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Dumb Sailormoon Rumors - Page 12

  • "While surfing the web I [the rumor submitter] found this (obviously done by a dubbie who got hold of some fandub)":

    Eternal Sailor Moon
    I'm Eternal Sailor Moon,One of the scouts,Princess Serenity,and the Queen of the Earth in 30th century Crystal Tokyo.I fight evil with my friends,the Sailor Scouts,Sailor Chibi-Moon,and Tuxedo Mask.

    Scouts' Weapons
    Sailor Moon has no weapons in Sailor Moon Stars.
    Sailor Chibi-Moon has the Chibi-Usa Moon Stick, Sailor Neptune has the sea mirror,Sailor Uranus has the space sword,Sailor Pluto has the time staff, and Sailor Saturn has the Silence Glaive.

  • "Sailor Venus doesn't really have a personality and she just does what everyone else tells her to do."
  • "Setsuna has a different skin tone then the other senshi because all Plutonians look that way since Pluto is so far away from the sun." Kathryn: "o_O;; If that was the case, wouldn't she be lighter then the other senshi...?"
  • All the starlights wear hair extensions because they want to be more like Sailormoon.
  • Minako found Artemis in an animal shelter while she lived in England.
  • Diana is really neon pink, you just can't tell.
  • Chibi-Usa has pink hair but Usagi and Mamoru have have black and blond hair, right? This site said that Mamoru had a sister and she was kidnapped or something. Anyways it said that he had a long lost sister and she had pink hair and that is how come Chibi-Usa has pink hair.
  • I was browsing some Yahoo! Sailor Moon clubs, and I was amazed to find out that people were bashing Pioneer for the supposed bastardization of Uranus and Neptune. Have these people been living under rocks or something for the past year? Because if they haven't, they should know that Cloverway dubbed the episodes, not Pioneer. Pioneer is providing us with SUBBED UNCUT Japanese Sailormoon episodes! Idiots.
  • The R in Sailormoon R stands for "Rini."

    More stuff from Rebo1234:

  • "Alright. Recently we have heard an earful. The companies that are dubbing Sailor Moon into English for Cartoon Network have recently had a financial downfall. Many Anti-Moonies are also convincing the workers that Sailor Moon is not an asset and can do better to be off the air." Rebo: "This came from a website that was trying to raise money to save Sailormoon and buy a better dub, so that "They will make it as we know it from Manga and the original anime - now for adults." Since when was Sailormoon for adults, anyway? Not only that, but why would a company listen to people who didn't like a TV show, especially if gets good ratings?"
  • Serena is the queen of the moon. Rebo: "Let's get something straight-As of the present, she is the MOON PRINCESS. They even bother to say "princess" in ENGLISH in the original. She's NEO-QUEEN in the future, but that's completely different."
  • "There are basically four outer scouts, but Chibi-Chibi can be considered an outer scout because she is from 'out-of-town'... if you know what I mean." (Rebo-Which would only be true if Neil Simon had written Sailor Moon.)
  • Michiru and Haruka are soul-sisters. (Rebo-"Check it out now, the funk soul sister!" --The Outer Senshi Skank)
  • Haruka is Hotaru's godfather/uncle and Michiru is Hotaru's godmother/auntie. (Rebo-"Auntie Michiru, is that you?")
  • Setsuna is a close-friend/older sister to Haruka and Michiru. (Rebo-No, no, they're all cousins! Kissing cousins, of course. And they're all from Alabama!)
  • Setsuna is Hotaru's god-mother. (Rebo-For some reason, I just can't picture Setsuna signing "Bippity-boppity-boo")
  • Chibi-Chibi is Serena's possible future daughter, as well as Rini's possible future daughter. She's also Setsuna's possible future god-niece. (Rebo-I don't think someone can physically be your mother and grandmother.)
  • Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn form the Poter Senshi. (Rebo-I do NOT want to see Harry Potter in a sailor fuku!)
  • Mistress 9 was on a quest to destroy the world with her Death Reborn Revolution. (Rebo-Hotaru's going to be jealous...)
  • Evil Saturn was healed by Sailor Moon and became Good Saturn. (Rebo-eViL rEbO is now really jealous...)
  • The Starlights were originally girls, but after their planet was destroyed, they were reborn on Earth as guys. (Rebo-Reborn nothing, they just came to Earth on their own.)
  • In the manga, Chibi Chibi is essentially Sailor Moon without all of her bad qualities. (Rebo-Or any of Sailor Moon's qualities, for that matter.)
  • Haruka is 16, and Michiru is 18. (Rebo-NO.)
  • Makoto's parents were killed when Soviet planes launched missiles at a Japanese town. (Rebo-The Tom Clancy version of Sailor Moon.)
  • Rebo: "The following falsities were gleened from the back of some Sailor Moon Fan Club cards I have. DiC temporarily had a Sailor Moon Fan Club, which I joined. You got a cheap plastic tote bag, some cheap pens, a star sticky-note pad, a Sailor Moon Fan Club eraser, a certificate saying that you were an official Junior Scout, and a letter from Sailor Moon. The trading cards had a lot of bogus information about the characters on them, though. I've lost several of the cards, but here's some of the bad info that showed up on them (Some of these are abridged)":
    • Raye loves the beauty of nature and believes in haviong a pure mind and body, so she doesn't eat junk food. Rebo: "POTATO CHIPS?! AKURYO TAISAN!"
    • Queen Beryl is the evil ruler of an alternate universe filled with tremendous power. She was once a friendly and fair queen, but something happened long ago which filled her with jealousy and rage. Queen Beryl seeks vengeance upon the Sailor Scouts for her troubled past and will stop at nothing to destroy them and everything else within their universe. Rebo: "So, basically, the whole first season could have been resolved with psychiatric counseling and a bottle of Prozac."
    • [During the show], the Sailor Scouts must confront some sensitive issues, such as taking care of the enviroment, taking care of yourself, and the power of love. Rebo: "Captain Planet meets Huey Lewis and The News, apparently."
    • [The trivia question on Jupiter's card]
      Q: Does Lita have a boyfriend?
      A: No: Lita isn't interested in having a boyfriend. She liked someone once, but he unfortunatly fell victim to the Negaverse. Rebo: "I belive this one speaks for itself."
    • [Trivia question on Mercury's card]
      Q: What would Amy love to own, but the apartment building won't allow for it?
      A: A Cat: Amy would love nothing more than to be able to have a pet.
      Rebo: "Which is why she never really says anything about wanting a pet."
  • Darien is gay. Which makes sense since his soul mate and one, true love is female.
  • The only straight charecters in the entire show of Sailor Moon is Sailor Pluto and Neflight. Um... why Nephlyte? Actually, none of the dubbed characters are gay. They either got sex changes or somehow became cousins.
  • Saturn's attack Silence Glave Surprise distroys the enemy from the inside out. >.< Ew.
  • Rini's true spelling is REENY and the REN comes from SERENA. Except that everyplace "Rini" is used, its official spelling is "Rini".
  • Saturn used Silence Glave Surprise on Mistress Nine, which is how Saturn was able to get free of her possesion. Uh, no.
  • Neflight's the perfect warrior. Hinsei Konjouno: "Manga- Jupiter kills Neflight just after she transforms for the first time..... right......."

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