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Sailorsaturn: Manga
More Saturn Info:



Name: Tomoe Hotaru
Birthday: January 6
Blood Type: AB
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Nihon Soba
Least Favorite Food: Milk
Hobby: Reading, Collecting Lamps
Favorite Subject: World History
Worst Subject: Physical Education
Has Trouble With: Marathons
Strong Point: Injury Treatment
Dream: To be a Doctor

Hotaru's Family

Hotaru is an only child. Her father is Tomoe Souichi, a famous genetic scientist who was rejected from the scientific community for his experiments and desire to create superhumans. After he was rejected, he bought up the Infinity zone (where Mugen Gakuen [Infinity Academy] is, and where he is the principal). When Hotaru was 8 years old, a fire broke out in the Infinity zone buildings that were under construction and Keiko, Hotaru's mother, died in the fire (at age 32). The fire apparently caused Tomoe to go totally insane. Afterwards, the Death Busters came to Tomoe in his lab during a big experiment, and he joined them. Hotaru was seriously injured in the fire but was saved by her father's experimentations on her, and he turned her into a human cyborg in order to try to create a superhuman. Tomoe eventually transforms into a monster superhuman after the Sailor Senshi try to save Chibi-usa by destroying the Death Busters; he is killed by SuperSailormoon.

Hotaru has a second set of parents in Tenoh Haruka, Kaioh Michiru, and Meioh Setsuna. After Hotaru is reborn at the end of the Infinity arc, the three Outer Senshi decide to raise Hotaru. Hotaru calls them "Haruka-papa", "Michiru-mama", and "Setsuna-mama."

Tomoe Keiko
Tomoe Souichi

  • Tomoe Hotaru is introduced first in Act 24.
  • Hotaru becomes Mistress 9 in Act 30.
  • Sailorsaturn is reborn in Act 33.
  • "Death Reborn Revolution" is used by Sailorsaturn in Act 33.
  • SailorSaturn is sealed away by Pluto's "Dark Dome Close" in Act 33, and she is reborn afterwards in the same act.
  • "Saturn Crystal Power, Make-Up" is used by Hotaru to transform into SuperSailorsaturn in Act 39.
  • In Act 39, "Silence Wall" and "Silence Glaive Surprise" are first used.
  • Hotaru's identity as Princess Saturn and her castle, Titan Castle, are revealed in Act 41.
  • "Saturn Crystal Power, Make-Up" is used by Hotaru to become SailorStarSaturn in Act 42.

Random Facts
  • She attends Mugen Gakuen in the sixth grade (she is 12) where her father, Tomoe Souichi, is the principal.
  • Hotaru is part cyborg, as her father has attempted to turn her into a superhuman, adding wires and weird stuff to her body. He, however, fails, and due to her condition, she is very weak and suffers attacks which can only be subdued initially by an amulet her father gives her, and later Chibi-usa's ginziushou.
  • Though Kaori seems to be nicer to Hotaru in the manga, Hotaru actively dislikes her and her 'weasling in' on her and her father's lives.
  • The appearance of the Holy Grail causes Hotaru to pass out. After the three Outers declare they must kill her, Chibimoon runs to Hotaru to stop them. However, Hotaru, possessed, grabs her ginzuishou and becomes Mistress 9.
  • Hotaru's esscence still lives inside of Mistress 9. Hotaru saves the Inner Senshi after their souls are swallowed by Mistress 9. Hotaru also returns the ginzuishou to Chibi-usa, but cannot stay as she is still connected to Master Pharoah 90 after Mistress 9's body is destroyed.
  • After SuperSailormoon plunges into Master Pharoah 90's mass with the Holy Grail, the three Talismans activate and Saturn is reborn. She uses "Death Reborn Revolution" and is sealed away by Pluto's "Dark Dome Close". She is then reborn as a child.
  • After the mysterious solar eclipse in the Dream series, Hotaru begins to grow rapidly from a baby into a child.
  • The "princess" takes violin lessons with other children from Michiru-mama, and when she plays, strange images form and come to "life."
  • Hotaru is reawakened as Sailorsaturn by Saturn. She then gives planet crystals to her parents.
  • Sailorsaturn calls to Chibi-usa, which tells Chibi-usa that the Outers have returned.
  • Sailorsaturn and Chibimoon run off to fight the Amazoness Quartet but are sealed away into mirrors by Zirconia.
  • Saturn presents Neo-Queen Serenity with the colored balls in which the Quartet are sealed, and Serenity releases them. They become the Sailor Quartet/Asteriod Senshi.
  • Hotaru attends the same school as Chibi-usa in SailorStars. She is very jealous and annoyed by Chibi-usa's new friends, Ruruna and Naruru.

Saturn's Powers and Attacks

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