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Luna, Artemis, and Diana: Manga
More Cats Info:

Cats in Human Form

The cats don't actually have attacks, but I just thought this would be interesting to include. Luna obtains her human form in tankubon 11, which Sailormoon gives to her using the Holy Grail. Artemis gets his human form in tankubon 14 when he rescues Minako from falling off a high platform. Later in the Dream story arc, all three cats once again become human during the coronation ceremony after the Senshi have defeated Neherenia. In SailorStars, yet again do the cats become human, under the influence of Tin Nyanko. Luna and Artemis are originally from the planet Mau, where the Sailor Senshi in charge of there was SailorMau. SailorMau was, unfortunately, killed and Mau destroyed by Tin Nyanko and Galaxia. Tin Nyanko then claims the right to become a Sailor Senshi. In tankubon 17, Sailor Lethe kills the two cats and their daughter, Diana, who originally reveals her identity as the child of Luna and Artemis in tankubon 5.

Family of Cats

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