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Death Busters
Death Busters Pages:

The Death Busters serve Master Pharaoh 90, an entity from the Tau star system who wishes to make Earth its new home by destroying all current life. To do that, though, it needs the power of the Tairon Crystal, the source of life from the Tau star system, and to get the power, it needs human souls. The Death Busters' job is to gather as many human souls as possible from the students at Mugen Gakuen, an elite private school owned and run by Tomoe Souichi. Once the souls are sacrificed to Master Pharaoh 90, the bodies are used as vessels for the Death Busters' daimon. The Death Busters are stationed in Mugen Gakuen over the Delta Area, and they plan on turning the Omega Area (I think where Pharaoh 90 is) into the new Tau star system.

Witches 5



Eudial is the first of the Witches 5. She is at level 78, and her element is fire. At Mugen Gakuen, she poses as Arimura Yuuko, the instructor of the philosophy class on etiquette. In Act 25, she goes to Mugen's new camp on top of Mt. M to teach the students to follow the "principles" of Mugen Gakuen; the students will give up their lives to serve Master Pharaoh 90 as its vessels. Eudial is having one of her seminars late at night around a fire when Mars and Jupiter appear to stop her. Mars uses her Mars Snake Fire on Eudial, but Eudial turns into a monster/daimon and continues attacking. Sailormoon, Mercury, and Venus arrive to save their friends, and Sailormoon's Moon Spiral Heart Attack destroys Eudial.



Mimete is the second of the Witches 5. Appearing in Act 26, she poses as Hanyu Mimi, a famous Japanese idol. She has a special concert at the new Mugen Gakuen Commemorative Dome for Mugen Gakuen students only. The concert takes place at the same time as Kaioh Michiru's violin concert. Mimete plans on using Michiru's concert to draw more people to Mugen Gakuen, as well as using Michiru as a future daimon vessel. Usagi and Mamoru receive tickets to Michiru's performance from Haruka and Michiru respectively; the Sailor Team, Mamoru, and Chibi-usa attend, but Minako sneaks into Mimete's concert. Using her Sailor V Crescent Compact, she transforms into a male Mugen Gakuen student. At the concert, Mimete's singing causes everyone in the audience to lose control of their bodies and minds, and she tells them to sacrifice themselves to Master Pharaoh 90. Minako realizes that Mimi is one of the Death Busters and manages to drag herself away to transform into Sailorvenus. She goes on stage with her own microphone, interrupting Mimi's concert and telling the audience to snap out of their trance, which they start to do. Mimete introduces herself as Venus's equal at level 40, then uses her Charm Buster on Venus. The other Sailor Senshi arrive, so Mimete calls to Kaolinite for help. Kaolinite lets loose three daimons from Mugen Gakuen student vessels, which Mimete orders to attack the senshi. Sailormoon manages to destroy two of them with her Moon Spiral Heart Attack but misses the third one. The last daimon is about to attack Chibimoon and Tuxedo Kamen when Sailorneptune's Deep Submerge kills it in time; then Uranus's World Shaking kills Mimete.



In Act 27, Mizuno Ami goes to see Bidou Yui, a student from Mugen Gakuen, who is the only student to score higher than Ami on the scholarship tests. Ami meets her at the Mugen Prep School, and Yui invites her to Mugen Gakuen to see how the school is run. Ami goes, although her friends are relunctant to let her enter the Death Busters' quarters by herself. Yui shows her the little minature model she made of the Tau star system. Yui then excuses herself to go to a lecture while Ami stares at the model; Kaolinite and Viluy watch Ami via a camera in the room. Ami discovers the camera and shatters it by throwing her pen at it, then runs down the stairs. She comes across rooms with daimon inside and is then captured by Viluy and her student slaves. Viluy says that she will take Ami's soul; Haruka and Michiru appear and Viluy grabs them too.

Viluy has them taken to her lab where she tells them that using her nanobots, she will take their souls and sacrifice them to Master Pharaoh 90, and then their bodies will be used as vessels for daimon. Ami, Michiru, and Haruka then break away from their captors; Ami calls for help on her communicator watch, jumps out the window of the 13th story room, transforms mid-air, then lands in the pool of water outside. Haruka and Michiru jump onto a nearby tree. Mercury confronts Viluy; Viluy introduces herself as Mercury's opponent, the 3rd Witch at level 202. Mercury uses her Mercury Aqua Mirage on Viluy but Viluy counters with her Mosaic Buster. The Mosaic Buster lets loose nanobots on Mercury which Viluy says will destroy her body, leaving only her soul behind. The other members of the Sailor Team appear and the nanobots around Mercury create a daimon that attacks them, but then Haruka and Michiru transform into Uranus and Neptune. Uranus uses her Space Sword to destroy Viluy, which frees Mercury.



Tellu is the fourth of the Witches 5 at level 404. At Mugen Gakuen, she is Teruno Ruru, the instructor of the physical education classes and is also in charge of the school's botanical gardens. Tellu creates Tellurians, special plants that grow without water, and sells them at Mugen Gakuen and other plant shops. Makoto buys one, suspicious of it, and she and Minako are at her apartment when they start to feel sleepy. Minako wakes Makoto up, and they see that all of Makoto's plants are dead except for the Tellurian, which has bloomed; Makoto cuts it up with a knife, and poison gases come out from it. The Sailor Team then goes to the botanical gardens where Tellu is; Tellu tells them that her Tellurians suck the souls out of people, and the Tellurains start to drain the senshi. The girls transform though and fight with Tellu, who uses her Mandragora Buster. Their attacks don't work, and Chibimoon wishes that there was someway she could fight; her Luna-P appears and turns into a rod. Chibimoon calls out Pink Sugar Heart Attack, but Tellu turns into a monster and is about to attack Chibimoon when Pluto's Dead Scream finishes it off. Picture of Tellu from Ladywren's Sailormoon.



Cyprine and Ptilol

Cyprine is the fifth and final member of the Witches 5. She is at level 999 and is the top witch in Mugen Gakuen's training class. In Act 29, Cyprine attacks Tenoh Haruka in her apartment. Haruka transforms into Sailoruranus, and Neptune and Pluto appear to help her. Cyprine attacks the three of them with her Ribbon Buster, but the Sailor Team arrives to save the Outer Senshi. Cyprine then uses her powers to magnify the hostility the Inner Senshi and the Outer Senshi feel for each other, and the two groups begin to attack each other. Sailormoon is horrified by what is going on; she attempts to kill Cyprine with her Moon Spiral Heart Attack, but Cyprine isn't hurt and instead splits into herself and her younger twin sister, Ptilol. Cyprine and Ptilol are as one, and they believe that no one can defeat them. However, Sailormoon then tries to unite all the Sailor Senshi as one group, drawing power from each of them to create the Holy Grail in Act 30; using the Grail, Moon transforms into SuperSailormoon and destroys Cyprine and Ptilol with her Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.


Superhuman Daimon

These are the monsters of the Death Busters. The first are the failed daimon that are inside the human vessels; they burst out of the vessels when called for by Kaolinite. The people who serve as vessels have already had their souls sacrificed to Pharaoh 90. The second monster is the superhuman daimon that Tomoe Souichi has tried to create; these are the "complete" daimon that apparently have only been perfected in Tomoe, Kaolinite, and the Witches 5. The one in the picture is the daimon Souichi turned himself into when he attacked the senshi.



Kaolinite has the status level of "Magus", which is the position all the Witches 5 aspire to reach. At that level, she can directly communicate with Pharaoh 90 and use the Tairon Crystal. She is in charge of the Witches 5 and can control daimons. Kaolinite is known as Kaori in civilian form, the secretary and assistant to Tomoe Souichi after Tomoe Keiko's death. Tomoe Hotaru, Souichi's daughter, resents Kaori's presence. In Act 31, the Sailor Senshi infilitrate Mugen Gakuen to save Chibi-usa and the world from the Death Busters. Kaolinite creates wax dolls of the senshi and puts a curse on them, then resurrects the Witches 5 (who are really just wax dolls). The Witches 5 trap the Sailor Team but Sailormoon breaks free of the curse, and Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto arrive to rescue the others. The Witches 5 are destroyed, and Sailormoon transforms into SuperSailormoon. Kaolinite confronts them, turning into a superhuman daimon, and SuperSailormoon kills her.

Tomoe Souichi


Tomoe Souichi is the father of Tomoe Hotaru. He was a famous genetic scientist who was rejected from the scientific community for his experiments and desire to create superhumans. Afterwards, he bought up the Mugen area (where Mugen Gakuen is, and of which he is the principal). When Hotaru was 8 years old, a fire broke out in the Mugen buildings that were under construction, and Keiko, Hotaru's mother, died in the fire. The fire apparently caused Tomoe to go totally insane. Later, the Death Busters came to Tomoe in his lab during a big experiment. Lightning struck the building and Kaori was hit, and then Master Pharaoh 90 began talking through her. Tomoe, deciding that he was the chosen one, joined them. Hotaru was seriously injured in the fire but was saved by her father's experimentations on her, and he turned her into a human cyborg in order to try to create a superhuman. He also implanted a daimon egg for Mistress 9 inside his daughter. Tomoe's main role is trying to perfect the superhuman daimon inside the vessels of humans which have only been perfected in himself, Kaolinite, and the Witches 5. He eventually transforms into a superhuman daimon, Gelmatoid, in Act 32 after the Sailor Senshi try to save Chibi-usa by destroying the Death Busters; he is killed by SuperSailormoon.

Mistress 9

Mistress 9

Mistress 9 is the entity that worked with Master Pharaoh 90 in the Tau star system. It was implanted in Hotaru by Tomoe and finally awakened after Mistress 9, possessing Hotaru, seized the ginzuishou and soul of Chibi-usa in Act 30. She awakens fully in Act 31 though Hotaru still exists within her. She presents the power of the ginzuishou to Master Pharaoh 90. In Act 33, the time of Master Pharaoh 90's assimilation with the earth is at hand. Mistress 9 swallows the souls of the four members of the Sailor Team, but inside of her, Hotaru decides to save Chibi-usa, the ginzuishou, and the four Inner Senshi by separating from Mistress 9. Mistress 9, now free, transforms into a huge monster/daimon and starts to draw Master Pharaoh 90 towards the Earth. At this point, I'm not clear if Mistress 9 becomes one with Master Pharaoh 90 or not, but regardless, the monster only absorbs the attacks the Sailor Senshi try to shoot at it. SuperSailormoon decides to sacrifice herself to save the world and dives into the monster/blackness stuff with the Holy Grail; from the blackness comes Sailorsaturn, now reborn. Saturn uses her Death Reborn Revolution to suck the energy away from the monster, pushing it back to the Tau star system, while destroying the world at the same time. Saturn then tells Pluto to seal Saturn, the monster, and Master Pharaoh 90 off the other system, which Pluto does.

Master Pharaoh 90

Master Pharaoh 90 is the entity from the Tau star system that desires to make Earth its new home by destroying all life on the planet and becoming one with it. Pharaoh 90 needs energy from human souls to achieve its goal, so it has the Death Busters obtain souls for it. After receiving the energy from Chibi-usa's ginzuishou, Pharaoh 90 starts its assimilation with the Earth, but Sailorsaturn's rebirth and use of Death Reborn Revolution prevents this from occuring. Pluto seals off Master Pharaoh 90 and Mistress 9 from this galaxy when she uses her Dark Dome Close.

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