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Black Moon
Black Moon Pages:

The Black Moon are traitors from Earth who rejected the power of the Moon Kingdom. They thought that the infinite power of the ginzuishou and its ability to give people eternal youth went against God's will, so they rebelled. Wiseman appeared and told them that if they went to Nemesis, they could have unlimited power. Nemesis was the tenth planet in the solar system and was where criminals were sent to live instead of being killed. There, the Black Moon family learned of the evil black crystal and began using it, but Nemesis was destroyed; they then decided to use the crystal to return to Earth but to go into the past to rewrite the future. The Black Moon wants to take over the other planets, primarily Earth; they are extremely cruel in their methods, even using poison gas on the people of Crystal Tokyo.

Four Sisters


Cooan appears in Act 14 saying that she feels the spirit of someone who is like her and is in tune with the fire. She believes that this person could be convinced to join the cause of the Black Moon, so Rubeus gives her the mission "Code: 001, Operation: Re-cruit" to recruit humans for him. She poses as Kurozuki Cooan, a student at Hino Rei's school, TA Girls' Academy, and becomes the leader of the Black Moon, a club that looks out for supernatural activities. Cooan introduces herself to Kotono (the leader of the first supernatural club at TA) and shakes her hand; Kotono thinks that Cooan's hand and eyes are very cold and wonders, "Our school has *that* kind of student...?" Rei, Kotono, and the club then see a strange black saucer-shaped object fly away after Cooan leaves. That night, Rei has a dream of Cooan using her power on a child to burn its body.

At the TA school festival, Cooan sets up a fortunetelling booth where she tells girls how and when they will die; when Rei appears, she says that everyone must die, but if they join the Black Moon, their deaths will be better. Rei refuses to have her fortune told by Cooan. She then bumps into strange nuns with black moons on their foreheads; suddenly one falls to the ground, revealing a burning body, and Rei realizes it's the enemy. She transforms and defeats the droids who were disguising themselves as nuns. Cooan reveals her true self, then blasts Mars with fire. Sailormoon appears and tries to use Moon Frisbee on Cooan, but Cooan knocks the tiara back; Sailormoon, with Tuxedo Kamen, creates a new rod and then uses Moon Princess Halation to destroy Cooan.


Beruche, the second youngest of the four sisters, appears in Act 15. She is given the mission "Code002, Operation Re-move" to get rid of the senshi and to capture Chibi-usa. She pretends to be a human, and she amazes people with her ability to divine using a pendulum. Beruche sees Ami divine the location of pipe's leak was without using a pendulum, and this surprises her. From that talent, she realizes Ami is a Sailor Senshi.

Being highly skilled at chess, she announces on TV that she has come to Tokyo to challenge Mizuno Ami to a chess match. At the match, Beruche calls Ami "Sailormercury" and tries to manipulate and capture Ami with the Black Moon's black crystal. Makoto and Usagi appear, and Beruche reveals her true identity to them. The three girls transform, and Jupiter tries to use Sparkling Wide Pressure on Beruche, but the villain escapes outside. The three Sailor Senshi try to follow her, but Mercury is attacked by droids. Venus arrives and defeats the droids, and Mercury confronts Beruche, using Shine Snow Illusion. Beruche, however, deflects the attack, then kneels to the ground and holds her hand over a manhole. The lid flies into the air as water gushes out of the sewer, surrounds Mercury, and starts choking her. Sailormoon then uses Moon Princess Halation on Beruche, who is killed.


Appearing in Act 16, Petz is the oldest of the four sisters. She and her UFO release viruses into Tokyo, hoping to infect everyone to death. She is given the task "Code003 Operation Re-new" by Rubeus, and she targets Makoto. Makoto has been infected by one of the viruses and lies in her apartment passed out, when she is awakened by her double trying to choke her. Makoto calls for help, then shoves the double off her, transforms into Jupiter, and throws the double against the wall so that it reveals its true form, a droid. Jupiter looks out the window and sees a UFO. Petz appears, looking amused as she asks, "Oh, you're not dead yet?" She introduces herself and says she'll make Jupiter pay for the Sailor Senshi killing her two sisters. Jupiter uses Flower Hurricane, but it doesn't affect Petz, who calls up her own tornado using the power of the black crystal. Jupiter uses Sparkling Wide Pressure, and the two leap at each other, but Jupiter's attack fails first, and she is captured by Petz. Moon and Venus arrive and are attacked by droids, but Venus breaks them free. Sailormoon sees Jupiter caught in a whirlwind in the air; Petz is laughing while she watches, and her back is to the other senshi. Moon takes the chance to use Moon Princess Halation, and Petz is killed.


Calaveras is the second oldest sister and appears in Act 17. Her mission is "Code:004, Operation Re-birth." Calaveras seems rahter close to Rubeus, who kisses her on the shoulder when she's not expecting it. Calaveras can channel the spirits of people into other bodies. She channels the spirit of Rubeus to Tokyo in an attempt to brainwash the humans, telling them to listen to the Black Moon, to not trust the White Moon (Usagi and the Sailor Senshi), and to destroy the ginzuishou. Venus appears at Calaveras' public channeling, where Calaveras channels the spirits of Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter through Kotono, Asanuma, and Naru, then the spirits of her three dead sisters. Together, they use Spirit Energy Attack on Venus, holding her captive. Sailormoon, after being saved from Rubeus by Tuxedo Kamen, arrives and uses Moon Princess Halation on Calaveras, who is destroyed, and whose hold on Venus is also released.




Droids are the creatures created by Safir to do the bidding of the Black Moon. They disguise themselves as humans.

Kiral and Akiral

Kiral and Akiral

Kiral and Akiral are twins of the Black Moon. They are given "Code:005, Operation Re-make" by Rubeus in Act 18. As Moon, Venus, Tuxedo Kamen, and Chibi-usa enter Crystal Tokyo and try to make their way to the Crystal Palace, Kiral and Akiral set up a crystal barrier around them. They introduce themselves as the Bull Brothers, then use their electricity attack on the senshi where they multiply themselves. Esmeraude appears, saying that the twins will cause an explosion which will blow them all up. A voice tells Tuxedo Kamen to break through the crystal; as he does, the crystal barrier collapses. Then, Venus uses Venus Love-Me Chain and Tuxedo Kamen uses his Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber, and Kiral and Akiral are killed.

Black Moon Family



Crimson Rubeus is more or less in control of the Four Sisters, and after each of them are successively killed, he takes the captured Sailor Senshi to Nemesis, where they are placed in a dungeon as bait for Sailormoon. Rubeus is directly involved in Calaveras' plot, having his spirit channeled into her body; through her, he announces to the world that the Black Moon has come to lead the Earth to the correct path. Rubeus always seems very sly and collected, telling Safir not to arouse Demando's anger, then calling attention to Esmeraude's spying on Demando. However, in Act 20 after Sailormoon starts wrecking havoc on Nemesis trying to find her friends, the castle starts to collapse, and Rubeus decides to escape. Wiseman catches him, and Rubeus sees the outlines of Black Lady, then demands to know what Wiseman is really up to. Wiseman responds by using his black hands to kill Rubeus, who screams "Prince" before dying.



Esmeraude appears first in Act 14 with Rubeus, Safir, and Demando to celebrate their upcoming victory. However, she is not named until Act 17. In Act 18, she asks Demando if she can bring the queen of Earth to him, but turns scarlet when he only glares at her. Rubeus asks if she can succeed, but she calls upon Kiral and Akiral to assist her. They do not defeat the senshi, and she leaves them when they are killed. In Act 19, Rubeus finds Esmeraude spying on Demando, who is looking at his hologram of Neo-Queen Serenity. The scene makes it obvious that Esmeraude likes Demando a lot.

Esmeraude asks for a second chance from Demando and is given the mission "Code EX, Operation Re-lax." She takes off her gloves to reveal long, weirdly shaped arms and hands (that aren't human), and she targets Chibi-usa, who has returned to Crystal Tokyo by herself. She starts to strangle Chibi-usa, her evil black crystal floating next to her. Moon, Venus, and Tuxedo Kamen arrive, and Venus's Venus Love-Me Chain causes Esmeraude to drop Chibi-usa and the evil black crystal, which explodes as the senshi duck. Sailormoon tries to use Moon Princess Halation on Esmeraude but it fails, and Esmeraude starts to strangle Moon, Venus, and Tuxedo Kamen with her multiple hands. King Endymion's spirit appears behind Tuxedo Kamen and he says he'll help him; Tuxedo Kamen uses Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber to destroy Esmeruade.



Safir is the creator of the droids, having used the power of the evil Black Crystal reactor on Nemesis to make them. Safir doesn't like it when the Black Moon's plans go wrong; he prefers to take things more slowly and more cautiously, but when he suggests changes in the plans or criticizes Demando, Demando always becomes angry.

In Act 20, Usagi comes upon the reactor, which Safir describes: it creates negative energy by taking the light from the planet and transforming it. The Black Moon uses the reactor to create droids and to travel back and forth in time. However, all the used energy is putting a strain on the reactor, but he, not anyone else, knows what will happen if they continue to do so. But because Safir is dedicated to his brother, even though he doesn't know what Wiseman really wants, he is willing to go along with Demando's scheme to return to the past and rewrite history. According to Safir, things will probably go wrong, but it doesn't matter.

He then tries to kill Usagi in the reactor, saying it's all her and the ginzuishou's fault that Demando has changed and is obsessed with her. However, the ginzuishou saves Usagi and causes the reactor to start to melt down. The castle that the reactor is in starts to crumble, and Safir and Demando are brought to Wiseman's castle where they meet Black Lady. There Wiseman uses his power of them, and they swear their loyalty to him once again. Black Lady gives Safir an evil Black Crystal earring to wear.

In Act 22, Black Lady calls on Safir and Demando to attack the senshi. Safir uses his long, black hands to capture Mercury and Mars; after Demando rebels against Wiseman, Black Lady tells Safir to kill Demando. Safir uses his hands again, this time against Demando, but Demando uses the third eye on his forehead to destroy Safir.


Prince Demando

Demando is the leader and prince of the Black Moon clan. Wiseman gives him the special gift of the third eye; this eye is on his forehead, and he can shoot beams out of it to paralyze or destroy his enemies. Demando trusts Wiseman completely, and this trust is the cause of the Black Moon's downfall. He hates the white moon and the power of the ginzuishou; his operation, Re-play, involves returning to the past to take over the Earth and rewrite history.

In the future, while the Black Moon launches an attack on the Crystal Palace and Crystal Tokyo, Demando sees Neo-Queen Serenity run out of the palace as she searches for Small Lady. Demando falls in love with and becomes obsessed with having her, even though she despises him. In Act 19, he captures Sailormoon after recognizing the similarities in the angry look she gives him and the one Neo-Queen Serenity gave him. He brings Sailormoon to Nemesis, dressing her up in a beautiful gown, but when he tries to kiss her, she slaps him. She tries to transform but can't. Since she is unable to use her powers, Usagi is allowed anywhere in the castle; after Safir tries to kill her, she is able to transform again. She frees Mars, Jupiter, and Venus from the dungeon. Demando confronts her, saying that the ginzuishou is frighteningly powerful, and it's because of it that there are wars. Sailormoon says that he's wrong and that the ginzuishou is to fight for peace. Wiseman tells Demando to kill the senshi, but Sailormoon uses the space/time key and transports away before he can blast them. The castle on Nemesis starts to fall apart, and Demando and Safir are transported to Wiseman's underground castle. Demando wants to know what Wiseman is really up to, but Wiseman uses his eyes to control them again.

Black Lady sends them to kill the senshi, and he shoots Venus and Jupiter, then is about to kill Sailormoon. Black Lady creates a huge evil Black Crystal that she shoots at everyone; Wiseman tells her to use the ginzuishou. Demando says that the world will be destroyed, but Wiseman says he doesn't care since he has the ginzuishou. Demando then realizes that Wiseman just used them and turns on him. Safir tries to kill Demando, but Demando kills him instead, then targets Wiseman, shooting him with the third eye. However, underneath the cloak is just a skeleton. Wiseman reveals his true form as Nemesis.

Mamoru grabs Sailormoon's brooch, which Black Lady takes, and she brings the two ginzuishou together. Demando sneaks up behind her and grabs the ginzuishou out of her hand, declaring that he can't trust anyone anymore; even though Wiseman has the evil black crystal, he has the two ginzuishou. He's about to bring them together when Pluto appears and uses Time Stop to halt time. Pluto sends Usagi to get the two ginzuishou, which the girl does. In Act 23, Demando tries to kill Sailormoon again, somewhat belatedly since the ginzuishou are now with the senshi, but Mamoru runs to Sailormoon's side with her rod, and with the two's power, they destroy Demando.

Black Lady

Black Lady

Black Lady is the adult evil form of Chibi-usa. Chibi-usa, in Act 20, goes to see Sailorpluto but spots her talking to the spirit of King Endymion. After seeing that Pluto is smiling, something Chibi-usa had only seen her do around herself, Chibi-usa feels that she has no place to go and runs off, accidentally dropping the key she needs to travel through time. She gets lost in space, and Wiseman appears before her, saying that he will give to her what she wants, and she takes his hand. Pluto suddenly senses something has happened to Small Lady, and a storm appears, knocking her out. King Endymion and Tuxedo Kamen find her, and she tells them that Small Lady is lost, but she sensed that some kind of "change" happened to her (she became Black Lady). Tuxedo Kamen runs into the storm to find her.

When Wiseman kills Rubeus, the form of Black Lady can be seen, and she calls Rubeus a coward for running away and laughs as he is killed. Tuxedo Kamen continues searching for Chibi-usa, and he hears a voice saying, "I'm over here." He follows the voice, sees the outlines of Black Lady calling to him, and takes her hand. In Act 21, Black Lady finally shows herself to Demando and Safir, who awaken in Wiseman's castle. Demando wonders who she is and sees that she resembles Neo-Queen Serenity; Wiseman introduces his Rabbit to them, Black Lady. She tells them about the evil Black Crystal reactor and how its melt down released power to Nemesis. She says that she will awaken Neo-Queen Serenity so that the queen can use the ginzuishou, and that she will get the past ginzuishou and Sailormoon. Demando doubts her abilities, and she gets angry at him, saying that she'll put a huge Black Crystal into Earth to get the Queen to awaken. When Safir protests that this will destroy the planet, Black Lady says that she doesn't care since she already has what she wants- and Mamoru, brainwashed, appears, and she kisses him.

She returns to the Crystal Palace, appearing before Neo-Queen Serenity's body encased in crystal. Black Lady tells the queen to awaken, that her daughter has appeared. The spirit of King Endymion appears, demanding to know who she is, and Black Lady introduces herself as his daughter, Small Lady, only she has grown. Sailormoon appears, asking who Black Lady is, but Black Lady asks if she remembers her. She tries to grab Sailormoon's brooch, but the crystal around Neo-Queen Serenity reacts, repelling Black Lady. Black Lady then introduces herself as the Queen of Darkness, made by Wiseman to be the Queen of Nemesis. The Sailor Senshi can't believe it, but she shows them that she's placed the second huge black crystal into the Earth, and that the world will be destroyed. They ask why she's doing this to her own home, and she answers that since she has Endymion, it doesn't matter to her. Sailormoon is in shock, and Black Lady orders Endymion to attack Sailormoon, which he does.

Black Lady then creates a third huge black crystal and throws it at everyone. Wiseman tells her to use the ginzuishou, and Demando then turns on him, killing Safir and trying to kill Wiseman too. Black Lady introduces everyone to Wiseman's true form, Nemesis, then orders Endymion to attack Sailormoon. He grabs her brooch, and she falls to the floor in a faint. Black Lady then takes the past ginzuishou and brings it near the future one, but Demando grabs them from her hands. She shouts at him to give it back and tries to attack him, but Sailorpluto arrives to stop time.

In Act 23, after the Time Stop wears off, Black Lady falls to the ground, unable to produce anymore power. She watches as Sailorpluto dies; the soldier says that she is sorry she couldn't protect Small Lady, and the key Chibi-usa stole from Pluto falls to the floor. Black Lady thinks to herself, "I am Black Lady, I have no friends," but then remembers how she stole the key from Pluto, and how she was always happy with Pluto since Pluto loved her and was her only friend. Tears start to fall down her face as she realizes her only friend is dead, and she screams, "Pluto!" The black crystal earrings breaks, and her tears turn into the ginzuishou. Her body starts to glow and shrink, and she transforms into Sailorchibimoon, which also awakens Neo-Queen Serenity.

Wiseman/Death Phantom

Death Phantom

Death Phantom is a human that destroyed early Crystal Tokyo and made it into a city of crime and murder. Neo-Queen Serenity, however, defeated him, and even though he was human, she couldn't kill him because of his abilities and her lack of power. Instead, she banished him to Nemesis and blocked off the planet so he couldn't escape. However, Death Phantom, after living on Nemesis for so long, became one with the planet. He created another body, Wiseman, and used it to appeal to the Black Moon's hatred of the Moon Kingdom. He has special powers that he gives to the Black Moon family- the hands of death (the long, weird looking non-human hands that are given to Esmeraude and Safir) and the third eye (given to Demando). He manipulates them to achieve his own ends. Esmeraude, Rubeus, and Safir don't fully trust him because he appeared to them so suddenly; however, because Demando believes in him, and because they are given great power, they follow him.

In Act 20, Wiseman causes Chibi-usa to become lost in space/time, and as she wanders around, he calls out to her; she takes his hand and he transforms her into Black Lady, thereby gaining control of the future ginzuishou. Wiseman kills Rubeus after Rubeus tries to escape during the meltdown of the evil Black Crystal reactor. He later brings Demando and Safir to his underground castle. Demando wants to know what Wiseman is really up to, but Wiseman only puts them back under his command with his powers. Wiseman sends Black Lady to get the past ginzuishou and to capture Neo-Queen Serenity and Sailormoon, since they're the only ones who can use the two ginzuishou. He tells Black Lady to use the ginzuishou even if it destroys the Earth since he already has it; this angers Demando, who realizes that Wiseman used him, and the prince shoots Wiseman. The cloak falls away to reveal a skeleton; Wiseman then reveals his true form, Nemesis/Death Phantom.

In Act 23, he disappears and draws Sailormoon with him; Tuxedo Kamen follows. Death Phantom says that he will absorb the ginzuishou, transform its energy into negative energy, and use that power to take over the galaxy. However, Sailorchibimoon appears, and she and Sailormoon use the two ginzuishou and their dual Moon Princess Halation attacks to destroy Death Phantom.

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