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Sailoruranus: Manga
More Uranus Info:



Name: Tenoh Haruka
Birthday: January 27
Blood type: B
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Favorite Food: Salads
Least Favorite Food: Natto
Favorite Color: Gold
Hobby: Driving
Favorite Subject: Physical Education
Worst Subject: modern Japanese
Has Trouble With: Confessing
Strong Point: Racing
Dream: To be a racer

  • Tenoh Haruka is first introduced in Act 24.
  • Sailoruranus is first shown (sort of) in Act 25, and she introduces herself in Act 26.
  • "World Shaking" is used first by Uranus in Act 26.
  • "Uranus Planet Power, Make-Up" is used by Haruka to transform into Uranus first in Act 27.
  • Uranus uses "Space Sword Blaster" in Act 31 first.
  • "Uranus Crystal Power, Make-Up" is used by Haruka to transform into SuperSailoruranus in Act 39.
  • Uranus's identity as Princess Uranus and her castle, Miranda Castle, are introduced in Act 41.
  • "Uranus Crystal Power, Make-Up" is used to transform into SailorStaruranus in Act 42.
  • "Space Turbulence" is used by Uranus in Stars first in Act 43.

Random Facts
  • Haruka attends Mugen Gakuen in the Infinity series, where she goes undercover as a male student.
  • She is famous for racing cars.
  • Haruka owns a helicopter, as do Michiru and Setsuna.
  • Her apartment number at the Tenou Condominium building is 1127 (which, like Michiru and Setsuna, has part of her birthday in the number). The apartment costs one million yen a month, for which she has an unnamed supporter to help pay for it.
  • Uranus kisses Sailormoon in the Infinity series before warning her not to get involved. The kiss that so many say Haruka gives Usagi actually occurs in Usagi's *dream* (hence the dotted lines). Haruka, however, does almost kiss Usagi in the manga before Mamoru arrives.
  • Haruka looks like a boy at the beginning of the Infinity series, most likely to fool the reader as well as the Inner Senshi. She is *not*, however, a transsexual or a hermaphrodite.
  • Haruka's job as "Haruka-papa" is to play with Hotaru, whom she, Michiru, and Setsuna call their "little princess".
  • In SailorStars, Haruka generally wears the girl's uniform at Juuban High School, though she does occassionally have the boy's on. She is part of the track team at the school.

Uranus's Attacks and Powers

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