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Sailorneptune: Manga
More Neptune Info:



Name: Kaioh Michiru
Birthdate: March 6
Blood Type: O
Sign: Pisces
Favorite Color: Marine blue
Favorite food: Sashimi
Least Favorite food: Kikurage (mushrooms)
Hobby: Collecting cosmetics
Favorite subject: Music
Worst subject: None
Has trouble with: Sea cucumbers
Strong point: Violins
Dream: To be a violinist

  • Kaioh Michiru first appears in Act 24.
  • Sailorneptune first appears in shadow in Act 24, somewhat revealed in Act 25, but finally reveals her identity in Act 26.
  • "Neptune Planet Power, Make-Up" is first used to transform by Michiru in Act 27.
  • "Deep Submerge" is initially used in Act 26.
  • "Submarine Reflection" is first used by Sailorneptune in Act 31.
  • Michiru first uses "Neptune Crystal Power, Make-Up" to transform into SuperSailorneptune in Act 39.
  • Michiru's identity as Princess Neptune with the Triton Castle are revealed in Act 41.
  • "Neptune Crystal Power, Make-Up" is first used to transform into SailorStarneptune in Act 42.
  • "Submarine Violin Tide," SailorStarneptune's SailorStars attack, is used first in Act 43.

Random Facts
  • In the Infinity series, Michiru lives in the Kaiou Condominium building in the Delta area. Her apartment number is 1306 (which has part of her birthday in it, like Haruka and Setsuna).
  • Michiru owns a helicopter (as do Haruka and Setsuna).
  • Michiru and Haruka have an unnamed financial supporter who helps them own their expensive apartments.
  • Michiru goes undercover at Mugen Gakuen, the school she attends in the Infinity storyline, in order to investigate the enemy.
  • Her violin is rumored to be from the Marine Cathedral.
  • After Hotaru is reborn, Neptune is the first one to run towards the crying sounds of a baby that everyone hears and is the first one to pick Hotaru up.
  • At the end of the Infinity series, as Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto leave to take care of baby Hotaru, Neptune gives Chibimoon her Deep Aqua Mirror to watch over for her. ("Little Princess, I like you very much!")
  • Michiru is called "Michiru-mama" by Hotaru, and it is her job to feed Hotaru. :P
  • Living with Haruka, Setsuna, and Hotaru, Michiru gives violin lessons to young children.
  • As for housework, she does most of the "mother" jobs- cooking and cleaning.
  • Neptune uses her "Submarine Reflection" to reveal the true nature of the Dead Moon Circus.
  • She attends Juuban High School in the SailorStars series and is part of the music and swimming clubs.

Neptune's Attacks and Powers

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