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Shadow Galactica
Shadow Galactica Info:

The Shadow Galactica is the empire that Sailorgalaxia is creating by destroying and taking over planets in the galaxy. She steals the Sailor Crystals from the Sailor Senshi of each planet and star; once this is done, she then destroys the planets. Working for her are the Animamates, who are controlled by Galaxia's bracelets; the bracelets give the Animamates power, but this power comes at the expense of their own wills and even their lives. Galaxia promises to make the Animamates true Sailor Senshi if they destroy their planets' guardian soldiers and steal this galaxy's Sailor Senshi's Sailor Crystals. However, Galaxia is only using them to get the Sailor Crystals.

Galaxia resides in the Galactica Palace. The palace is located in the Zero Star of Saggitarius, the center of the universe where the Galaxy Cauldron is found. (The Cauldron is where all Star Seeds are born.)


The following characters are the Animamates. In their desires to become real Sailor Senshi with their own Sailor Crystals, they killed the true Sailor Senshi of their planets.

Sailor Iron Mouse

Sailor Iron Mouse

Iron Mouse is originally from the planet Chuu. She appears in Act 43 in the Fantastic Music Hall during the joint concert between the Three Lights and Kaioh Michiru. She "disguises" by wearing shades. After the concert ends, she attacks the Sailor Senshi with Galactica Crunch. Iron Mouse absorbs Uranus's Space Turbulence and Neptune's Submarine Violin Tide attacks, but she is destroyed by SailorStarhealer's Star Sensitive Inferno.

Sailor Aluminum Siren

Sailor Aluminum Siren

Aluminum Siren originates from the planet Mermaid. In Act 44, she attacks Usagi and Seiya on the roof of Juuban High School, having sensed Seiya's power. Her attack is Galactica Tsunami. She uses her hair to capture Mercury and Jupiter, then destroys their bodies and takes their Sailor Crystals. Aluminum Siren is killed by Starfighter's Star Serious Laser and Starmaker's Star Gentle Uterus.

Sailor Lead Crow

Sailor Lead Crow

Lead Crow comes from the planet Coronis, the same planet from which Hino Rei's crows, Phobos and Deimos, originate. In Act 45, Lead Crow, the third Animamate, goes to the Hikawa Shrine to confront Phobos and Deimos. She uses her attack, Galactica Tornado against them, and she manages to kill them and obtain their Star Seeds. She captures Venus and Mars but is killed by Eternal Sailormoon's Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss attack.

Sailor Tin Nyanko

Sailor Tin Nyanko

In Act 45, Sailor Tin Nyanko enters Juuban High School as Suzu Nyanko, a foreign exchange student from Libya. She says "mew" a lot. Suzu immediately attaches herself to Usagi and warns her to be wary of the Three Lights. Luna and Artemis sense Tin Nyanko's prescence and rush to Juuban to confront her, calling her a "fake cat." In Act 46, Tin Nyanko calls Luna and Artemis fake cats too, as well as traitors, then turns them into their human forms. She tells them that she killed SailorMau, the Sailor Senshi of all three's home planet. Tin Nyanko uses her attack, Galactica Puppet on Luna and Artemis, but Eternal Sailormoon takes the attack for them. Tin Nyanko again tries to blast the pair but hits Diana; on her next try, she succeeds. The attack reverts the three to cat form, but they are seriously injured and are unable to speak. Tin Nyanko is struck by Starfighter's Star Serious Laser but manages to escape; however, for her failure, Galaxia kills her.

Sailor Lethe

Sailor Mnemosyne

Sailors Lethe and Mnemosyne

In Act 48, Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne appear as the guardians of the two Desert Rivers, the outer moats of the Galactica Palace. Lethe is the guardian of the River of Oblivion and Mnemosyne is the guardian of the River of Memory. Originally, Lethe comes from the planet Lethe, while Mnemosyne comes from the planet Mnemosyne. (The two planets are probably twin planets.)

Sailormoon, Princess Kakyuu, ChibiChibi, and the Starlights enter the door to the Zero Star of Saggitarius and appear in a desert. Lethe, wearing a hooded cloak, introduces herself as the ferryman of the boat that crosses the sand river. The senshi get into the boat, but the sand turns into water and they "drown." Usagi, in civilian form, wakes with no memory; she is confused at Lethe's personal questions, and she can only watch blankly as Lethe kills Luna, Artemis, and Diana in front of her. Lethe then uses her Galactica Musotis Alpastonis attack on Usagi and is about to kill her when Mnemosyne interferes; Mnemosyne wants to let Galaxia deal with Sailormoon. This triggers Usagi's memory, and she transforms into Sailormoon; she swims to the surface of the river. Mnemosyne then frees all the other senshi and gives Kakyuu some water from the River of Memory.

Lethe is angry that Mnemosyne has betrayed her, but Mnemosyne doesn't want a Sailor Senshi like herself to be hurt. It turns out that Lethe and Mnemosyne are also Sailor Soldiers. Mnemosyne explains that their planets were constantly at war, and when Galaxia came, their planets were destroyed. Now, they serve Galaxia in the hope that she will end all Sailor Wars and bring about peace. They believe that Sailormoon and the ginzuishou are the source of the Sailor Wars, and by destroying her, the wars will end. Kakyuu protests, saying that there will always be wars no matter what. However, Sailormoon tells them to kill her if that will solve the problem. Sailormoon's selflessness make Lethe and Mnemosyne realize that even if she should die, the wars will never end. They are about to let Eternal Sailormoon and the others go when SailorPhi and Chi appear and kill the twins.

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon

In Act 49, Eternal Sailormoon, Princess Kakyuu, and ChibiChibi come across a strange figure surrounded by butterflies and graves. They first see crosses with the pictures of the three dead Starlights, and then they see their own graves. Vines suddenly leap out of the ground and hold them hostage. The woman introduces herself as Heavy Metal Papillon, the "soul hunter" and the last Animamate. ("Papillon" means butterfly.) She is about to burn them to death when Chibimoon and the Sailor Quartet appear. Chibimoon uses her "Pink Lady's Freezing Kiss" to free Sailormoon-tachi while the Sailor Quartet's "Amazoness Jungle Arrow" kills Heavy Metal Papillon. Heavy Metal Papillon's fire attack is never named in the actual manga, but in the Material Collection's book, it is called "Galactica Scales."

Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi

Sailor Phi
Sailor Chi

Sailor Phi first appears in Act 45 to report the failure of Aluminum Siren to Galaxia. Phi and Chi appear to be the leaders of the Animamates. Their official titles are the Star Gardeners of the Star Garden. In Act 48, Phi and Chi kill Lethe and Mnemosyne for failing to kill the Sailor Senshi. In Act 49, they confront the senshi just before they reach the Galactica Palace. Phi and Chi send out their Galaxy Crystals to kill the senshi, but Princess Kakyuu transforms into SailorKakyuu and destroys the crystals. Phi then uses her Galactica Plants Blizzard attack but she is killed by Eternal Sailormoon's Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss. Sailorchi then stabs Kakyuu with her staff, killing her, and in return, Eternal Sailormoon kills Chi.

Sailor Galaxia

Sailorgalaxia is the leader of the Shadow Galactica. She was born on a planet that she deemed worthless; therefore, she thought that she, too, had no worth. But one day, she discovered that she had the same power as a Sailor Senshi. Believing herself to be the "chosen one", she thinks that being a mere Sailor Senshi is just as bad as her previously worthless state. Galaxia therefore seeks to have the strongest power and desires to live on the strongest planet in the galaxy. She has destroyed many planets and collected all the Star Seeds and Sailor Crystals from those planets' guardian soldiers. However, to become the strongest, Galaxia must defeat Chaos; in order to do that, she needs the strongest Sailor Crystal in the galaxy, Sailormoon's ginzuishou, which because of its power is also the source of the Sailor Wars.

Galaxia first appears in Act 43 to kill Mamoru for his star seed; she later sends out her Animamates to collect the other Sailor Senshi's Sailor Crystals, even taking Mars and Venus's herself. She also confronts Usagi in the playground, but it is not until Act 50 that the two finally have a true confrontation. Galaxia mocks Sailormoon by first sending out the other soldiers to kill her; she then has Mamoru kiss her feet and kneel down to her. She challenges Sailormoon, and the other Sailor Soldier accepts. In Act 51, Galaxia uses her Galactica Inflation and fights Sailormoon for a bit before she shows Sailormoon the Galaxy Cauldron. Galaxia shoves the Galaxy Crystal (where all the collected Sailor Crystals have been stored) into the Cauldron, as well as Mamoru, and they are destroyed. Galaxia attacks Sailormoon with her Galactica Super String and tells Sailormoon that she will be sacrificed to Chaos, who is residing in the Cauldron, so that her power will culminate with the Sailor Crystals. From this upsurge of power, both Sailormoon and Chaos will be destroyed. As she offers Sailormoon to Chaos, Galaxia is unexpectedly blasted by Chaos; she is saved from death by Sailormoon. When Galaxia awakens, she demands to know why Sailormoon saved her; she finally comes to understand the other girl's goodness and purity. Galaxia believes that she has finally found the strongest planet when her bracelets fall off, and she dies.


Chaos is the entity that merges with the Galaxy Cauldron. It is now the strongest star in the galaxy, controlling the stars on the side of darkness. In the distant future, it apparently becomes SailorChaos and defeats SailorCosmos, who returns to the past as ChibiChibi. In the present, Chaos reveals that all the previous enemies that the Sailor Senshi faced- Metallia, Death Phantom, Master Pharaoh 90, and Nehelenia- were all incarnations of itself. Sailormoon represents the Star Seeds of light. Chaos wants to absorb Sailormoon's power so that it can rule the universe and be free of the Cauldron.

Sailormoon jumps into the Cauldron and calls to the Sailor Crystals to help her; calling out "Eternal Power!" she and the crystals destroy Chaos. With Chaos' death, all of its forms are absorbed into the Galaxy Cauldron. However, as the Cosmos Guardian states, this state is uncertain; sometime in the future, they might be reborn.

In SailorStars, the Sailor Senshi are killed off by Galaxia and the Animamates. In Act 50, they are reborn under Galaxia's power as her servants; they wear her bracelets and use her power in trying to kill Sailormoon. Their attack names are similar to their normal attacks. They are eventually killed by Sailormoon.

  • Mercury: Mercury Aqua Rhapsody
  • Mars: Mars Flame Sniper
  • Jupiter: Jupiter Oak Evolution
  • Venus: Venus Love and Galactica Shock
  • Pluto: Chronos Typhoon
  • Inner Senshi: Galactica Gale
  • Neptune: Galactica Violin Tide
  • Uranus: Galactica Space Turbulence
  • Saturn: Galactica Glaive Surprise
  • Saturn and Pluto: Galactica Cannon
  • All: Galactica Planet Attack
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