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Other Manga Sailor Senshi

The Sailor Quartet are the guardians of Princess Lady Serenity, and are named after four asteroids: Pallas, Ceres, Juno, and Vesta. Awakened during their slumber by Neherenia, they turn evil and become the Amazoness Quartet, then become good again with the help of Saturn and Neo-Queen Serenity in Act 42. They return in SailorStars to go with Chibimoon to the 20th century. In Act 49, they use "Amazoness Jungle Arrow" to destory Heavy Metal Papillon.

Amazoness Jungle Arrow
Amazoness Jungle Arrow


ChibiChibi is really SailorCosmos. Arriving on Earth in Act 44 in the form of a young child (Chibi Chibi), she finds Kakyuu and helps protect her with the Chalice. Unlike in the anime, the manga ChibiChibi eventually speaks rather than just saying "Chibi Chibi" or parroting her elders. She joins Eternal Sailormoon, Kakyuu, and the Starlights to the Zero Star of Sagittarius where the Cauldron is. There, in the face of Sailormoon's bravery, she eventually returns back to her true identity as SailorCosmos.

ChibiChibi Crystal Power, Make-Up
Her henshin phrase to become SailorChibiChibi


ChibiChibi's true form is SailorCosmos, the future form of Sailormoon who grew scared, sick, and confused at the Sailor Wars with Chaos in the future, thus not fulfilling her destiny of being the ultimate Sailor Senshi. She returned to the past as ChibiChibi. She is determined to make certain that the bloodshed in the future is not repeated by convincing Eternal Sailormoon to destroy the Cauldron. However, after witnessing Eternal Sailormoon save everyone with her sacrifice, she realizes that Eternal Sailormoon, by not destroying the Cauldron, made the right choice. She tells the Sailor Quartet that Eternal Sailormoon is the true Cosmos; when she finally can gain courage in herself and everything once again, she will then become Cosmos once more. Sailorcosmos reveals her true form in Act 51.

Other Senshi

Sailor Chuu: The senshi of the planet Chuu. She was killed by Iron Mouse.

Sailor Mermaid: The senshi of the planet Mermaid. She was killed by Aluminum Siren.

Sailor Coronis: The senshi of the planet Coronis, the same planet Phobos, Deimos, and Lead Crow come from. Coronis was killed by Lead Crow.

Sailor Mau: The senshi of the planet Mau, the same planet Luna, Artemis, and Tin Nyanko come from. Sailor Mau was killed by Tin Nyanko.

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