones of them both, calling the Chibi-Rini clone Black Lady and the Hotaru clone Mistress9. Some ppl think that those are the same, but they're NOT!! Black Lady can't be Chibi-Rini because she has an upside down black moon on her forehead. Mistress9 can't be Hotaru because she has a black star on her forehead. Sailor Moon killed Black Lady, but turned Mistress9 into a child. The outer senshi wanted Hotaru, so to make up for the loss, Sailor Moon gave the small Mistress9 to Tomoe." What I found interesting was that the friend said her friend still believed this. X.x
  • The Starlights stay male in the manga. Actually the Starlights are female throughout the manga in both their Earth forms as the Three Lights and in their senshi forms.
  • Ooh, more fun. Quoted "transcripts" from a supposed SMS meeting a probably insane, delusional webpage owner had with Takeuchi Naoko:
    Cloud: hi Naoko my name is cloud and I am the president of the sailor moon station I welcome all of you. Naoko and representatives.

    Cloud: ok now that we are all settled down we can get to business. I am hoping that your translator will give you my information word for word.

    Cloud: all our fans and us at the sailor moon station is looking for all the sailor moon series and the movies And all I ask is to have the rest of the series.


    Translator: Naoko said, "I think that can be arranged".

    Cloud: this next question goes out to the cartoon network representatives Mr. Stewert will you agree to show the rest of the sailor moon episodes.

    Stewert: I could do that but I have to cut out the undisputed parts.

    Cloud: that's another problem in mind on all our viewers we don't want the parts cut out.

    Stewert: IM sorry we can't do anything about that.

    Cloud: I understand we can settle that soon.

    Cloud: Naoko this question approaches to you now. We have a lot of signatures of all our fans (mostly on aol) requesting the rest of the sailor moon episodes we hope that in your heart you will let us take control of the sailor moon s project.

    Naoko: Translator: I am glad that you like all my work. And you want to continue but for the fans I will give you the project.

    Cloud: thank you Naoko. Now that I am now in charge Mr. Stewert can you put this project on hold for 3 weeks and find ms hawkes to do the voice of Serena once again.

    Stewert: yes I have her number I can call her to do the part.

    Cloud: I want all the original actresses to do their parts

    Cloud: I will talk to the American broadcasting of television to see about all the cut parts.

  • The original Japanese Sailormoon anime has hentai in it! The girl who told me this finally said that the anime had nudity in it which to her was hentai. "Hentai" is sexually explicit material, and Sailormoon hardly qualifies as that! The nudity doesn't even SHOW anything, there's no details on the bodies!
  • "There is a room close to the time gate that is called the Hall of Mirrors. In this room, Sailorpluto can see hundreds of alternate futures by looking in the mirror. In a few different episodes they used as filler, they showed these. In one, Sailorneptune died when Tuxedo Kamen was supposed to be protecting her, but he got distraced by Sailormoon in trouble. After this, Haruka hunted Mamoru down, and finally found him, and fought him. When she was just about to stab him with her Space Sword, she broke down, and started crying over Michiru, and realized that she couldn't kill Mamoru. Mamoru and Haruka spent time near the ocean, helping Haruka deal with Michiru's death. Just as Haruka was thinking about how Michiru was like the sea, beautiful, tranquil, and calm, Mamoru leaned over and started to kiss her. Haruka was shocked at first, but then started to kiss him back, and the relationship blossomed from there. Later, Mamoru told Usagi that he no longer loved her, and that he had actually married Haruka in secret. This caused a lot of friction between the Senshi, and Sailors Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus started a war against Tuxedo Kamen, Sailors Uranus, Pluto, Mars (who realized it was best for Mamoru to be with the one he loved) and Saturn. In the end, Sailoruranus was about to kill Sailormoon, but stopped, and said, "It's not worth it. We're fighting like children. I don't have to kill you. Mamoru loves me and I love him... You just can't accept that, then you're still a child. I don't believe in destiny anymore." She turned away, and then Sailormoon tried to use her Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss to kill Sailoruranus, and Tuxedo Kamen was just about to dive in the way, when Sailorpluto looked away from the mirror, and didn't want to see what happaned. In another, Sailorpluto went crazy being solitary as Time Guardian, and went to Earth and started killing everyone. When Sailorsuranus, Neptune, and Saturn came to stop her, she killed them one by one. Then Sailormoon attempted to heal her with "Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss" but Sailorpluto teleported away to the time gate. The inner senshi followed her, and they fought each other. Sailorpluto was soon overpowered, and used her "Dark Dome Close" attack (for the ONLY time in the Anime) to seal them away forever, and said that they would feel all the pain she felt as guardian. Sailorpluto then smashed that mirror with her Garnet Rod, and said she must be careful to never let that happen." Ok.. Sounds like a fanfic more than anything else. Eww, Haruka and Mamoru.
  • Setsuna and Mamoru had an illigatimate child in the past that just happened to be Chibi Chibi, who was reborn to Chibi Usa and Helios. No, no, and no again.
  • Minako got pregnant with Motoki and they had Yuuichirou. Luckily for Yuuichirou, he is Saturn Knight and has the ability to age quickly like his past lover, Sailor Saturn, and so is quickly able to fall in love with Rei in about 15 episodes.
  • Tuxedo Umino Kamen is the real Tuxedo Kamen but he felt sorry for Mamoru and let him keep the job. UMINO feeling sorry for MAMORU?
  • Gurio and Naru have quadruplets in the future that become the Amazone Quartet. Naru: "I wanted to name them Hotaru, Michiru, Haruka, and Setsuna but noooo, Umino said: "Let's do something untraditional and give them funny names!" and so they were called ParaPara, JunJun, VesVes, and CereCere. I was mortified and of COURSE they were teased in school, and then they ran away to join the circus, and I cried and cried but then we had another little darling, and Umino did another of his stupid moves and called her ChibiChibi."
  • Tigereye stuffs his pants to look more muscular. Whatever floats your boat...
  • If you look closely at Fish Eye's jumpsuit thing you can see a "SERTA MATTRESS" tag on. And if you xoom in at the 10000000X power, you can also see Satanic messages imprinted in each of the senshi's uniforms."
  • On Sailor Moon T, Mr. T came and made a special appearence with Serena and the other scouts. And Serena and the scouts became known as the Sailor A-Team, busting evil when they're not lowly gymnasts traveling the world.
  • Hotaru and Chibi-Usa are in love with each other but never show it in the anime or manga. Since they're children and best friends, they must be in love. Aren't you lovers with your best friend of the same gender as well?
  • Diana is NOT Luna and Artemis' daughter. She appeared spontaneously one day over an open can of tuna left on the street.
  • Serena doesn't have a father, her mother just had her. "I believe she was conceived entirely by metachlorieons! She IS the one who will bring balance to the force!"
  • Lita is gay/bisexual because in one of the SMS eps. she admits that she is atracted to Sailor Uranus. And after admitting that, she proceeds to challenge Uranus in a fight, hoping that if she wins, she will win Uranus's love and respect, even as Uranus is dying in a bloody pulp.
  • The LIVE ACTION Sailor Moon movie is going to be released in 2000. Queen Geena will rise and rule the world! Bwahahahahahahahaha!
  • "I have the real story on why Haruka and Michru are "lesbiens" (They arn't): Haruka is a boy and he & Michru were in love. But Haruka got into a car crash and died. He wanted to come back to life so much because he saw how sad Michru was. The only way you could come back to life was if you were a Sailor Scout and to be a Sailor Scout you had to be a girl. So Haruka had to become a girl so (s)he could be with Michru." It makes you wonder why other people don't come back to life as Sailor Scouts. (shrugs)
  • Sailor Earth is some girl named Terra from a video game. This video game would be "Illusion of Gaea"? :P
  • Endymion is Sailor Moon's dad. Prince Endymion and Queen Serenity had a secret affair, yes?
  • Chibi-Usa is really the daughter of Tamahome and Miaka from Fushigi Yugi. Which is why Chibi-usa and Miaka have the same voice, only it's annoying when it comes out of Miaka's mouth stuffed with food.
  • Sailor Moon is actually Artemis and Luna's kid who was sent back to the past after the 200th episode, and she was changed into a human by Queen Serenity, but Serenity didn't tell Luna. So Luna went through her entire life wondering what the heck happened to her missing child. She saw another talking cat who ironically looked a lot like her, only pinkish grey, so she said: "Gawsh, that must be Sailor Moon, my daughter! Instead of calling her Sailor Moon, I'll name her Diana!"
  • Chibi-Usa and Elios had sex in a dream. The dreams being life like, Chibi-usa got pregnant. She went though the nine month pregnacy in 9 minutes, giving birth To Chibi-Chibi. She wanted to call her Chibi-Chibi-Usa but didn't want anyone to Know she had a daughter so called her Chibi-Chibi. She sent her out into the world so no one would know the truth. But the Chibi came back, the very next daay, the Chibi came back, they thought she was a goner but the Chibi came back, the very next daayy, she just wouldn't stay awaay.
  • "One of my friends told me that in Sailor Moon Stars, when the Inner Senshi die, Mercury *doesn't* come back to life, and Naru takes her place, and they called her Sailor Naru, or something similar.... I've also heard basically the same thing, only Naru only takes her place for a day, and then Mercury comes back." As appealing as this is, my only qualms about it may be that Naru might actually have lamer powers than Mercury. I mean... Sailor Naru? What is she going to do, transform into Molly from North American Sailor Moon and use her horrible accent attack?
  • "Pluto, the second most powerful senshi, has THREE henshins in all 200 episodes!" Three meaning one?
  • "Moon Tiara Action (prism): Uses the Moon Tiara, given to Sailor Moon by Luna through the mystical Silver Crystal." That makes so much sense. I mean, Luna's trying to find the ginzuishou, yet she somehow manages to use it anyway in giving Sailormoon a tiara? Does Luna create the tiaras for everyone else too? What about the Outer Senshi?
  • "Moon Healing Escalation (prism): Uses Moon Stick to heal possesed Rainbow Crystal carriers. The Moon Stick was given to Sailor Moon by Luna. Sailor Moon traces a full circle and the possessed person is showered with radiant showers. They are restored to their former self and it is the only way to heal them. The effort drains Sailor Moon's energy, so the effect is limited to how long she can hold out. The possesed yell, "Refreshed!" when healed. (Hotaru's Note: This attack is known as Moon Twilight Flash in the manga, but since the seiyuu couldn't pronounce twilight, the name was changed.)" I might be missing something here, but Moon Twilight Flash requires only Sailormoon's new tiara that she never gets in the anime, not the Moon Stick.
  • "Moon Princess Halation (crystal): Using the Cutie Moon Rod given to her by Neo-Queen Serenity, Sailor Moon shoots blasts of energy and crescent moons at her unfortunate victim. The cardians or youma shout, "Cleansing!" when hit by it." Yeah, I think I need to rewatch the second season, since I don't recall them yelling "Cleansing!" Anyway, it's the first Queen Serenity who gives Sailormoon the Cutie Moon Rod, not the Neo-Queen.
  • "Crescent Beam Shower: Venus does her crescent beam sequence, except that when she releases the crescent beam, it splits into a hole bunch of beams. This is supposedly very similiar to what Death Reborn Revolution does." Death Reborn Revoltuion splits into a whole bunch of beams?
  • "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache (Crisis Messiahanic Form): Requires Moon Spiral Heart Rod and Holy Grail. In this attack, the Daimons yell "L-Lovely!" What is a Messiahanic form? Is that even a word? If so, what would you describe using that word? Oh, that's a nice Messiahanic statue you got there, looks like the real thing. ? And what's the difference between "Lovely" and "L-lovely!" aside from stuttering difficulties?
  • "Deep Submerge: Sailor Neptune creates a large aquamarine fireball from water." Sort of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?
  • "Moon Gorgeous Meditation: Requires Kaleidoscope that Sailor Moon gets from Pegasus. Male lemures yell,"Stage Out!" and females yell,"Beautiful!" "Beautiful" is for SailorStars.
  • "Mercury Aqua Mirage: Requires Aqua Harp that Mercury Creates at the beginning of her attack. You mean Mercury Aqua RHAPSODY.
  • "Saturn: To attacks got mixed up here. In the manga, Silence Glaive Surprise creates a haze as seen in act #14. In the anime, it does what is described below. In the manga, Silence Glaive APPLY does what the anime says Silence Glaive Surprise does. Silence Wall/Silence Block: Saturn creates a wall of energy when she says Silence Wall. Or as in the manga, she says Silence Block. Silence Glaive Surprise: Saturn Dies after using this attack. Silence Glaive Suprise: Saturn creates a heavy haze like Shabon Spray." Um... I don't know what this person has been reading or watching, but that's all screwed up. "Silence Glaive Surprise" is the name of the attack, and it does not create any sort of mist. "Silence Glaive Apply" is a misnaming of "Silence Glaive Surprise." "Silence Block" is the wrong name for "Silence Wall."
  • Usagi's hairstyle comes from the fact that she was a princess on the moon. Chibi-Usa's pointy ondagos are because she was cross-bred, because Mamoru didn't come from the moon. As the person who sent this rumor pointed out, hairstyle is not hereditary. The color and its thickness and your crowns and stuff all are determined by genetics, but not how you actually arrange your hair. Furthermore, in anime, even hair color isn't hereditary.
  • "Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto actually have mixed up birthdays. Sailor Saturn really should have been Pluto because of the fact that she represents death and Pluto reprents death. Also Pluto's birthday makes her a Scorpio (Oc. 29) and that also represents death. Sailor Pluto should actually be named Sailor Saturn because in Roman mythology Saturn was considered to be related with time. Also, Saturn's birthday makes her a Capricorn (Jan. 6) and that is also said to deal with time. Naoko admits to this and says that she mixed up the names during the creation of the show." I don't think Naoko ever said that she made a mistake, since she didn't create a "show", she created a manga. If she ever did say this, I'd like to know. Yes, Pluto is the god of death, the underworld, and not time, but there have been many people who have defended the Pluto/Saturn thing, and it's unlikely Takeuchi would make such a blatant mistake by accident.
  • "Michiru's character is not as dominant as that of Haruka's. Her interest in violins rather than sports vehicles illustrated that. We do not really have the opportunity to fully understand her character since she is constantly overshadowed by Haruka. Her beliefs are more of a reflection of Haruka's rather than her own." This was on a webpage and pissed me off. This was the ENTIRE profile on Michiru. Just these four lines while every OTHER senshi had a great deal more than that. Even Ami, submissiveness personified, had more description than this lame crap! Michiru's character isn't as dominant as Haruka's? Okay, maybe you could say that even though Michiru is obviously the more stable and reliable of the two, and she probably has a lot of power over Haruka. But to say that Michiru's not as dominant as Haruka because she likes violins over than sports vehicles? That's insane! What kind of reasoning is that? Different people have different interests, and those interests don't necessarily show any more dominance than other hobbies. (Well, maybe if your hobby is "serving others meekly and not looking at them"...) I like reading, does that make me less dominant than someone who likes sky diving? Heck no. Second, to say that you can't understand Michiru because Haruka "overshadows" her is ludicrious. That's just a lame excuse to brush her off because you're too damn lazy to try to think of what to say. There are a billion opportunities to understand her, and you learn about each of the senshi. You might not like them, but they all DO have individual personalities. Her beliefs aren't JUST reflections of Haruka's, she actually does have a mind to go along with the pretty face. Grr.

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