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Other Sailormoon Characters: Manga

The following are secondary characters in the manga.

Sakurada Haruna
Sakurada Haruna
Sakurada Haruna is Usagi's eighth grade teacher who specializes in teaching English. Usagi says everyone calls her "Haruda-san". Haruna is fairly young for a teacher and seems to mostly punish Usagi for poor grades and for being late.

Umino Gurio
Umino Gurio
Umino is a nerdy kid with weird glasses in the same class as Usagi. He's very smart and complains in the first act about not feeling well, so he only got a 95 on the English test. Umino is a good source of information, keeping Usagi, Naru, and their other classmates up-to-date on Sailor V, Sailormoon, and new students to the school like Mizuno Ami and Kino Makoto. Actually without his glasses Umino is pretty good-looking.

Osaka Naru
Osaka Naru is Usagi's best friend. She has short, curly red hair and a bowtie in back. Usagi thinks highly of her, saying that she's smart (she got an 85 on the quiz in Act 1) and is a "princess". Naru worries about Usagi a lot though she makes fewer and fewer appearances in the manga. Naru's mother owns a jewelry shop. In Chibi-usa's Picture Diary in SailorStars, you also find out Naru has a younger sister in elementary school, Osaka Naruru.

Naru's Mother
Naru's mother owns a jewelry shop. Naru comments that she doesn't have much business sense though, since when she tells Usagi and their classmates that her mother is having a sale, it must mean that she is finally gaining some. However, it turns out that her mother wasn't really her mother; Jadeite's youma tied Naru's real mother up and put her in the basement to starve to death while posing as the woman.

Furuhata Motoki
Furuhata Motoki
Furuhata Motoki works at the Crown Game Center, a video arcade in building his father owns. He goes to KO University. His best friend is Endou, though he's more often seen with Reika, his girl friend. Usagi, Makoto, and Ami have crushes on him first; Usagi calls him her "onii-chan" and doesn't find out his name until Act 5. The nickname his friends at college give him is "Furu-chan", and he tells the Inner Senshi to call him that. In the first arc, Motoki is brainwashed by Prince Endymion into believing that Endymion is Endou; after Endymion temporarily controls Makoto and follows her to the Sailor Senshi's control center under the arcade, Motoki follows. The building explodes during the battle, but Jupiter and Mercury take him to safety. Motoki recognizes them as Makoto and Ami before they disappear. At the beginning of the Black Moon arc, he confronts the girls with the knowledge that they're the Sailor Senshi but offers to help out if they need it. Motoki has a younger sister, Unazuki.

Yumiko and Kuri
Yumiko and Kuri
Yumiko and Kuri are classmates of Usagi and Naru. They appear a few times in the first arc, notably when they are renting videos at Rental Shop Dark, a video store run by the Dark Kingdom. They mainly act as extras.

Nishimura Reika
Reika is Motoki's friend and also attends KO University. Reika likes minerals a lot and is very friendly. She's introduced in the first arc in Act 11, where she is surprised when Motoki introduces her to his best friend, Endou (Prince Endymion in disguise). Later, she tells Makoto and Ami that Motoki has become friends with the black-haired Endou (Prince Endymion), but he had another friend named Endou before who was totally different, and that no one at college knows who the new Endou is. Later in the Infinity arc, Reika meets a new freshman, Meioh Setsuna, in Act 27 and introduces her to Motoki.

Kaidou is Hino Rei's love interest in "Casablanca Memories." He is the top assistant of Rei's father, a famous politician. Ever since Rei was little, Kaidou was like her brother to her. Kaidou told her that casablanca flowers and the color white suited her. Ever year he sent her gifts for her birthday in her father's name. Kaidou was supposed to be the successor to Hino-san, but he told Rei that he didn't consider him a adult, didn't want to have an unhappy daughter (like Rei), didn't think he would be good for politics, and he never wanted to marry. Rei thought that he was like herself; however, one day, Rei saw Kaidou with another woman and found out that Kaidou was going to marry her because Hino-san said for him too. Rei knew then that he would follow the same path as her father, and she was also hurt because she was in love with him and wanted him to marry her. They kissed in the rain before he left.

Furuhata Unazuki
Furuhata Unazuki is Motoki's younger sister. She works in the Crown Fruit Parlor as a waitress. She appears in Act 14 in the Black Moon arc.

Asanuma is Makoto's male friend, introduced in the Black Moon arc in Act 14. He's in the 7th grade at the same school Mamoru goes to and is part of the science fiction club there. Asanuma hero worships Mamoru a bit, and he's very curious and perplexed about the odd things he sees (Mamoru healing his own cut after being injured in a soccer match) and hears (Luna talking to Mamoru and Usagi). His knowledge eventually leads Makoto to tell him about the Sailor Senshi. He appears briefly in the Infinity arc and in SailorStars.

Sarashina Kotono
Sarashina Kotono
Rei's schoolmate at TA. She admires Rei a lot. Kotono is into the science fiction/X files scene, the head of a group at TA that tracks supernatural events like UFOs. She is introduced in the Black Moon arc in Act 14, excited about recent occurrences; she shows Rei pictures of UFOs that were taken and talks about showing her paper on human spontaneous combustion at the upcoming school festival. She is later involved in the group channeling run by Calaveras, and after the Black Moon is defeated, she never appears in the manga again.

Momohara Momoko

Chibi-usa's Friends

Chibi-usa's Friends
Momohara Momoko: One of Chibi-usa's school friends, she first appears in Chibi-usa's first Picture Diary. She defends Chibi-usa from Kyusuke's teasing and is one of Chibi-usa's closest friends until Chibi-usa meets Hotaru. She is actually rather jealous of Hotaru because Chibi-usa admires her a lot. In the first Picture Diary, she is attacked by vampires when she accompanies Chibi-usa to Lyrica's house.

Sarashina Kyusuke: Another one of Chibi-usa's school friends, he also makes his first appearance in Chibi-usa's first Picture Diary. He has black, spiky hair. He teases her a lot and annoys her at first, but he really likes her and gives Chibi-usa a Sailormoon badge and later a Sailormoon cup. From his last name, I guess he's Kotono's little brother.

Sorano: The kid with the glasses who looks like Umino. He's another of Chibi-usa's tag along friends. He first appears in Chibi-usa's first Picture Diary and goes with Chibi-usa, Momoko, and Kyusuke to Lyrica's house.

Oozora Kakeru
Oozora Kakeru
Kakeru is the kind, idealistic man who saves Luna in "Lover of Princess Kaguya". Luna falls in love with Kakeru and goes to visit him, accepting his gifts of star candy and wearing the yellow ribbon he puts on her. Ever since Kakeru was little, he wanted to be an astronaut, and at age twelve he designed a space shuttle. When he was older, he earned doctorates in many fields dealing with astronomy, but he was not selected to be an astronaut, much to the surprise of everyone. He never tried to become an astronaut again and turned his attention to other things, joining a space development team. Because of this, his childhood friend, Himeko, believes that he has given up on their dream of going to the moon to see if Princess Kaguya really lives there, when in actuality he suffers from a heart condition that prevents him from overstressing himself. In "Lover of Princess Kaguya", he discovers a comet which is supposed to collide with Earth, which he names "Princess Kaguya". He finds a piece of it that falls to Earth and puts it in a petri dish. The piece of the comet grows, and after Kakeru becomes ill after suffering much stress, eventually Snow Kaguya, the entity that controls the comet, appears to Kakeru to take him with her. He and Himeko reveal their love for each other before Himeko goes on the Space Shuttle Luna; Kakeru, however, is near death, and his heart finally stops in the hospital. However, Luna becomes human thanks to SuperSailormoon's power, and, pretending to be Snow Kaguya, takes Kakeru to space. Luna tells him that he must live and wait for his real Princess Kaguya (Himeko) to return, and that he must promise that he will return to space to go to the moon with Himeko. Kakeru promises, then realizes that the girl in front of him is Luna, but before he can say her name, she kisses him. His heart then starts back up as he awakens in the hospital, repeating that he must go to the moon to find Princess Kaguya.

Nayotake Himeko
Nayotake Himeko
Himeko is the childhood friend of Kakeru's who wants to be an astronaut. She feels angry at Kakeru because he gave up on becoming an astronaut. She applies to become part of the Space Shuttle Luna team run by NASA, but is rejected. Kakeru is relieved, but later Himeko is accepted to go on the shuttle and becomes the youngest female Japanese astronaut. Himeko cares a lot for Kakeru, and she promises to come back to Kakeru after the mission to help him, so that together they can go to the moon in the future. Sailormoon and Luna reveal to her that the Earth may be in danger due to Snow Kaguya; Himeko destroys the crystal that Kakeru has, prompting Snow Kaguya's immediate attack on Tokyo. The shuttle's new mission being to blow up the Princess Snow Kaguya commet before it can hit Earth, but the shuttle can't lift off because of Kaguya's attack. The Sailor Senshi destroy Snow Kaguya and the commet, and Himeko's shuttle then goes to the moon safely. In space, Himeko thinks that she, Kakeru, and their unborn baby will go to the moon together.



Ruruna and Naruru
Kobe Ruruna: Chibi-usa's friend introduced in the Chibi-usa's Picture Diary story in SailorStars. She's your typical, shop-aholic ditz. She is extremely well built and looks more like a teenager than an elementary schooler (Mamoru and other guys get nose bleeds when they see her and Naruru in their skimpy outfits). She and Naruru are in the same class as Chibi-usa in SailorStars.

Osaka Naruru: Chibi-usa's other friend found in the same story as Ruruna. She's more or less an exact clone of Ruruna. Naruru is also Osaka Naru's younger sister. She and her friend, Ruruna, dress up as Sailor Senshi in the story, using their dual attack, "Super White Kick", where they double kick the two men who want to develop over the land of the pawnshop of Hanmatsuura Makoto.

Hanmatsuura Makoto
Hanmatsuura Makoto
Makoto is the owner of the Hammer Price Shrine, a pawnshop that's been in his family for over 18 generations. His dream is to make the pawnshop into a real store. However, some land developers push him to sell his land, then destroy his pawnshop releasing an evil spirit. He saves Naruru and Ruruna from the spirit, dressing up in a tuxedo and calling himself 'Fat Mask' or something similar to that meaning. After the spirit is destroyed, a large building with the Hammer Price Shrine symbol is erected over the old pawnshop's place.

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