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Sailorjupiter: Manga
More Jupiter Info:



Name: Kino Makoto
Birthday: December 5
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Blood type: O
Favorite Color: Pink
Hobby: Bargain-hunting
Favorite food: Cherry pie
Least favorite food: None
Favorite subject: Home Economics
Worst subject: Physics
Favorite Flower: Sasanquas
Has trouble with: Airplanes
Strong point: Cooking
Dream: Being a bride, selling cake, selling flowers

Makoto's Family

Makoto's Parents

Makoto is an only child. When she was young, her parents died in a plane crash, and she was left all alone. She has a fear of planes because of her parents' deaths. She lives in an apartment by herself.

  • Kino Makoto first appears in Act 4 of Tankubon 1.
  • Makoto's name is first mentioned in Act 5. Makoto saves Usagi from being run over by a car, and later, after Umino tells Usagi about the brunette, the blond makes friends with her.
  • Makoto first transforms into Sailorjupiter in Act 5 with "Jupiter Power Make-Up."
  • "Flower Hurricane" is first used in Act 5. "Supreme Thunder" is first used in Act 5, but named in Act 7.
  • "Jupiter Star Power, Make-Up" is first used in Act 15.
  • "Sparkling Wide Pressure" is first used by Sailorjupiter in Act 15.
  • "Jupiter Planet Power, Make-Up" is Makoto's new transformation words first used in Act 24. "Jupiter Coconut Cyclone" also has its origins in this act.
  • "Jupiter Crystal Power, Make-Up" to become SuperSailorjupiter is used first by Makoto in Act 37, along with her power-up attack, "Jupiter Oak Evolution."
  • Princess Jupiter's castle is first named as "Io Castle" in Act 41, Tankubon 15.
  • "Jupiter Crystal Power, Make-Up" to become SailorStarJupiter is used in Act 42.

To Jupiter's Powers and Attacks in the Manga

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