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Mizuno Ami / Sailormercury
More Mercury Info:

Kanji for Mercury

Mercury Meaning: Friend of Water
Birthday: September 10
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: A
Family Members: Mother (Doctor)
Interests: Studying, Chess
Sports: Swimming
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Class: Math
Least Favorite Class: None
Favorite Food: Sandwiches, honey
Least Favorite Food: Hamachi
Hopes To Go To: Greece
Fortune Tells: None
Small Habit: Pondering, Putting her hand to her mouth
Good At: Calculating
Likes: Smart cats like Luna
Dislikes: Love Letters
Motto: Pure, honest, beautiful!
Favorite gemstone: Sapphire
Seiyuu: Hisakawa Aya

Ami is a genius with a rumored IQ of 300. She studies all the time, and in S she is rather obsessed with getting everyone to study for the entrance exams Japanese students must take to enter high school. She always brings a book everywhere to study, even to concerts and stuff. She has problems with love letters, and in the SuperS movie special ("Ami-chan's First Love") when she gets one, she breaks out into hives.

She first transfers to Juuban Junior High School and joins a cramming computer class, which is really a plot of the Dark Kingdom. Unfortunately for her, the teacher takes a liking to her. In other words she's basically a victim of a crazed youma. Fortunately Usagi rescues her, though actually Usagi comes to punish her for working with the Dark Kingdom, and then Ami does some rescuing herself when Luna throws her henshin stick at her, and she becomes Sailormercury.

Her family is extremely rich. Ami lives with her mother in an expensive apartment complex since her parents are divorced. Her mother is a busy doctor, whom Ami admires deeply (she wants to be a doctor like her mom when she grows up), and her father is a traveling painter. Gradually throughout the series, she becomes less introverted and more interested in things outside the realm of school and studying; in SailorStars, idol chasing is a trait that she manages to pick up.


Here are Sailormercury's two forms:

Sailormercury: [SM - SMS]

SuperSailormercury: [SuperS - SailorStars]

As Sailormercury, she has a couple of items:

  • Henshin Stick
  • Communicator
  • Mini Supercomputer
  • Visor
  • Star Henshin Stick
  • Communicator Watch
  • Crystal Henshin Stick
  • Mercury Lyre/Harp

    Her powers include:


    Mercury Power, Make-Up: Her first season henshin phrase

    Shabon Spray: A defensive attack which lets out a mist of bubbles.

    Sailormoon R

    Mercury Star Power, Make-Up: Her henshin phrase in R.

    Shabon Spray Freezing: Powered up version of Shabon Spray. It obviously freezes things.

    Shine Aqua Illusion: Second arc attack. Pretty nifty, actually, when compared to Shabon Spray.

    Sailormoon S

    Same as R, except no Shabon Spray Freezing.

    Sailormoon SuperS

    Mercury Crystal Power, Make-Up: Her henshin phrase to become SuperSailormercury

    Mercury Aqua Rhapsody: Her attack in which she plays her Mercury Lyre and it lets out a stream of water

    Mercury Aqua Mirage: Her one time, special attack in her special, "Ami-chan's First Love"

    Sailormoon SailorStars

    Same as SuperS minus the Mercury Aqua Mirage

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