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Miscellaneous Sailormoon Manga Enemies

The following are enemies that appear in "Chibi-usa's Picture Diaries" and in the "Exam Battle" series. Both series are side stories that are unrelated to the main plots of the arcs in which they appear. There are four picture diaries, all focusing on Chibi-usa and her friends, and there are three Exam Battles, the first focusing on Makoto, the second on Ami, and the third on Minako and Rei. The enemies are listed in the order of their stories.

Chibi-usa's Picture Diaries


Lyrica's Mother

Lyrica Yubel and Mother

Lyrica is a very pretty girl in Chibi-usa's fourth grade class whom all the boys like. She's the daughter of the ambassador for the U country and lives in a house that no one has been in for a long time. Lyrica seems very weak, fainting quite often. She always asks a boy from her class to walk her home; however, the boys don't come back to school the next day, but Lyrica says she doesn't know what happens to them. Lyrica acts very strangely, telling Chibi-usa she looks delicious, and Kyusuke and Chibi-usa see her eating a flower.

The Inner Senshi tell Chibi-usa that Lyrica is a vampire (it's hard to say if they're joking or not), and the next day at school, Lyrica isn't there, so the teacher has Chibi-usa and Momoko take papers to her house. They go with Kyusuke and Sorano to Lyrica's house where they see an overgrown garden with flowers, like the ones Lyrica was eating, and with graves in the garden. A woman appears, saying she's Lyrica's mother. Chibi-usa ate some garlic before, so the woman recoils from her breath. She invites the children inside. She says that Lyrica isn't a vampire and that the flowers she ate were only candies.

The kids walk around the mansion and realize that Momoko isn't around; they find Lyrica's mother sucking her blood, scream, and run away, but then Lyrica appears with the missing boys (who have fangs), saying they want blood. It's then that Sailormoon and Sailor V appear; Chibi-usa uses her Garlic Attack on Lyrica, who pulls away, then Sailormoon's Moon Princess Halation destroys Lyrica and her mother, who turn into flowers.

(Note: In VKLL's SuperS TV special fansub, Lyrica is "Ririka". In the anime, she is only possessed by a vampire, which leaves her body and is killed by the Sailor Senshi.)

Theta and Epsilon
Theta and Epsilon

A weird cloaked figure has been selling special Sailormoon watches. Mamoru buys one for Chibi-usa for her birthday. On July 7th at midnight, the watch puts all the young girls who own the watch into a trance, telling them to meet at Ichinohashi Park. Chibi-usa is in a trance too, but Diana bites her, snapping her out of it. They go to the park where they see two women, Theta and Epsilon, with another cloaked figure and many young girls. The women tell the girls that they don't need men and can live without them. Chibi-usa transforms into Chibimoon and tells them that they're wrong, they need men to have children. The cloaked figure says that she's not wrong because she's Sailormoon- Chibimoon then says she's not Sailormoon because Sailormoon doesn't have such fat legs.

The fake Sailormoon crumples to the ground and agrees. She explains that she's a reincarnation of Vega, the weaver, who is part of the Tanabata Festival Weaver legend (where Vega and her husband Altair, who lived on opposite sides of the galaxy, neglected their duties after they married so were punished by God; they could only see each other once a year on July 7th. Ami and Rei explain to Chibi-usa and Diana about Vega, Altair, Theta, and Epsilon in terms of stars, constellations, and astronomy in general.). Because Vega could only see her husband once every year, she gained a lot of weight because she only wove, watched TV, and ate. Apparently Altair freaked after he saw her without make-up, causing it to rain every July 7th so that they couldn't meet (they can only meet when it's not raining), and Theta and Epsilon took advantage of her problems.

Theta and Epsilon tell Vega that men can't be trusted, and all that men want are pretty, young girls; according to them, Vega should just keep to weaving while they steal the energy of the Earth's children. Chibimoon, outraged, uses Pink Sugar Heart Attack to destroy Theta and Epsilon. (Afterwards, Altair appears, and Vega gives him a tongue-lashing. Altair says he's sorry and that he does love Vega; even though he likes pretty, young girls- he turns red and gets perverted eyes- he thinks Vega is the best.)


Regine is a spirit that haunts the area near the Juuban Dentist office, living off of cavities. However, lately there haven't been a lot of cavities, so she needs more. She takes over the dentist's office and sends out flyers advertising the new renovations, the attractive young doctor, and the pretty female assistant (her). Usagi, Minako, Chibi-usa, and Kenji (Usagi's father) go to the office where they're given chocolate and cake to eat. The food causes them to fall asleep; Chibi-usa goes in for her check-up, and when she sits in the chair, she's suddenly strapped in. Regine says she'll inject something into Chibi-usa to make all her teeth become filled with cavities, but before she can do anything, Diana throws some cake at her and releases Chibi-usa. Chibi-usa transforms into SuperSailorchibimoon; Regine, however, launches an attack that causes Chibimoon's cavity to throb, which in turn causes Chibimoon to cry in pain, causing the balls in her hair to react. The dentist starts to throw junk food at Chibimoon, which she starts to eat; meanwhile, Diana wakes up Usagi and Minako, who transform into Sailormoon and Sailor V. They throw junk food at the dentistry equipment and scold Chibimoon, and then Chibimoon uses her Pink Sugar Heart Attack on Regine, who melts. The dentist and the dentist's office then return to normal.


Otakura is the guardian spirit of a storehouse near Hanmatsuura Makoto's pawnshop, Hammer Price Shrine. Makoto was told when he was a child that if the storehouse was ever destroyed, the spirit would appear. When land developers who want Makoto's property destory his store, the spirit appears and invades Tomoe Hotaru's body. Otakura tries attacking Naruru and Ruruna, but Makoto saves them as Fat Mask. Then Eternal Sailormoon and SailorStarChibimoon's combined Starlight Honeymoon Double Therapy Kiss destroys the spirit, which leaves Hotaru's body.

Exam Battles


Touhiichan is a spirit from China that invades a store which Makoto visits often. The ghost sells Makoto tea and cakes, which Makoto eats during her cram sessions with the other girls. Makoto eats happily, saying it doesn't matter if she doesn't get into high school, then passes out. Touhiichan introduces herself and says she's possessed Makoto with her "sugar spirit." Usagi starts shaking Makoto and says she can't die, they have to do all these cool things before then, and Makoto gets up, transforms into Sailorjupiter, uses Jupiter Coconut Cyclone on Touhiichan, kills her, then passes out again.


Bonnon is a spirit that appears in a whisp of smoke at the prep school that Ami attends. She has awakened because of the intensity of passion she has sensed; from the rooftop, she sees Ami and says that the girl must be in love because Ami is only thinking of her rival (and crush), Mercurious, whom she suspects might be an enemy because of his (or her) perfect scores. Ami has been studying non-stop for the high school exams and so has gotten little sleep; she passes out on the way to school and ends up in the nurse's office diagonosed with a cold. There, Bonnon appears to her and uses a love letter attack on Ami; Ami gets delusions that everything she has memorized is leaving her brain, and she hears Bonnon try to introduce herself. In her confusion, Ami thinks Bonnon is Mercurious and transforms, using Mercury Aqua Mirage to destroy Bonnon, who is still trying to tell Ami that she's Bonnoun, not Mercurious. Mercury passes out believing that she's defeated Mercurious.

Ghost Sistern
Ghost Sistern

Sistern is the ghost that inhabits the old well at Rei's school, TA Girls' Academy. Minako, posing as a student at Rei's school to see what it's like, accidentally releases the spirit from the well. The spirit takes over Rei's body, who starts trying to eat the other students (but it looks like she's trying to kiss them). Minako transforms into Sailorvenus, then uses Rei's Evil spirit begone attack to destroy the spirit.

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