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Sailormercury: Manga
More Mercury Info:



Name: Mizuno Ami
Birthday: September 10
Astrological sign: Virgo
Blood type: A
Favorite Color: Aquamarine
Hobby: Reading, chess
Favorite food: Sandwiches
Least favorite food: Yellow-tail tuna (hamachi)
Favorite subject: Mathematics
Worst subject: None
Has trouble with: Love letters
Strong point: Calculating
Dream: To be a doctor

Ami's Family

Ami is an only child. She has a mother and father who are divorced. She lives with her mother in a very expensive apartment.
Ami's Mother

Ami's mother is a doctor who obviously makes a lot of money. She's always very busy with her work.
Ami's Father

Ami's father is a Japanese painter who loves nature. He sends her postcards on her birthday.

  • Mizuno Ami is introduced in Act 2.
  • Ami's identity as Sailormercury is revealed in Act 2.
  • "Mercury Power, Make-Up" is first used by Ami in Act 3.
  • Mercury's first unnamed attack ["Shabon Spray" in the anime] is used in Act 3.
  • "Shine Aqua Illusion" is first used in Act 14.
  • "Mercury Star Power, Make-up" in Act 15. "Snow Shine Illusion" is also used by Mercury versus Beruche.
  • "Mercury Planet Power, Make-Up" is used by Ami to transform with the other Inner Senshi in Act 24.
  • "Mercury Aqua Mirage" is introduced in Act 27 against Viluy.
  • "Mercury Crystal Power, Make-Up" is Ami's new henshin phrase that she receives in Act 35, along with her new attack, "Mercury Aqua Rhapsody."
  • Princess Mercury's castle is named as "Mariner Castle" first in Act 41 in Tankubon 15.
  • "Mercury Crystal Power, Make-Up" is what Ami says to become SailorStarMercury and is used in Act 42.
Mercury's Attacks and Powers

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