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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Black Moon

Tankubon 4, 5, 6, 7

cover 4 cover 5


  • Tsukino Usagi/Princess Serenity
  • Mizuno Ami/Sailormercury
  • Hino Rei/Sailormars
  • Kino Makoto/Sailorjupiter
  • Aino Minako/Sailor V/Sailorvenus
  • Chiba Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen/Prince Endymion
  • Chibi-usa/SailorChibimoon
  • Sailorpluto
  • King Endymion
  • Neo-Queen Serenity
  • Luna, Artemis, and Diana

Black Moon Family

  • Wiseman/Death Phantom
  • Prince Demando
  • Safir
  • Esmeraude
  • Rubeus
  • Cooan
  • Beruche
  • Petz
  • Calaveras

Some Differences:

  • There are NO aliens like Ail and Ann. The alien arc was a filler for the anime so that the manga could get far enough ahead of it.
  • The Ayakashi Sisters are not healed; they are all killed by Sailormoon.
  • Sailormoon's rod is created by her and Tuxedo Kamen, not given to her by Queen Serenity.
  • Tuxedo Kamen gains an actual attack and power, "Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber".
  • Before they die, the Ayakashi Sisters manage to capture Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter, who are brought by Rubeus to Nemesis in the 30th century. Only Venus, Moon, Tuxedo Kamen travel with Chibi-usa into the future.
  • Chibi-Usa is actually 900 years old, and she carries the future ginzuishou around, so it's not 'hidden' inside of her like the anime.
  • Rather than having too much power, as in the anime, Chibi-usa suffers from a lack of it in the manga.
  • Diana shows up in the Black Moon arc instead of in the Dream arc (SuperS).
  • Safir doesn't turn good; rather, he tries to kill Usagi, whom he feels is responsible for his brother's change. He remains under the influence of Black Lady and Wiseman, and when called to kill Demando, Demando kills him instead. Esmeraude is killed by Tuxedo Kamen, and Rubeus is killed by Wiseman. Demando is killed by Sailormoon and Tuxedo Kamen; though Demando finally realizes Wiseman has been using him, he does not turn to good, as he seems to in the anime.
  • Black Lady captures and brainwashes Mamoru, whom she calls Endymion. Mamoru, under Black Lady's command, attacks Sailormoon and gets her ginzuishou.
  • Sailorpluto is shown more in the manga, and she actually plays a large role towards the end. She dies after using her forbidden power, the "Time Stop", in order to prevent Prince Demando from bringing the two ginzuishou together.
  • How Black Lady reverts to normal is different from the anime as well. After Pluto dies, Black Lady remembers how Pluto was her only friend when she was Chibi-usa. When Black Lady starts to cry, her black crystal earrings shatter, and her tears turn into the ginzuishou. She turns into Sailorchibimoon. Chibi-usa becomes a Sailor Senshi in the Black Moon arc rather than in the Infinity (S) arc.
  • Sailormoon doesn't turn into Neo-Queen Serenity, though she appears to take on Serenity's characteristics or seems to speak for her. However, she does actually meet with Neo-Queen Serenity face-to-face.
  • Sailormoon gets her new power-up at the end of the Black Moon arc, from Neo-Queen Serenity. Neo-Queen Serenity also gives the other senshi power-ups.
  • Chibi-usa plans on returning to the future, but returns to the 20th century rather quickly, interrupting Usagi and Mamoru's kiss with a letter from Neo-Queen Serenity saying she's there to fulfill her training as a Sailor Senshi.

cover 6 cover 7

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon 1992 Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha, Toei Animation, TV Asahi, and Bandai. This is only a fan page and is not intended to infringe on any rights.

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