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Sailorvenus: Manga
More Venus Pages:



Name: Aino Minako
Birthday: October 22
Astrological sign: Libra
Blood type: B
Favorite Color: Yellow, red
Hobby: Chasing after idols
Favorite food: Curry
Least favorite food: Shiitake mushrooms
Favorite subject: Physical Education
Worst subject: Math, English
Has trouble with: Mama and the police
Strong point: Playing
Dream: Being an idol

Minako's Family

Minako is an only child. She lives in a large house with her father, mother, and Artemis.
Minako's Mother
Minako's Father

  • Aino Minako is first introduced in Act 8.
  • Aino Minako's identity as Sailor V and Venus are revealed in Act 8.
  • Minako's false identity as Princess Serenity is also revealed in Act 8. Her role as the true leader of the Sailor Team is also stated.
  • "Venus Power, Make-Up" is used by Minako first in Act 10.
  • "Venus Love-Me Chain," one of Venus's attacks, is first used Act 11.
  • Venus uses "Rolling Heart Vibration" first in Act 11.
  • "Venus Star Power, Make-Up Act" is used by Minako to become Sailorvenus in Act 16.
  • Venus uses "Venus Wink Chain Sword" in Act 24.
  • Minako first says "Venus Planet Power, Make-Up" Act 24.
  • "Venus Crystal Power, Make-Up" is called out by Minako to become SuperSailorvenus in Act 39.
  • SuperSailorvenus uses "Venus Love and Beauty Shock" first in Act 39.
  • Minako's identity as Princess Venus and her castle, Magellan Castle, are revealed in Act 41.
  • "Venus Crystal Power, Make-Up" is used to become SailorStarvenus in Act 42.

Venus' Manga Attacks and Powers

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