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Three Lights / SailorStarlights
More Starlights Info:

The SailorStarlights are the mysterious Sailor Senshi who appear during the second arc of Sailormoon SailorStars. In their human forms on Earth, they pose as an idol rock band, called the Three Lights. They're male while as the Three Lights, but their true forms are women, and they revert back to these true forms when when they transform into Sailor Senshi. As the Sailorstarlights, they have very unusual outfits: leather bikini tops and really short pants/skirts.

As aliens from outside the galaxy, they come to Earth in search for their princess, Kakyuu, which is why they assume the roles as men. Their main form of communication is through their song, "Search for your Love." The Outer Senshi are extremely hostile to them, regarding them as enemies, but Sailormoon believes that the Starlights are allies. The Starlights on more than one occassion assist the Sailor Team, though they also frequently ignore the senshi's plights.

Kakyuu is found when ChibiChibi calls for Kakyuu's help using the chalice; the princess arrives in time to save ChibiChibi and Usagi. However, the Starlights' reunion with their princess is short lived since she is killed by Galaxia soon afterwards. The Starlights, after the Sailor Team is killed and with help from Saturn and Chibichibi, vow to believe in Sailormoon and protect her, proving their loyalty in episode 199. They are the only senshi other than Moon who do not die, but they don't do very much in episode 200 other than watch the battle between Princess Serenity and Chaos/Galaxia. Once Sailormoon is victorious, the Sailor Senshi and Kakyuu come back to life. After a parting scene on Juuban High school's roof, the Starlights tell the senshi that they are going to start a new world with Kakyuu, then they leave.




Name: Seiya Kou
Birthday: July 30
Blood type: A
Responsibilities: Lead Vocal (Keyboard, Writing Lyrics, Composing Music)
Club membership: American Football
Hobby: American Football
Favorite subject: Physical Education
Least favorite subject: Literature
Favorite food: Hamburgers
Has trouble with: Girls O_o
Attack: Star Serious Laser
Henshin Phrase: Fighter Star Power, Make-Up

Seiya is the leader of the trio. He has a crush on Usagi, and he frequently asks "odango atama" about her boyfriend. Haruka-tachi don't trust Seiya or the other Lights; they warn Usagi to stay away from Seiya. Seiya is somewhat arrogant and rude (as in the episode where he basically told Usagi to meet him in the park for a date [though she didn't realize it was a date]), but he is devoted to protecting Princess Kakyuu and Usagi.



Name: Taiki Kou
Birthday: May 30
Blood type: AB
Responsibilities: Guitar (Keyboard, Writing Lyrics)
Club membership: Literary club
Hobby: Reciting Poetry
Favorite subject: Literature
Least favorite subject: None
Favorite food: Sushi
Has trouble with: Arguments
Attack: Star Gentle Uterus
Henshin Phrase: Maker Star Power, Make-Up

Taiki is the smart, quiet one with brown hair and purple eyes. He's primarily interested in his studies and his duty, preferring to stay out of the other Sailor Senshi's business. He is probably the coldest of the Starlights, though once in a while he shows his 'nice' side, like when he visits the little girl in the hospital, and the episode where he 'loosens up' and laughs for the first time in a long while.



Name: Yaten Kou
Birthday: February 8
Blood type: B
Responsibilities: Keyboard (Arrangement)
Club membership: Homecoming club
Hobby: Cameras
Favorite subject: Art
Least favorite subject: Physical Education
Favorite food: Caviar
Has trouble with: Physical Exertion
Attack: Star Sensitive Inferno
Henshin Phrase: Healer Star Power, Make-Up

Yaten is the most bishounen of the Three Lights. He is loud, rude, extremely impatient, and has a very sensitive temper. Once when he found a photographer in the Lights' dressing room, he took her camera and ripped out the film. Though it's fairly hard for him to be nice, he is kind to Luna (who has a crush on him) and, like the others, can be tolerant of the Sailor Senshi.

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