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Hino Rei / Sailormars
More Mars Info:

Kanji for Mars


Meaning: Spirit/Beauty of Fire
Birthday: April 17
Astrological Sign: Aries
Blood Type: AB
Family Members: Father (Statesman); Grandfather
Interests: Study, Fortunetell
Sports: Track and Field Events
Favorite Color: Red and Black
Favorite Class: Ancient Calligraphy
Least Favorite Class: Modern Society
Favorite Food: Porgy; Puffer fish
Least Favorite Food: Canned asparagus
Hopes To Go To: Deep Sea
Fortune Tells: Tarot Cards
Small Habit: Looks at people and seems to know their mind
Good At: Meditation
Likes: Little lizards
Dislikes: Television
Motto: Men can't be trusted.
Favorite stone: Ruby
Seiyuu: Tomizawa Michie

Rei is a headstrong girl with a major temper. She's devoutly Shinto, and therefore has powers that relate to that religion, such as receiving visions and being able to "read" fires. She lives with her old, hentai grandfather in the Hikawa Jinja ("jinja" meaning "shrine"). Some of Rei's other interests outside of her Shinto life are composing songs and singing, proving that she is musically inclined (though this is really only addressed in one R episode). Rei attends TA Private Girls' School, which is a Catholic girls-only school. The other girls at TA worship her, even though oddly enough, she is also rejected as being a weird shrine maiden with strange powers.

Rei becomes first involved with Usagi and Ami when buses leaving the shrine reportedly vanish mysteriously, leading worried parents to believe that the weird family in charge of the shrine has kidnapped their children. Jadeite, in disguise, works at the shrine and is the one who is responsible for the students' disappearances. When Rei confronts him, he sends her to some hole in space (or whatever) where he has kept all the other buses. Usagi arrives at the same place when she manages to grab hold of a bus being sucked into a portal. While there, Luna sees the sign of Mars on Rei's forehead glow as she is being held by a youma. After Sailormoon frees Rei, Luna she gives Rei her henshin stick. Rei then transforms, becoming Sailormars, and she destroys the youma of the day with her "Fire Soul". Afterwards, she joins the Sailor Senshi.

Most of the conflict in the first season comes from the constant bickering between Rei and Usagi and also Rei's relationship with Mamoru (the two are dating). Usagi is jealous of this, though she never admits it. To briefly address the relationship, Rei only seems to have a crush on Mamoru, more excited over the idea of having a hot boyfriend than anything else, though admittedly she does feel bad when she discovers that Mamoru and Usagi were lovers in their previous lives, but she deals with it.

Rei's other "love interest" is the guy who eventually works at the shrine late in the first season, Yuuichirou, who has a huge crush on her. Rei won't admit that there's anything between them, though it's pretty obvious she has feelings for him.

Though Rei and Usagi always fight, Rei is the most protective of the Inner Senshi over her. For example, Mars is the one who saves Moon's life on their way to fight Queen Beryl by destroying the last of the DD monsters who was going to kill Moon. Also, in the R movie, Mars is the one who pushes Moon out of the way of the flower-creatures' attack, which took the rest of the Inner Senshi hostage. Rei/Mars often displays "tough love" for Usagi.

One of Rei's other Shinto related powers is her anti-evil scroll power. She throws her ofuda and says, "Rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, sai, zen. Akuryou taisan!" This basically means, "Evil spirits, begone!" and it is used to, obviously, get rid of evil. For instance, in the R movie, she throws a bunch of ofuda at people possessed by plants, and they all become unpossessed. SuperSailormars

She has two forms as Sailormars:

Sailormars: [SM - SMS]

SuperSailormars: [SuperS - SailorStars]

Mars has a few items as well:

  • Henshin Stick
  • Communicator
  • Star Henshin Stick
  • Communicator watch
  • Crystal Henshin Stick
  • Mars Bow & Arrow

    Important Episodes:

  • Sailormoon #10: The first appearance of Hino Rei and Sailormars. "Mars Power, Make-Up" and "Fire Soul" are first used.
  • Sailormoon #15: Rei goes out on a date with Mamoru.
  • Sailormoon #30: Rei's grandfather turns out to be a carrier of one of the nijizuishou. Yuuichirou appears.
  • Sailormoon #45: Sailormars dies.
  • Sailormoon #46: Rei is brought back to life with no memory of Sailormars.
  • Sailormoon R #48: Rei regains her memory.
  • Sailormoon R #54: Rei's TA Girls' School Festival where she sings on stage. She gains "Fire Soul Bird".
  • Sailormoon R #63: Mars vs. Cooan. Rei first uses "Mars Star Power, Make-Up." Mars first uses "Burning Mandala".
  • Sailormoon S #90: Rei loses her heart crystal.
  • Sailormoon S #99: Yuuichirou thinks Rei is in love with Haruka and leaves; Rei runs after him. Yuuichirou loses his heart crystal but Mars and Moon defeat the daimon.
  • Sailormoon SuperS #136: Rei's dream mirror is removed.
  • Sailormoon SuperS #143: Sailormars gets a power up to become SuperSailormars.
  • Sailormoon SuperS #152: Rei uses "Mars Crystal Power, Make-Up" for the first time. SuperSailormars gets "Mars Flame Sniper".
  • Sailormoon SailorStars #196: Sailormars's star seed is removed and she dies.


    As Sailormars, she has several powers:


    Mars Power, Make-Up: For her henshin sequence

    Fire Soul: Her attack in which she puts her hands together and fire comes out

    Sailormoon R

    Mars Star Power, Make-Up: Rei's R henshin phrase

    Fire Soul Bird: First arc attack; a fire bird comes out in this powered up version of Fire Soul

    Burning Mandala: Fire comes out and signs pertaining to her religion spin out around her.

    Sailormoon S

    Same powers as R, only without the Fire Soul Bird

    Sailormoon SuperS

    Mars Crystal Power, Make-Up: Henshin phrase to transform into SuperSailormars

    Mars Flame Sniper: Attack in which she lets loose a fire arrow

    Sailormoon SailorStars

    All same as SuperS anime

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