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Tenoh Haruka / Sailoruranus Sound Clips
More Uranus Info:


Uranus Planet Power, Make-Up: Haruka's words in S to become Sailoruranus.


World Shaking: Uranus's main energy ball attack.

Space Sword Blaster: Uranus's attack with her Space Sword in SailorStars.


Uranus's S intro: "Invited by a new age, I'm the magnificent Sailoruranus!"

3 Outer Senshi SailorStars intro. From episode 2 when they save the Inner Senshi.

Other Sound Files

Neptune and Uranus's death in SailorStars. From episode 198. This is so sad, but not nearly as much unless you've seen the actual death. ;_;

Neptune and Uranus's death in SailorStars. From the intro to episode 199- different file from above. Different bg music, ironically the same from their S deaths.

Haruka speaking. From the SuperS video game, I think. MP2, 63 K.

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