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Kaioh Michiru / Sailorneptune
More Neptune Info:

Kaioh Michiru
Meaning: Full/to rise, Sea King
Birthday: March 6
Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: O
Hobby: Violin
Sports: Swimming
Favorite Color: Marine Blue
Favorite Class: Music
Least Favorite Class: None
Favorite Food: Sashimi
Least Favorite Food: Kikurage
Hopes To Go To: Capital of Music
Fortune Tells: Mirror Fortune Telling
Bad Habit: Quick to look at her hand-mirror
Skilled At: Sidelong (flirtatious) glances
Weak Point (Hates): Sea cucumber
Favorite Stone: Aquamarine
Seiyuu: Katsuki Masako

Michiru is beautiful, rich, and elegant. Her personality is one of a lady, or a "princess," as Usagi says in one Sailormoon S episode. Michiru is very polite and nice to everyone, admired and sometimes envied by the Sailor Team. However, as Sailorneptune, Michiru is usually harsher and colder than in her civilian form.

Michiru's interests and hobbies include playing the violin, painting, and swimming, each of which she is extremely talented in. She (occassionally with Haruka on the piano) performs on the violin a number of times, ranging from on a cruise ship, to an Englishman's party in Sailormoon S, to a duet with the Three Lights in SailorStars. Michiru's dreams for the future are somewhat uncertain since she is good at a number of different things, but she states in episode 106 that she wants to become a professional violinist.

She and Haruka are both best friends and lovers, though they are not blatant about their relationship. Still, it is pretty obvious from their classic exchanges during the anime that they are lovers. Michiru and Haruka are extremely dedicated to each other. Neptune frequently puts her life and the lives of others on the line in order to protect Uranus.

While Michiru is more subdued then her partner, she is definitely not weaker nor should she be given any less credit for her opinons and actions; people usually say that Michiru only echoes Haruka, which, though the senshi generally agree on everything, is untrue. For example in Sailormoon S episode 106, Michiru's role towards Haruka is hardly submissive. In episode 109, Michiru is the one who makes the decision to transform in front of Eudial and Usagi, and she is the one who states that she does not regret the choice. In episode 110, it is Neptune who risks her life to save Uranus's, and in Sailormoon S episode 126, it is Michiru who transforms first into Neptune and pushes Usagi into fighting with them.


Kaioh Michiru is introduced in Sailormoon S where she and Haruka appear as the two new mysterious Sailor Senshi. As Sailorneptune and Sailoruranus, their mission is to find the three Talismans, objects that are locked within the pure heart crystals of three individuals. The Talismans come at the expense of these individuals' lives. However, Neptune and Uranus are completely devoted to their duty, since they must collect the Talismans in order to prevent the Silence from destroying all life on Earth. Outside from being a Sailor Senshi, Michiru attends Mugen Gakuen (Infinity Academy) and is in her first year there (10th grade). Michiru and Haruka make friends with Usagi and the other girls, though the two are hostile to the Sailor Team as Uranus and Neptune. They find the other Sailor Senshi to be interfering and weak, as the Sailor Team will not willingly let the holders of the Talismans be sacrificed for the safety of the world.

For most of the first part of Sailormoon S, Michiru and Haruka interact with Usagi and the other girls. As Sailor Senshi, they frequently conflict with the Sailor Team; Neptune and Uranus refuse to tell the other senshi anything about their mission, and the Sailor Team resents their methods. Neptune and Uranus wait for the Death Busters, the season enemies, to target people who have pure hearts. When the targets' heart crystals are removed, Uranus and Neptune fight the enemy for the crystal, then see if the heart crystal is the Talisman. Afterwards, they return the non-Talisman heart crystal to its owner.

Michiru and Haruka, however, unknowingly have two of the Talismans inside of them. Only when they are confronted by Eudial, one of the Death Busters, do they discover this fact. In Sailormoon S episode 110, Eudial lures the two girls into a trap by claiming to know who the owners of the Talismans are. After Eudial captures Neptune, she tells Uranus that Neptune is a Talisman owner. Uranus falls into another trap when she tries to rescue Neptune. Eudial then tells Uranus that Uranus also has a Talisman and points a gun at her chest. Neptune breaks free of her bonds and runs forward towards Uranus, but she is shot down by the booby trap. However, she manages to get up and keeps heading towards Uranus even as she is repeatedly shot, saying, "Haruka, I won't let you die." As she stumbles towards Eudial, Eudial shoots her, and Neptune's Talisman, the Deep Aqua Mirror, is released. Uranus is then saved by Usagi, but Uranus shoots herself to get her own Talisman. Fortunately, Sailorpluto arrives in episode 111 and saves the two Sailor Senshi with the help of the third Talisman, the Garnet Orb.

For the rest of Sailormoon S, Michiru, Haruka, and Setsuna attempt to find the true Messiah. The three women tell Mamoru that they are the Outer Senshi, the soldiers of the outer planetary system. In the Silver Millennium, they had the task of protecting the galaxy from outside invasions. During these SMS episodes, the three senshi closely watch Tomoe Hotaru, a girl they believe is dangerous because of her father and her unnatural amounts of power. When they discover that Hotaru is Sailorsaturn, they attempt to kill her, much to the horror of the Sailor Team. Their resolve to kill Hotaru is only strengthened when Hotaru's body is taken over by the Messiah of Silence, Mistress 9.

Towards the very end of Sailormoon S, Neptune and Uranus (with Pluto's help) manage to infiltrate Mugen Gakuen, the headquarters of the Death Busters. There they battle Gerumatou, the daimon that had previously occupied Tomoe Souichi's body, and destroy it with their Talismans. They then go to kill Mistress 9, but Sailormoon interferes with their attacks, and Neptune and Uranus are captured. They can only watch helplessly as Sailormoon gives Mistress 9 the Holy Grail, the Holy Grail is destroyed as Master Pharaoh 90 makes its entry to Earth, Hotaru defeats Mistress 9 and becomes Sailorsaturn, and Mugen Gakuen crumbles. After Saturn and SuperSailormoon defeat Pharaoh 90, Neptune and Uranus take the newly reincarnatedbaby Hotaru from SuperSailormoon. They temprarily care for her before returning her to her father. Michiru and Haruka then challenge Usagi to a two-on-one battle to get her to prove her worth as the future Queen of Crystal Tokyo in face of her un-senshi-like behavior in risking the world to save Hotaru. When Sailormoon defeats them, they vow their loyalty to her, then leave the city.


In SuperS, Haruka and Michiru appear only twice. Once is in the SuperS TV special, where Michiru saves a sick Haruka from a Dead Moon Circus puppet. The puppet targets Haruka for her energy, and Michiru appears in time to save her lover. A classic line of Michiru's devotion to Haruka is stated: "A world without Haruka is hardly worth saving." The second time is their sudden appearance in the SuperS movie, along with Sailorpluto, where they save the Sailor Team from the enemies. They then lend their power to Sailormoon, who enters the dream hole to save Chibimoon. Another classic exchange takes place in the SuperS movie: Uranus can't believe that the enemies want to remain children forever, and Neptune says that it gets better when you become an adult. Uranus blushes and coughs into her hand.

In SailorStars, Michiru and Haruka have returned to Juuban. They are attacked by some of Neherenia's monsters, but Sailorpluto arrives with baby Hotaru. Michiru and Haruka transform into senshi, fight the enemies for a bit, get into trouble, and then are powered up to their super senshi forms by Hotaru. Michiru then becomes "Michiru-mama" as she, Haruka, and Setsuna raise Hotaru together. Michiru and the others become involved with the reappearance of Neherenia during the first arc of SailorStars.

In SailorStars' second arc, Michiru doesn't appear much for the first couple of episodes. This is when the new enemies, Galaxia and the Animamates, and the new senshi, the Starlights, are introduced. Later she and Haruka reappear, saying that another battle has started up. Neptune and Uranus make their reappearance after Michiru's concert with the Three Lights, taking a hostile offense towards the Starlights. For most of the rest of SailorStars, Michiru, Haruka, and Setsuna appear occassionally; they generally warn the Sailor Team to stay away from the Starlights.

Towards the end of SailorStars in episode 197, Neptune and Uranus willingly give themselves over to Galaxia in order to trick her by pretending to be evil. They give up their star seeds, accept Galaxia's arm bracelets, then kill Pluto and Saturn. In episode 198 Neptune and Uranus act on their true intentions, turning on Galaxia in order to take her star seed. However, they fail, since Galaxia doesn't have one. Galaxia destroys their arm bracelets, and they die. Neptune and Uranus's death scene together is extremely touching, as they reach over to touch each other's hands, something that demonstrates the depth of their feelings for each other.

In episode 200, Neptune and the other senshi come back to life when Sailormoon releases Chaos from Galaxia's body. In their last scene together, the four Outer Senshi lean against Haruka's car as they watch the evening sky. When the Starlights and Kakyuu fly by as shooting stars, Hotaru and Setsuna make wishes. Setsuna asks Hotaru what she wished for, Hotaru answers, "It's a secret," and when Hotaru asks *her* the question, Setsuna responds with the same answer. Hotaru then asks Haruka and Michiru what they wished for. Michiru says they didn't wish for anything and that they were happy already, and Haruka agrees as Michiru leans her head against her shoulder.

Neptune Sailorneptune has two forms:

Sailorneptune: [SMS - SuperS]

SuperSailorneptune: [SailorStars]

She has the following items:

  • Planet Henshin Stick
  • Communicator Watch
  • Deep Aqua Mirror, the Talisman that always reveals the true image

    Important Episodes:

  • Sailormoon S #90: Sailorneptune first appears in shadow. (To be picky, she first appears in shadow in SMR #89.) "Deep Submerge" is partially shown and is unnamed.
  • Sailormoon S #92: Kaioh Michiru first appears. Sailorneptune finally reveals herself and makes her first introduction. "Deep Submerge" is first named and fully shown.
  • Sailormoon S #106: Kaioh Michiru's past is partially explained. "Neptune Planet Power, Make-Up" is first used.
  • Sailormoon S #110: Sailorneptune "dies". Her Talisman, the Deep Aqua Mirror, appears.
  • Sailormoon SuperS TV Special: Michiru's only appearance in SuperS, aside from the movie.
  • Sailormoon SuperS Movie: "Submarine Reflection" is first used in the anime.
  • Sailormoon SailorStars #167: Michiru makes her reappearance in SailorStars. Neptune powers-up to SuperSailorneptune.
  • Sailormoon SailorStars #197: Sailorneptune turns "evil" and kills Pluto and Saturn.
  • Sailormoon SailorStars #198: Sailorneptune is killed by Galaxia.

    As Sailorneptune, her alignment is with the ocean. Her powers include:

    Neptune Planet Power, Make-Up: Her henshin phrase to transform into Sailorneptune. First shown in episode 106

    Deep Submerge: A water ball of energy flies from her hand, hitting the enemy. First shown in episode 90, no words; with words, it appears in episode 92

    Submarine Reflection: Involving her Deep Aqua Mirror. Lights come out of the mirror, striking everything in sight. First used in the SuperS movie

    Neptune Crystal Power, Make-Up: Her SailorStars henshin phrase to become SuperSailorneptune. In her SailorStars single CD (and the Sailormoon Memorial Song Box) only (never in the anime), "Senshi no Omoi."

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