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Sailormars: Manga
More Mars Info:



Name: Hino Rei
Birthday: April 17
Astrological sign: Aries
Blood type: AB
Favorite Color: Red, black
Hobby: Fortune telling
Favorite food: Fugu
Least favorite food: Canned asparagus
Favorite subject: Ancient writing
Worst subject: Modern society
Favorite Flower: Casablancas (white lillies)
Has trouble with: Television
Strong point: Meditation
Dream: To be a head priestess

Rei's Family

Rei is an only child. She lives with her grandfather at the Hikawa Shrine on Sendai Hill. Her father is a politician for the Democratic Liberal Party in Japan. Her mother passed away when she was young, apparently because of her delicate condition and because Rei's father was neglecting them. Rei doesn't like her father at all because all her cares about is politics and nothing else, so after her mother died, she moved in with her grandfather. Rei's grandfather is good-hearted but a bit fond of girls which exasperates Rei.
Rei's Parents
Rei's Mother
Rei's Grandfather

  • Hino Rei first appears in Act 3 of Tankubon 1 as the priestess of the Hikawa Jinja.
  • Rei first transforms into Sailormars using "Mars Power, Make-Up" in Act 3.
  • "Evil Spirit Begone" as Rei is first used in Act 3, as is the attack as Sailormars.
  • Rei first transforms into Sailormars using "Mars Star Power, Make-Up" in Act 14 in Tankubon 4. "Burning Mandala" is named in this act.
  • "Mars Planet Power, Make-Up" is Rei's new henshin phrase in Act 24.
  • "Mars Snake Fire" is used versus Eudial first in Act 25.
  • "Mars Crystal Power, Make-Up" to transform into SuperSailormars is initially called out in Act 36.
  • "Mars Flame Sniper" is used in Act 36.
  • Princess Mars's castle is named as "Phobos Deimos Castle" in Act 41 in Tankubon 15.
  • Rei first transforms into SailorStarMars using "Mars Crystal Power, Make-Up" in Act 42, Tankubon 15.
Mars' Powers and Attacks

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