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Dark Kingdom
Dark Kingdom Pages:

Four Generals

The four generals are the henchmen of Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom. They command different parts of the world. In their previous lives, they were the guardians of Earth's Prince Endymion. Beryl and Metallia convinced them to revolt against the Moon Kingdom's so-called oppression. After their deaths, they were reincarnated on Earth to look for Endymion. However, Beryl again called them to her side, and they promised to serve her forever, which they do in the present. They have no memories of their past lives and work only to obtain the ginzuishou, gain power for Metallia, and eliminate the Sailor Senshi.



Jadeite is the first of the Dark Kingdom's four generals. He appears in Act 1 but is not named until Act 2, when he calls himself the commander of the Far East. In Act 1, he sends his youma to pose as Osaka Naru's mother in order to sell jewelry that drains the buyers' energy. After this plan fails, Jadeite sets up the Crystal Seminar, a cram school where students are lured in and are then brainwashed and drained of energy. In Act 3, Jadeite's final plan is to trap the Sailor Senshi; he kidnaps students riding the 6 o'clock bus (#666) from Sendai Hill, which is in front of the Hikawa Shrine. Jadeite manages to capture Rei by drawing her onto the bus; they are taken into another dimension, and Jadeite reveals that he wants Rei because she's beautiful. Sailormoon and Mercury confront him, and Sailormoon uses her Moon Frisbee, where her tiara wraps around his body. Although he is unable to move his arms, he can still use his eyes and attacks Moon and Mercury. Mercury, prompted by Luna, throws a transformation pen at Rei. Rei automatically transforms into Sailormars, and she uses her Evil spirit, begone attack to kill Jadeite.



Nephrite is the commander of North America. He appears in Act 3 after Beryl has reprimanded Jadeite for his second failure. Nephrite asks Beryl to allow him to gather energy and find the ginzuishou, even though he doesn't really know what the ginzuishou is. In Act 4, Nephrite vows to Jadeite's corpse that he will find the ginzuishou and resurrect Jadeite. He then plots to get the "ginzuishou" that Princess D from the D Kingdom will present at a party in Tokyo. Nephrite sends his shadow to possess Princess D; now under his control, Princess D grabs the ginzuishou and runs off. She then drains the energy from the guests. When the Sailor Senshi confront the Princess, Nephrite's shadow leaves her body. Mars tries to use her fire attack on the shadow but it doesn't work; the shadow is then destroyed by Sailormoon's new attack, Moon Twilight Flash. In Act 5, Nephrite has another of his shadows pose as the "ghost bride," a mannequin that comes to life and kidnaps men, stealing their energy. The bride brainwashes Motoki, and Motoki tries to drain Makoto. The Sailor Senshi arrive, and Makoto snaps out of her trance. Finding out that she was tricked, she becomes angry and transforms into Sailorjupiter after Luna throws a transformation pen towards her. Nephrite reveals his true self, and Jupiter uses Flower Hurricane on him, then electrocutes him to death with an attack from her tiara.



Zoicite appears in Act 3 with Nephrite to ponder the appearance of the Sailor Senshi and to learn about the ginzuishou. He is not named until Act 5, after Nephrite dies. In Act 6, he calls himself the commander of Europe. He and Kunzite see Tuxedo Kamen's announcement of finding the ginzuishou. Zoicite pretends to be a woman, Professor Izono, and appears on TV, claiming that the ginzuishou has the power of eternal youth; "she" encourages all viewers to search for the ginzuishou and uses "her" powers to brainwash everyone into a frenzy. After it becomes clear to Zoicite that the humans can't find it, he uses their TVs to drain them of all their energy. Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter confront Zoicite at the TV station, but he vanishes before they can fight. Sailormoon uses her Moon Stick to restore everyone's stolen energy. In Act 7, Zoicite, suspecting that Sailormoon might be so powerful because she has the ginzuishou, starts a chain of video stores. All the videos brainwash the watchers, ordering them to find Sailormoon and capture her; Sailormoon, after discovering the nature of the tapes, heals everyone with Moon Healing Escalation, but Zoicite appears and attacks her. Sailormoon's Moon Twilight Flash doesn't work, and he gets behind her and puts her in a chokehold, demanding that she tell him where the ginzuishou is. He's about to stab her with a knife when a sharp boomerang knocks it out of his hand, and then a second boomerang slices his body into pieces.

Zoicite also appears in the short side story, "Casablanca Memories." He again disguises himself as a woman, this time as a piano player at the Rain Tree restaraunt. The Dark Kingdom creates the Rain Tree music boxes, weird objects that cause people to remember the past when they listen to its music, leading them to feel depressed; in actuality, the music brainwashes humans and drains their energy. Rei destroys the one that is controlling Makoto. She transforms into Sailormars and goes to the Rain Tree restaraunt where Zoicite is. She attacks Zoicite, who disappears, angry that he could not get revenge for Jadeite's death.



Kunzite is the last and most powerful of the four Dark Kingdom generals. He appears in Act 5 after Nephrite has been killed; he advises Zoicite to think through his plans better than Jadeite or Nephrite did. He appears in Act 6, apparently amused at Tuxedo Kamen's stunt in announcing the existance of the ginzuishou to the people of Tokyo. In Act 8, he vows to get the ginzuishou and kill Princess Serenity and the Sailor Senshi. He cuts all the power lines in Tokyo and waits for the Sailor Senshi on top of Tokyo Tower. The Senshi confront him, but he just absorbs their attacks and returns it at Sailormoon; Tuxedo Kamen takes the blast for her, though, and in Act 9, their memories of their past lives are revived. Sailormoon becomes Princess Serenity and cries for Tuxedo Kamen; the ginzuishou appears as her tear, and the light of the ginzuishou restores Kunzite's memories of his past life in which he served Prince Endymion. Kunzite then captures the hurt Endymion and brings him to the Dark Kingdom.

In Act 10, he secretly follows Beryl when she goes to see Metallia. When Beryl is at Endymion's body, Kunzite demands to know what she will do with him; Beryl uses her energy to form a stone on his forehead, telling him he has to obey her because the generals promised to always serve her. Beryl orders him to steal the ginzuishou. Kunzite returns to Tokyo and starts blasting people with ice, saying that he will freeze all of the city. Sailormoon appears and frees everyone, and Kunzite follows her into the air; Sailormoon tries to find out if Tuxedo Kamen is alright, but before she can learn anything, the other Sailor Senshi kill Kunzite with Sailor Planet Attack. His body turns into the stone, kunzite, which Beryl then gives to the revived evil Prince Endymion along with the stones of the other generals.

In Act 12, after Endymion is resurrected, the stone kunzite awakens, and Kunzite appears to Mamoru, telling him how to defeat Metallia. His stone then shatters.

Prince Endymion

Chiba Mamoru awakens as Prince Endymion in Act 8. After he takes Kunzite's blast while trying to protect Sailormoon, he dies, and Princess Serenity cries, releasing the ginzuishou. The light and power of the ginzuishou is absorbed into Endymion's body, giving him enormous strength. Kunzite then captures Endymion and brings him to the castle of the Dark Kingdom. There, Metallia resurrects Endymion with her energy, and Beryl sends Endymion to get the ginzuishou, giving him the four stones of the generals.

Endymion pretends to be Endou, Motoki's best friend, and brainwashes Motoki after getting rid of the real Endou. "Endou" hangs around the video arcade, trying to get Usagi to tell him about the Sailor Senshi and asking her where their control center is. However, this doesn't work. Although Usagi returns to see him because he looks like her Mamo-chan, he always calls her "Usagi-chan." The real Mamoru, though, called Usagi "Usako," and this reminds her that Endou isn't Mamoru.

Mamoru and Motoki brainwash Makoto into leading them to the control center beneath the arcade, and they attack the senshi. Endymion, dressed as Tuxedo Kamen, manages to get the ginzuishou from Sailorvenus, who drops it; Usagi transforms into Sailormoon after he attacks Luna. Sailormoon attempts to heal Endymion with her Moon Stick, but it doesn't work, and Beryl arrives to back up Endymion. Once Beryl is killed, Endymion captures Venus and her stone sword and enters the warp Mercury tried to create to get rid of them. Sailormoon follows. They end up in the castle of the Dark Kingdom, where Endymion begins to strangle Sailormoon, demanding she tell him how to work the ginzuishou. The other senshi arrive, and Metallia appears, controlling Endymion. Sailormoon begins to cry and yell, and the power in him and in the ginzuishou react, being in synch with her, the power he absorbed returning to the ginzuishou. He starts to blast the Sailor Senshi, and Sailormoon realizes what she has to do. Picking up the stone sword, she slashes Endymion; she kisses him as he dies, then kills herself. The two are then encased in crystal by the ginzuishou and are swallowed up by Metallia.

Sailormoon later awakens inside of Metallia, not having died because Mamoru's watch that she carries took the sword tip for her. Then Mamoru wakes too, not having really died either because the generals' stones took the sword tip for him as well. Mamoru is back to normal but without his eyesight; he feels for his stones, and Kunzite and the other generals appear before him. Kunzite tells Mamoru that they are glad to see him, then tells him how to defeat Metallia before they disappear. Mamoru wonders if it was the generals who woke him back to his true self.

Queen Beryl

Queen Beryl

In the past, Beryl was a young girl on Earth who secretly loved Prince Endymion and constantly watched him. She joined Queen Metallia and led an attack on the Moon Kingdom. When Prince Endymion refused to side with them and tried to protect Princess Serenity, Beryl killed him with her sword. After Metallia was sealed away and the Dark Kingdom was destroyed, Beryl was reincarnated on Earth. There, she released the seal on Metallia in Point D of the Arctic Circle. She became Metallia's minion again, seeking human energy and the ginzuishou. Though she pledges allegiance to Metallia, she actually desires to rule Earth by herself with Prince Endymion. The four generals serve her, and she, calling on Metallia for power, brings Endymion back to life under her command. After Endymion manages to get the ginzuishou, Beryl appears and captures Sailormoon with her hair, demanding her to tell her how to use the ginzuishou. Sailorjupiter cuts Sailormoon free, and then Sailorvenus uses the stone sword to kill Beryl.

Queen Metallia


Metallia is an entity that was created from abnormal activity in the sun. It fell to the Earth and slowly began to take over the planet. It manipulated the people of Earth, appealing to their greed and desire for eternal youth that it said the Moon Kingdom's ginzuishou could grant. Metallia convinced them to attack the Moon Kingdom, destroy it, and get the ginzuishou. Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom managed to use the ginzuishou to seal Metallia away at Point D in the Arctic. Beryl, reincarnated on Earth, opened the seal and once again released Metallia.

Metallia needs energy to fully reawaken, and in particular, it wants the power of the ginzuishou. It lives in the stone castle beneath the Earth's surface. After Sailormoon kills Endymion and tries to kill herself, they are encased by crystal because of the ginzuishou, and they are swallowed up by Metallia, who, from the ginzuishou's power, is released to the surface and begins wrecking havoc on the world. Sailormoon awakens inside of Metallia; she cries over the ginzuishou, and her tears cause it to turn into a flower shape, its true form. Sailormoon attempts to use the power of the ginzuishou to blast Metallia, but she realizes she doesn't have enough power to defeat it. Mamoru, after being told by Kunzite to target Metallia's heart, the marking on its forehead, tells Sailormoon to defeat Metallia and to believe in herself since he will always be by her side. Sailormoon, much encouraged, uses the ginzuishou, the Moon Stick, and the power of the Sailor Team to finally kill Metallia.

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