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The Starlights are female Sailor Senshi from the kingdom Red Cercis on the planet Kinmoku, a distant star in another galaxy. However, when Galaxia came, she destroyed Kinmoku (as well as Kakyuu's lover), and Princess Kakyuu and the Starlights were separated. The Starlights came to Earth to find Kakyuu, posing as the singing group, the Three Lights. ChibiChibi is the one who finds Princess Kakyuu on Earth and assists her by keeping her safe in the chalice until the Three Lights confront the child and demand that she hand it over, whereupon Kakyuu reveals herself to them.

The Three Lights and Kakyuu later help Usagi and ChibiChibi, first by escorting them to the Outer Senshi palaces to learn about their deaths. Later they accompany Moon-tachi to the Zero Star of Sagittarius (where the Cauldron is which creates the Star Seeds). The Starlights are knocked out by Lethe and Mnemosyne but are finally killed by SailorPhi and SailorChi. When confronting Phi and Chi for a second time, Kakyuu transforms and attacks them. She, however, is killed by one of the enemy senshi when the evil sailor stabs her staff through her body.

At the San Diego anime convention in August 1998, Takeuchi-san said that the Three Lights in the manga are always female since only females can be Sailor Senshi, and she was annoyed at how the anime made them into males in their Earth forms who became females.

  • Seiya Kou, Taiki Kou, and Yaten Kou are first introduced in Act 43.
  • The Starlights first appear in Act 43.
  • "Star Sensitive Inferno," Starhealer's attack, is used first in Act 43.
  • "Fighter Star Power, Make-Up," Seiya's henshin phrase; "Maker Star Power, Make-Up," Taiki's transformation words; and "Healer Star Power, Make-Up," Yaten's henshin words, are used in Act 44.
  • "Star Serious Laser" and "Star Gentle Uterus" are used by Starfighter and Starmaker, respectively, first in Act 44.
  • Princess Kakyuu is introduced in Act 45 and her identity is revealed in Act 46.
  • "Kinmoku Star Power, Make-Up" in used by Kakyuu to transform in Act 49.
  • "Starlights Royal Straight Flush" and "Kinmoku Fusion Tempest" are used by SailorKakyuu in Act 49.

Starlights' Attacks and Powers

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