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Kino Makoto / Sailorjupiter
More Jupiter Info:

Kanji for Jupiter

Makoto leaning against a pole

Meaning: Sincerety of Wood
Birthday: December 5
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: O
Family Members: None
Interests: Cooking
Sports: Swimming, Ballet, Basketball
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Class: Home Economics
Least Favorite Class: Physics
Favorite Food: Cherry pie, Hibiscus
Least Favorite Food: None
Hopes To Go To: Rome
Fortune Tells: Flower Fortunetelling
Small Habit: Stuttering
Hobby: Bargaining
Likes: Tropical Fish
Dislikes: Planes
Favorite stone: Emerald
Seiyuu: Shinohara Emi

Makoto, or Mako-chan, as everyone calls her, has a pretty tragic childhood. She lives alone in an apartment because her parents were killed in an airplane crash, hence her trouble with airplanes. She had problems in her old school and left, and rumors were spread about her beating up a kid, so no one would be her friend... Except Usagi, who is attracted to her bento lunch and is impressed by her strength, cooking skills, and cuteness, so they become fast friends.

Usagi takes Makoto to the video arcade after meeting her when school is over for the day. While there, Makoto sees a boy, Joe, who is extremely talented at the UFO catcher game, winning anything he wants. Makoto thinks him to be like her senpai, so she immediately thinks he's cute. She therefore follows him when he leaves. Joe is one of the seven original youma of the Dark Kingdom, and when Zoicite attacks him for his rainbow crystal, Makoto defends Joe. Joe is considerably callous to Makoto, saying he doesn't like how she's so tall and unfeminine, and he admits to her that he has a special telekinetic power that enables him to cheat at the UFO catching. Zoicite attacks once more, and Joe flees, and Makoto, in anger at his comments about her, chases after.

Zoicite takes Joe's crystal, and he turns into a youma. The youma goes after Makoto, but Sailormoon intervenes, though somehow she manages to be caught by the enemy. Luna, at this point, gives Makoto her henshin stick after seeing the sign of Jupiter flash on Mako's forehead. The brunette then transforms and saves Sailormoon, thus joining the Sailor Team as the fourth senshi.

Makoto is a semi-paradox sort of girl. While she is somewhat tough and has a quick temper, she enjoys cleaning, cooking, and "feminine" activities. She is constantly attracted to a new boy, who she claims always looks like her senpai. She is constantly being taken advantage of by this fault- in the first season, a possessed ice skater believes her to be a Sailor Senshi, so uses his charm on her; in SuperS, Tigerseye treats her incredibly cruelly but she accepts it because she is so infatuated with him. Some people have accused her of being bisexual because she chases Haruka around in one SMS episode, but that was only because she deeply admired Haruka.


Sailorjupiter has two forms:

Sailorjupiter: [SM - SMS]

SuperSailorjupiter: [SuperS - SailorStars]

She also has several items:

  • Henshin Stick
  • Clip-On Rose Earrings (throwable)
  • Communicator
  • Star Henshin Stick
  • Communicator watch
  • Crystal Henshin Stick

    As Sailorjupiter, she has a couple of powers:

    First of all, she's the strongest Inner Senshi with lots of "brute strength."


    Jupiter Power, Make-Up: Her henshin phrase to become Sailorjupiter

    Supreme Thunder: Electricity flies out from her antenna, conviently located inside her tiara stone

    Sailormoon R

    Jupiter Star Power, Make-Up: Her henshin phrase

    Supreme Thunder Dragon: The powered-up version of Supreme Thunder where a huge electric dragon swallows everything and shocks it

    Sparkling Wide Pressure: Her second arc attack, where she throws a disc of compressed electricity at an enemy

    Sailormoon S

    Same as R, except no Supreme Thunder Dragon

    Sailormoon SuperS

    Jupiter Crystal Power, Make-Up: Her henshin phrase to transform into SuperSailorjupiter

    Jupiter Oak Evolution: Her attack as SuperSailorjupiter in which she spins around in a circle, causing leaves and the like to fly upwards with an electric charge

    Super Supreme Thunder: Jupiter's one time attack in SuperS, a stronger version of Supreme Thunder

    Sailormoon SailorStars

    Same as SuperS anime without the Super Supreme Thunder

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