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Tenoh Haruka / Sailoruranus
More Uranus Info:

Kanji for Uranus

Invited by a new age, she's the magnificent Sailoruranus!

Sailoruranus Meaning: Distant Sky King
Birthday: January 27
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: B
Hobby: Racing
Sports: Land sports
Favorite Color: Gold
Favorite Class: Gym
Least Favorite Class: Modern Japanese
Favorite Food: Salads
Least Favorite Food: Natto
Hopes To Go To: Heaven
Fortune Tells: Coin Fortune Telling
Bad Habit: Quick to sulk
Skilled At: Flattering words
Weak Point: Men
Favorite Stone: Amber
Seiyuu: Ogata Megumi

Haruka is a very handsome/pretty girl who sounds like, looks like, and usually dresses like a man. Her preferences run to the 'masculine' activities, meaning sports, which she's very good at. She, in junior high, did track, was the fastest runner and unbeatable, but then she became interested in racing, which was her dream before becoming a senshi. Her passion is to be as fast as the wind, which is often spoken about in reference to her (episode 106 and "Kaze ni Naritai"). She is also a very talented pianist, showing off her skill in the S anime performing with Michiru.

Haruka is 15 in Sailormoon S, in the 10th grade, and goes to Mugen Gakuen (the Infinity Academy). She wears the male school uniform.

She is the dominating partner of the duo consisting of herself and Michiru (though, to be honest, Michiru's probably the one in control), and she is very possessive of the other girl. Haruka nevertheless enjoys teasing girls and flirting with them. Examples would be, obviously, Usagi and in the SuperS special, when she flirts with the maid while she is sick, provoking Michiru, who happens to find Haruka doing so, to slam the door, then remark, "Aren't you supposed to be sick?" But Haruka is jealous, like stated before. She doesn't like finding Seiya and Michiru together in the dressing room, ordering him out then telling Michiru not to let people like that in.


However, she is also very serious and dedicated to finding the Talismans in S. She is willing to sacrifice anyone in her way, including herself and Neptune (supposedly, as they made a deal if one of them should die, to continue with their mission), though she has qualms about letting Usagi die. After she watches Neptune die, she shoots herself with Eudial's gun, letting the Talisman from her heart crystal out. Once Pluto saves her and Neptune, the three Outer Senshi are bent on killing Hotaru/Sailorsaturn and preventing the Silence. At the end of S, she and Michiru return baby Hotaru to Tomoe, and then they fight Usagi since they want her to prove that she's the Messiah. Then she and Michiru leave, appearing in SuperS only twice, once in the TV special and once in the SuperS movie.

In SailorStars, she and Michiru relunctantly fight once more after they are attacked by Neherenia's fiends. She, Michiru, and Setsuna together raise Hotaru as their daughter. In the second arc, Haruka and Michiru show up every once in a while for some reason or another, at the Three Lights concert or at Usagi's house or whatever. The Outers don't trust the Lights, and Haruka in particular has no love for them, often rude and critical of them.

Towards the end of Stars, Uranus and Neptune give up their star seeds in exchange for Galaxia's arm bracelets; then they kill Pluto and Saturn. They appear to be the enemy, but in actuality, their plan is to use Galaxia's own power against her, and they try to take her star seed. Their plan backfires when they discover Galaxia doesn't have a star seed, and then the villain destroys their arm bracelets. They die, holding hands. After Sailormoon once again saves the day, Haruka and the other senshi come back to life. Her last scene is with the other three Outers, and when Hotaru asks them what they wished for from the shooting stars they see, Michiru says "nothing," they're already happy, and Haruka agrees as Michiru lies her head against her shoulder.

Sailoruranus has two forms:

Uranus Sailoruranus: [SMS - SuperS]

SuperSailoruranus: [SailorStars]

She has the following items:

  • Planet Henshin Stick
  • Communicator Watch
  • Space Sword, a powerful Talisman that slices through the air towards its target

    Important Episodes:

  • Sailormoon S #90: Sailoruranus first appears in shadow. (To be picky, she first appears in shadow in SMR #89.)
  • Sailormoon S #92: Tenoh Haruka first appears. Sailoruranus first appears. "World Shaking" is first named and fully shown.
  • Sailormoon S #106: Tenoh Haruka's past explained. "Uranus Planet Power, Make-Up" first appears.
  • Sailormoon S #110: Sailoruranus "dies". Her pure heart is revealed to possess the Talisman the Space Sword.
  • Sailormoon SuperS TV Special: Haruka's only appearance in SuperS, aside from the movie.
  • Sailormoon SuperS Movie: "Space Sword Blaster" first appears in the anime.
  • Sailormoon SailorStars #167: Haruka's reappearance in SailorStars. Sailoruranus is powered-up to SuperSailoruranus.
  • Sailormoon SailorStars #197: Sailoruranus turns "evil".
  • Sailormoon SailorStars #198: Sailoruranus dies.

    As Sailoruranus, she has several very powerful attacks:

    Uranus Planet Power, Make-Up: What Haruka yells to transform into Uranus, appears first in episode 106

    World Shaking: A powerful ball of energy. Appears first, no words, in episode 90; with words, it is shown in episode 92

    Space Sword Blaster: Her attack using her Talisman, the Space Sword, which appears first in the SuperS movie

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