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Sailorpluto: Manga
More Pluto Info:



Name: Meioh Setsuna
Birthday: October 29
Blood Type: A
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Favorite Color: Dark Red
Favorite Food: Tea
Least Favorite Food: Eggplant
Hobby: Shopping
Favorite Subject: Physics
Worst Subject: Music
Has Trouble With: Cockroaches
Strong Point: Sewing
Dream: To be a Designer

  • Sailorpluto makes her first appearance in Act 18.
  • Pluto uses "Dead Scream" in Act 18 for the first time.
  • "Time Stop," her forbidden attack, is used in Act 23.
  • Sailorpluto dies in Act 23.
  • Meioh Setsuna is first introduced in Act 27.
  • "Chronos Typhoon" is used by Pluto in Act 31.
  • Sailorpluto's "Garnet Ball" is used in Act 32.
  • Pluto first uses "Dark Dome Close" in Act 33.
  • "Pluto Planet Power, Make-Up" is used by Setsuna in Tankubon 11, "Lover of Princess Kaguya."
  • "Pluto Crystal Power, Make-Up" is used to transform into SuperSailorpluto in Act 39.
  • Setsuna's identity as Princess Pluto and her castle's name, "Charon Castle" are revealed in Act 41.
  • Setsuna transforms into SailorStarPluto with "Pluto Crystal Power, Make-Up" in Act 42.

Random Facts
  • Sailorpluto guards the Door of Time and Space, visited occassionally by her only friend, Chibi-usa.
  • She is hinted at being in love with King Endymion. This does not manifest itself in any clear way, only subtly through Chibi-usa's observations at her reaction to seeing Endymion, and Pluto's words as she dies.
  • As a result of using "Time Stop", one of the three forbidden actions she must never do, she dies. This action, however, saves everyone as it prevents Demando from using the two ginzuishou to destroy everything. It also causes Black Lady to remember Pluto as her only friend, and then she becomes SailorChibimoon, finally demonstrating the power that few thought she possessed.
  • Meioh Setsuna's apartment number is 1209 at the Meiou Condominium building (which has her birthday in the number).
  • She attends KO University as a freshman, majoring in theoretical physics. This is the same school that Motoki and Reika attend. She helps her professor study the Delta area.
  • Setsuna has her own helicopter (wee).
  • Sailorpluto uses her "Dark Dome Close" to open the Time Gate and seal away Saturn with Master Pharoah 90.
  • Setsuna-mama lives with Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru in the Dream series, and she is in charge of educating young Hotaru.
  • In SailorStars, Setsuna works as a nurse in Hotaru and Chibi-usa's school.

Pluto's Attacks and Powers

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