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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon SailorStars

Tankubon 16, 17, 18

Tankubon 16 Tankubon 17


  • Tsukino Usagi/ Eternal Sailormoon/ Princess Serenity/ Neo-Queen Serenity
  • Mizuno Ami/ SailorStarMercury
  • Hino Rei/ SailorStarMars
  • Kino Makoto/ SailorStarJupiter
  • Aino Minako/ SailorStarVenus
  • Luna, Artemis, and Diana
  • Chiba Mamoru/ Tuxedo Kamen/ Prince Endymion/ King Endymion
  • Chibi-usa/ SailorStarChibimoon
  • Tenoh Haruka/ SailorStarUranus
  • Kaioh Michiru/ SailorStarNeptune
  • Meioh Setsuna/ SailorStarPluto
  • Tomoe Hotaru/ SailorStarSaturn

Shadow Galactica

  • Chaos
  • Galaxia
  • SailorPhi
  • SailorChi
  • SailorHeavyMetalPapillon
  • SailorLethe
  • SailorMnemosyne
  • SailorIronMouse
  • SailorLeadCrow
  • SailorAluminumSiren

Some Differences:

  • There is no Neherenia in this season of the manga; this was finished in the Dream arc of the manga.
  • Eternal Sailormoon's henshin phrase is different from the anime's.
  • The Outer Senshi are main characters, at least until tankubon 17, rather than occassional appearances in the anime.
  • Haruka and Michiru do go to the Juuban High School with the Sailor Team. Haruka has to wear a dress, though sometimes she wears the male uniform. Hotaru goes to the same school as Chibi-usa but is in a different class.
  • A whole bunch of Animamates from the anime appear, but there are new ones too, like Mnemosyne, Lethe, and Heavy Metal Papillon. There's also Phi and Chi, non-Animamates.
  • Kakyuu is a Sailor Senshi too.
  • The Sailor Quartet return with SailorStarChibimoon, unlike the anime, where she was dropped and the Sailor Quartet never existed to begin with.
  • The Sailor Senshi are killed off rather quickly. All the main ones except for Chibichibi and Moon die by the end of tankubon 16.
  • Unlike the anime, Neptune and Uranus get cheap death scenes. They're not even shown being killed, rather only little flashes that are vague. The Sailor Team gets better ones (Mercury and Jupiter first, then Mars and Venus, then Pluto and Hotaru, and finally Uranus and Neptune, though it's unclear who dies first- Uranus or Neptune).
  • The SailorStarlights do die in the manga at the end of tankubon 17.
  • Chibimoon vanishes because Mamoru is killed by Galaxia later on. Fortunately, she is shown later on as a small figure, telling Usagi how she'll be waiting for her in the future.
  • ChibiChibi can actually talk like a normal person later on in the manga.
  • The rest of the Sailor Senshi become evil, attacking Sailormoon, and she kills them.
  • Tuxedo Kamen is killed, but later he's alive again, brainwashed by Galaxia. He's then killed again by Galaxia, being pushed off a cliff.
  • It's discovered that Chaos is from the Cauldron, a place where all stars are formed, including all the Sailor Senshi, so in a way, Sailormoon is 'related' to all the enemies she killed previously. The enemies were, Chaos tells her, forms of herself who wanted Sailormoon's power from her ginzuishou.
  • It's explained that there are really an unlimited amount of Sailor Senshi in the universe.
  • The kitties become human under Tin Nyanko's influence, but she blasts them, and they turn into cats unable to speak. They're eventually killed by SailorLethe.
  • Galaxia dies.
  • ChibiChibi is really another senshi, SailorCosmos. In the future, she was running away from Chaos, so she traveled to the past disgusied as Chibichibi in order to reverse her "mistake" of not destroying the Cauldron.
  • At the end of the manga, Usagi and Mamoru get married, though the date of the marriage isn't specified. It can't be too far in the future, I'm guessing, seeing how Hotaru remains a young child in the wedding pictures.
  • What happens to the Starlights and Kakyuu isn't shown, nor the cats. It's assumed that they're revived though.

Tankubon 18

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